Dixon is going off on some guy. Saying he has nothing to lose. Sid pleads with him. Jack says to deactivate the message. They tell jack to tell Vaughn to take him down. The deputy director gives Vaughn the order. Sid keeps pleading to disarm

72 hours earlier – we are at Diane Dixon’s wake. Sid watches Dixon – concerned. His daughter leans her head against her father. Vaughn sees Dixon pulls a bottle of pills from a drawer and take two. He tells Sid he saw Dixon take something. Vaughn says he’s going back to work days after his wife’s murder and he’s self medicating. Sid makes excuses. Says she had the same thing with Danny. Sark comes in and tells Sloan that he has located the medical personnel in Panama. He can be there in 17 hours. Sloan says no – the CIA has the database they’ll deduce the person they are after. Sloan gives Sark instructions on calling a limo company and leaving his cell phone number only. Tell the man exactly what you need. Sark says that Irina is in Cyprus inspecting properties to take the place of the facility in Spain. Sloan tells Sark that he’s taking a leave. He thought he’d feel good by killing Dixon – and he killed the wrong person. Sark tells Sloan not to deny himself the victory of a 30-year pursuit. Sloan says if he doesn’t see them again – to tell Irina that he hopes they have much success. Fredrick Brendan – NSA Deputy Director is introduced to the team. He’s conducting an interagency task force to study Rambaldi’s work. Carrie Bowman is his colleague. Thanks to Marshall they’ve made an invaluable break through in Rambaldi’s work – the study of the human heart. Marshall is all embarrassed etc. Marshall brings up his presentation – he babbles about the drawing and squiggles on the drawing. They are DNA strings. The DNA profile belongs to a man in panama. It is also a code key. Times and dates of apocalyptic events – Things like the shooting of Archduke Ferdinand which started World War I, Hiroshima etc. Marshal writes the dates down. Sid asks if there is a future date on the page. 10 hours from then. When they find the man in Panama – they will escort him back here. The mission is under the jurisdiction of the NSA. Dureno (the man in Panama) hears noises and wakes. He goes to the window – which is open. He is hit over the head. The man is found dead. No prints are found. Nothing was taken besides his heart. Sid and Dixon are there. They take photos. Sid investigates the body. There is a symbol tattooed on his hand – Rambaldi. Something else is found. Part of a latex glove. A partial print is there. A hit man. Marshall will look at into who might have hired him. Vaughn talks to Jack about Dixon and if he should be in the field. Jack says Vaughn hasn’t worked with him long enough. He doesn’t know him. Vaughn asks why he is fighting him. Jack says he doesn’t have to justify his moves to Vaughn. Jack recruited Dixon into SD6 – he wont’ be the one to tell him he can’t participate in Sloan’s capture. Marshall notices Carrie crying. Marshall locates a box of tissues. He offers them to her. Carrie is listening to Joni Mitchell. She asks him not to tell anyone. She shouldn’t bring her to work, it makes her fatalistic. Marshall tells her that the work they are doing doesn’t help. Carrie asks Marshall if he believes in this stuff. Marshall says he was raised by extremely empirical/logical people – they were agnostic. He doesn’t really believe in this. Carrie says she doesn’t need some 15th century dork telling her she only has 15 hours left to live. She asks Marshall if he’s gay. He babbles. She says all the men she meets are gay. She’s in Mensa. She asks if he likes Sushi. Marshall says he’d love that (yay!). Vaughn makes a call to Dr. Barnett. A pair of men wrestles. A crowd cheers. Sid and Dixon make their way through the crowd. Sid says she wants a meeting with Vargas (the hit man). The guard lets them through. Sid and Dixon meet him. They were referred to him by someone else. Vargas accepts the referral. He talks about if you can remove the eye slowly you don’t remove the optic never (ewwwwwww). Dixon slams the man against the wall. Sid asks why he killed Dureno. Sid gets in on the action – with swords and other sharp objects. Sid corners Vargas and asks again. Vargas yells it wasn’t a heart. It was a machine. It’s on its way to Columbia. Dixon ask if that is where Sloan at. Dixon beats the man even after he is told that he was hired by phone and the money was wired. Sid calls Dixon off. Dixon meets with Dr. Barnett. She wants to know how he is doing during a most difficult time. She is sorry for his loss. She asks about the operation in Guadalajara. He wasn’t ordered on the mission. He was encouraged not to go but asked to go. He has unfinished business with Sloan. She asks if it was difficult being in the room with someone who might know where Sloan is. Dixon asks if Sid talked to her about what happened. Dr. Barnett says would she tell me something else. Dixon says he must be involved. She tells him that she is there to determine if he is fit to continue duty (ummm hello – we know he goes into duty somehow from that bit you showed us at the beginning- dorks) Marshall and Sid talk about Dureno – there is no record of him having a heart transplant. What was keeping him alive? Why did Sloan want it so badly? The translation of the text reveals that Rambaldi was obsessed with tissue regeneration. Marshall asks what this had to do with the doomsday prophecy. They have 23 hours left. The satellites are tracking the truck. Marshall says that Dureno was an art restorer. Carrie reminded