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The show opens at the Urgent Care Center. The news is on stating that the White House has confirmed that the blast in the desert was nuclear. One of the thugs goes into an exam room and starts looking for the epinephrine. The doctor questions him, he shoots the patient and tells the doctor to get some epi and to come with him. Jack flat lines as a cell phone rings. Stark says to Ray, "If it's Kingsley, you talk to him". Ray tells Kingsley that Stark pushed Jack too far, they still don't know where the chip is and Jack has flat lined. Kingsley informs Ray that he needs to take care of the problem. The Doctor has the bad guys put Jack on a gurney and is instructed at gun point to inject Jack's heart with something. He is then ordered to use the paddles on Jack twice. The doctor says that they are too late. Stark yells at him to do it again. Jack's heart starts beating, he starts coughing and wakes up. Stark asks what Kingsley said. Ray points a gun at him and says "I just got promoted", pulls the trigger and kills Stark.

Novak and Vice President Prescott are talking on the phone about the cabinet meeting within the hour. They talk about it being critical that Palmer doesn't find out. Novak tells Prescott that he has Lynne guarded because she is on Palmer's side. Prescott implies that he didn't want to take power this way. He tells Novak that the country has been attacked and that he better not be wavering. Novak then states that it is his responsibility to have the vote take place not manipulate the outcome. Prescott says "Poor choice of words but my point is the same-Your doing the right thing". Palmer walks in and wants to know if there is any update on Jack. Novak says no and then asks if he has changed his mind. Palmer says that he knows that he decision is unpopular but the fact that Novak is staying by his side says a lot. He then asks for him to find Lynne so that she can go over a speech. Novak says that she wasn't feeling well so Palmer says to let her rest, that he'll have Ginny look at it.

Lynne is begging to be let out of the storage room but it does no good. She breaks into a storage closet and finds a blow torch.

The thugs take all of Yusef's personal stuff along with the chip. Kate comes to and tries to get the chip. The guy wearing the John Deere hat takes the chip and Kate tells them that she will pay them for the chip, they just need to go to her house. John Deere says that he's going to put Yusef out of his misery and points a gun to his head as Kate screams. He pulls the trigger but the gun doesn't fire. John Deere laughs, gets into the truck and they drive off. Yusef comes to, crawls to a phone booth to make a phone call but gets a message that the circuits are busy.

Back at the Urgent Care Center the bad guys demand the doctor to use more epinephrine on Jack. Ray then tells him to also use Bariglade (?). The doctor informs him that it will collapse his lungs. Ray informs Jack that this will paralyze his diaphragm and he will feel like he is drowning...he better tell where the chip is. Jack says that he doesn't know. While the bad guys are out of sight, Jack asks the doctor to help him with the ropes. The doctor is scared to because he knows that they will kill him. Jack tells him that they will kill him anyway and the Jack is his only hope. The doctor starts to loosen the ropes when the bad guys come back and instruct him to inject Jack. After he does Jack starts to freeze up.
3:14-Commercial break
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CTU Headquarters-Mr. Chappell arrives and asks Michelle for a phone status. The grids are out over the city along with Cell lines. He then congratulates Tony for not letting Jack manipulate him into changing his position. He is glad that Tony is not letting the tail wag the dog. Tony tells him that he thinks that Jack might be right about the Cypress tapes. "I don't want to hear that. We are about to bomb the middle east into next Wednesday. We're suppose to process Intel" says Chappell. Tony tells him that they need to authenticate what they have and Chappell tells him that they have already authenticated it. "Don't make me the bad guy, Tony. George may have appointed you director, but you'll need my blessing if you want to keep the job".

Lynne light some trash on fire. When the alarm goes off the guard opens the door and she hits him. She can't get on the elevator fast enough so she starts running down the stairs. The guard catches up to her, they struggle and she goes over the railing and falls several floors (I don't remember the building being that tall).

Palmer is on the phone trying to get the Vice President on the phone. He is told that he is unavailable. Palmer then asks secret service guy-Aaron(?) to chit chat. He asks him how many administrations he has worked for (since Reagan). Palmer tells he that the VP is avoiding him should he be concerned, worried? Aaron is evasive and tells him that the choices he has made are for the best. Palmer asks if the VP is going after him. Aaron tells him that he has good instincts and that he should listen to them.