Marshall that Hitler was a painter. Sid gives Marshall a look over use of the name Carrie. Dixon asks Sid if she asked Barnett to evaluate her. Sid insists no. Dixon says that he has been ordered to medical services for a blood test. He says that he was taking vicodan. He’s stopped but it will still show. Sid goes to Vaughn. She asks him if he told Barnett that Dixon was taking pills. Sid says she could have called him first. He tells her that he doesn’t have to go through her to do her job. Sid says he gave them their only lead on the Dureno device. Vaughn gets that they both have a personal stake in catching Sloan. But they are letting personal feelings get in the way of doing the job. Sid says not to patronize her. Vaughn stands by her decisions (yay their fighting! No more gushy looks between the two!). In Nepal a Sherpa and Sloan travel down a path. Sloan wants to cross the north summit. He will gladly pay him more money than he asked. The Sherpa lad says that people who go there do not return and refuses. Sloan continues. Vaughn comes to Sid’s. He apologizes (dang). She says sorry too. Vaughn says the test came back negative. It must have been aspirin. Sid arrives at Dixon’s to tell him he passed the drug test. Dixon says he’s in trouble. He switched the results. When he left the building he knew it was a mistake. He has to catch Sloan. He killed his wife. Sid says she has been called in to talk to Barnett. Dixon says she can’t tell her. He pleads to not tell her. Who would raise the kids? He doesn’t know how to do it without Diane Sid says she has to go. Sid arrives at Dr. Barnett’s. Jack has argued strongly that Dixon remain in the field. She asks if there is anything she thinks Sid should know before she gives her final decision. Sid says that Dixon is one of the strongest people she knows. That despite the agony he’s feeling right now he’ll pull through it. Dixon stops on a bridge, steps out on it and pauses (we know he’s not gonna jump you dorks – we still haven’t seen that scene from the beginning of the show) Sid arrives at HQ – they found the truck. They are going in with Delta Force. Jack shows Sid where they will access the truck. Vaughn and Delta Force will wait. If they cannot locate the device – they will rig the yard with enough c4 to blow the whole thing in case it is a device. Dixon talks to Sid. Sid tells him that she didn’t just lie to Dr. Barnett – she lied to Vaughn. She makes him promise her he can handle this. He promises. (Uh huh- and we already know he can’t). Sid says okay. Sloan crosses snow. He climbs a summit in Nepal. He reaches a structure of some sort. He goes inside. Monks are there. Sloan says he has come to see Conrad and walks past them. He asks Conrad (played by David Carradine) if he knows who he is. Conrad says Arvin Sloan. His search for Rambaldi has frustrated him. Sloan holds a gun to Conrad and says that meaningless quest he sent him on 30 years before that made him abandon the CIA and everyone he loved. Conrad’s says his wife has been killed. Sloan wants to know how he knew that. Conrad says to put away the gun – there is something he must show him. Sid and Dixon take down guards. They run across the rail yard. They find the truck. No sign of the driver. Dixon covers Sid. The device isn’t in the truck. They order Vaughn and Delta force to move out. Sid and Dixon will search containers for the device. They take down workers. Dixon asks a man where freight from panama is. He begins beating the man. Vaughn starts up a C4 device. We are finally at the scene from the beginning of the show. Dixon insists on knowing where the box is. Brandon orders Vaughn to take the shot. The man gives them the container. The timer runs out. The device doesn’t go off. Dixon cut the primer cord. He’s no that desperate. They locate the container. Conrad pulls up a panel in the floor under a cot. He opens a box. 30 years ago he could only tell him so much. Information had to come to him in bits or he wouldn’t understand. Certain events had to unfold in order for things to continue. Emily’s death – though unfortunate – was a necessity. Sloan says that he knew his wife was going to die and he didn’t warn him. Conrad says if he had he couldn’t have given him this. There is no hard wiring to the box. Permission is given to open it. They ask if it can be deactivated. Delta Leader says no – we finally see the device – it’s a heart – but is mechanical – not human. Jack asks what it is. Brandon orders them not to answer that. Reseal the box and return with it. Sloan reads ancient text. Delta Leader reports that it is all clear and to return. Jack tells him that his jurisdiction expired. He’ll have a plane waiting to return them to dc. Conrad tells Sloan – you now understand. Your journey has just begun. Dixon tells Sid that he’s sorry he put her in a position where she had to lie. He tells her that he drove to a bridge after she left. He stood, looked at the sky and asked for forgiveness for what he was about to do. Then he heard a baby crying. He thought about his babies. What would they do? So he got off the railing. He looked up it wasn’t a baby crying – it was a tree branch bending in the wind. Sid and Dixon hug. Sid and Vaughn eat ice cream. He tells her that Dixon is going to be okay. He admitted what he did. That matters to personnel. Sid admits that she knew what he did. That she knew he changed the results and said nothing to Barnett or him. Sid says that when she grew up she had no one to disappoint but it’s different now. She’s sorry. He feeds her more ice cream (ugh, more kissy face stuff)