Kingsley's office with some people that I don't know. Max is unhappy, the project depends on military action, Palmer has no choice but to respond.
Back at the clinic Ray is demanding the chip. He hits Jack and demands a double dose of drug. Jack tells him that he will tell him where the chip is. The doctor prepares the needle as Ray leans closer to Jack. He then injects Ray! Jack is loose and takes his gun and shoots the other two guys when they come in the room. Ray is freezing up and trying to take needle out of back. Jack asks how long the guy has..15 minutes. He points the gun at him and tells him that he will end it quickly if he tells him who was on the phone. "Peter Kingsley" mutters Ray and Jack shoots him twice.
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Palmer tells Novak that he feels disconnected. Novak apologizes and makes the excuse that he has been managing the Joint Chiefs and Homeland Security. Palmer says "Not here, in Washington-Prescott. I think that he has been avoiding me". Novak says that with everything that they have been through in the last 18 hours that he is probably just being pulled in 10 different directions. "We were and in many ways still are on the brink of war. I'm the Commander in Chief. When I call there is only one direction" Palmer says. Novak then says that he will get him on the phone. As Novak is leaving Palmer asks for Lynne because he doesn't like what Ginny did with the speech. Novak offers to take it to her. Mike gets Prescott on the phone and asks if he is going forward. Prescott states that they are moving as fast as they can. Novak tells him that Palmer is smart and that it won't take him long to figure it out, you haven't taken his phone calls and that is tipping him off. Prescott says that he will call him. He then says "Mike I am counting on you. You need to keep him busy until I can get everyone together". Novak asks how much longer. 30-45 minutes tops.

Jack gets Michelle on the phone and asks for Tony. Bad connection. He says that he is going to meeting point. He loses connection. Michelle tells Tony about the phone call. Tony asks to have it traced, to find out if it was cell or land line. Chappell asks what was going on. Tony tells him and he says that they shouldn't be talking to Jack, don't get distracted, Jack's info is irrelevant. Tony tells him that he is not so sure, Jack will bring in information with in the hour. Chappell tells him to keep his eyes on the ball.

Palmer is on the phone with Prescott. "I know that you don't agree with what I did, you have been very outspoken" says Palmer. Prescott says that his statements have been behind closed doors not out for public scrutiny. Palmer tells him that they haven't talked since this began if he has anything to say say it. Prescott says that he has nothing to say. They hang up. Palmer tells Novak that he doesn't trust Prescott. The secret service guy Aaron walks in and tells them about Lynn having an accident. Seems she fell down some stairs while trying to escape a fire. She is critical. Novak rolls his eyes and Palmer demands to be taken to her.
3:37 commercial
Michelle is watching Carrie. Tony and Michelle discuss Jack's phone call. It came from a cell between Encino and Studio City. They can't use satellite or it will alert Chappell. They decide to monitor police channels without being detected and to focus on downtown precincts.

Jack is at park looking around and sees Yusef at phone booth. Yusef tells him that they took the chip and Kate is going to give them money at her house. Jack tries to help him but Yusef tells him to go get the chip that he is not going to make it anyway. Jack tells him to hang on. Yusef dies and Jack tells him that he is sorry and speeds off.

Kate doesn't have her keys to get in the house. John Deere starts choking her asking if it really is house. She remembers a key under a plant and they enter the house. The alarm starts going off and she tells them the code.

Doctor informs Palmer that Lynne has neurological damage. He wants to talk to her but the doctor says that she has a head injury is in/out of it and is incoherent. Lynne cries and tries to talk but can't. "Look she's trying to tell us something" says Palmer. Lynne lifts her finger and points to Novak. Novak takes her hand and tells her "It's okay, they will take good care of you". She then put into the ambulance.
3:47 commercial
Jack is trying to get Tony but all circuits are busy. Carrie tells Tony that Chappell is going to find out what he and Michelle are up to. "He told you not to get involved with Jack and that is all you two are up to. Don't worry, I'm not going to say anything". Tony says good but she can't let it go. "I want something in return. I don't like Michelle being over me. I want her job and I'm sure that you want to keep your job". Tony calls over Chappell and tells him that Carrie has something to tell him. Well? Says Chappell Tony says that she is using extortion to get ahead. She then tells Chappell everything. Chappell tells her that that is enough...get back to work. He says, "Tony, I made myself clear." Tony tells him "I believe Jack, I am the director and am verifying the facts, if you have a problem relieve me of my duties." Chappell tells him that that won't be necessary. Tony thanks him. Chappell says not to thank him, he just doesn't have a replacement because they are short handed and that he doesn't like insubordination.

The thugs get 20,000 Euros out of safe. Do we look Euro? they ask her. They also find $1500 is envelope and diamond bracelet. Kate tells them to keep it all but give her the chip. The John Deere gets scared about her calling the police when they leave. She knows what they look like and what their names are (I didn't catch that part). He pulls the gun there's a struggle and a chase ensues. Kate does very well by the way. Right when they catch up to her Jack arrives (can you believe he was dead less then an hour ago?) and shoots one of the guys. The other two take off. Kate says she is fine but that they have the chip. The other two are looked in bathroom. Jack introduces himself and says that he only wants the chip. They aren't too willing to cooperate since he shot their friend. The John Deere guy threatens to smash chip.

The screens splits and we hear Tony's voice "The last time we heard from Jack he was between Encino and Studio City. We need to find him ASAP. Everyone make this priority one."

Novak is looking in on Prescott meeting on PC. He thanks everyone for coming. Alex asks where the President is. Prescott tells them that the first part is closed session to the President and he will be joining them later. Alex asks if they should wait. Prescott says that that is the point of the meeting. "To some this will be a surprise, but I hope for most of you it's a relief. It's my sincere belief that in light of today's events, David Palmer is unfit to be the President of the United States" says Prescott.