We open to a Sid/Vaughn smoochathon (gak). They blither about the longest debrief in history. Vaughn was staring at Sid. Sid asks if her dad noticed. They strip each other. More smooching. (Bleuch). Sid says will and Francie wonít be back for hours.

Francie is on the phone with Sark. She tells him Will might be compromised. Sark tells her their superiors deal in absolutes. Either he is or is not. Sark asks if Irina wants Will killed before the CIA interrogates him. If they use regression therapy Ė their Los Angeles asset will be compromised. Irina says she does not want Will killed. She has set up a meeting with someone who can get them the heart. They will bring schematics to the NSA facility where they keep the Rambaldi artifacts. In the mean time tell their asset Willís frame needs to be convincing. Francie talks to Will and tells him that he will be questioned. He will be asked details of things Will Tippin knows. The more personal the question Ė the more he will not remember. Willís eyes are being forced open. She drops something into his eyes. She tells him not to move and uses a laser on his eye. Sid and Will jog. She isnít supposed to tell him, but he passed the upper level analyst position with a top score. SUVís screech to a halt. They arrest Will under the patriot act for suspicion of espionage. Jack ordered it. Sid tells Jack this is absurd. Will isnít a traitor. Marshall tells her that willís account has been accessed in 2 places simultaneously Ė a glitch that has been fixed. That means the data could have been gotten then. Sid protests. Jack says that this could also mean that this is not Will Tippin and points out that with the Helix Project it is possible. They still donít know who the other double is. They found a medication in Willís car. One taken by recipients of gene therapy. Vaughn suggests an optical scan. Marshall begins babbling. An ocular scan. Jack cuts him off and says an optical scan will be performed. Jack tells them that a recording was found as well. One taken from Sidís residence. Everyone but Sid and Vaughn leave. Sid turns the tape on. It is of Sid and Vaughn making love. Will is given an optical scan. Will asks Sid that they think he is not him. Sid says that have turned off all Wifi access points. Sid tells him that they found protein markers in his optical can. Will says that is impossible. This is a set up. He tells her that everything he has been working on is there. Sid begins to question Will about the night they had too much to drink and kissed. She asks what room it was in. Will hesitates. He finally says the kitchen. She asks what he spilled on his sweater. He says he swears it is him. Jack orders that they go over all Willís records. His bank and phone records could lead them to his handler. Sid protests. Dixon says that he could have the person who killed Diane. Sid asks for protection for Francie in case Sloan is targeting her friends. She wants to question her. Jack says only tell her what you have to. Sid talks to Francie. She asks if Will acted strangely recently. Francie thinks and says after he went to Chicago to visit his family. Dixon goes in to see Will. Will says man Iím sorry. Dixon hands him a folder. He tells him that that is what they recovered from the bomb that went off in his wifeís car. That is why they couldnít have an open casket. They found Willís prints in the car. Dixon says you are not Will Tippin. Help us find Sloan and I will help you get off. Will says I will prove it to you. Dixon asks where they met. Will says Sid introduced us. Dixon Ė how. Will Ė at a party. There was a bunch of us there. Will says someone did this to me. I canít remember. Dixon starts to choke Will and says you murdered my wife. Dixon lets Will go and drops him to the floor. He nods for the door to open and leaves. Kendall tells Dixon that Will is being moved. Dixon is surprised because Jack says he was remaining. Kendall says the Department of Justice overruled. Dixon is in charge of the detail. Fake Francie calls Sark. She tells him that Sid broke cover with her. Sark asks if she gave an explanation. Fake Francie tells him that she is concerned for her safety. Sark says that if they discover the truth Ė Will will give her up. Fake Francie says she intercepted a DOJ transmission. They are moving Tippin to a more secure location. Once there he will be unreachable. Sark tells her to get a team and arrange for his extraction. It will confirm to the CIA his value to them. He tells her to kill him once they have him. Sid and Vaughn exit an elevator. A man asks if they tried the restaurant upstairs. Sid says yes the bratwurst is excellent. The man begins talking to them. They tracked Jurgens to a local sex club he frequents. He could be there a couple of hours. Vaughn smirks. (And here we go with the sexy Sid slut outfit of the week). Sid comes down stairs wearing read leather and a black wig while Vaughn sips a drink. Jurgens is with a security team against the wall. Sid struts off to do her thing. Sheís carrying a whip. She flirts with Jurgens and bats at him with her whip. She grabs his tie and pulls him across the room. Sid handcuffs him. He wants to know why he is being punished for. Vaughn comes in. Sid poses with sexy photos with him and they mention his wife. They tell him they know about project Helix. They want to know who the second duplicate was. They ask if his wifeís email is the same. Jurgens tells them that a server farm would have been needed for the computing part of the procedure. He doesnít know which one. They leave him handcuffed. Jack wants to know about he transfer order. Kendall tells them that the DOJ wants to be consulted on every move with this. Jack accuses Kendall of going around him. They bicker. The convoy to transfer Will travels down the highway. Will is in a bus with guards. Dixon is in a following vehicle. Shots are fired. The bus crashes. Dixon radios shots are fired. A van pulls up. A Firefight ensues. Will has been knocked out. He comes to as one of the men climb into the bus. He is uncuffed and hauled out. The man grabbing him is shot. Will grabs his gun and runs from the bus. Dixon yells for Will. Will runs off. Sid confronts Kendall. Kendall calls her on questioning a superior. Dixon tells her he was there. He fired into the transport. Sid asks if it was self-defense. Jack talks to Sid alone. She doesnít believe it. If it isnít Will, then Will is most likely dead. Jack tells her they are analyzing lists of server farms. Jack tells her to go home and get rest. Irina talks to a man who is surprised that she contacted him. Since she was asking for plans to a government security since she is rumored to be working for the CIA. He asks how she plans to do it since she has to know how to get around the new security. Fake Francie fake cries and says she canít believe it. She cantí understand how someone can look and sound like Will. It is ridiculous. She asks if they have any idea where the real Will is. Sid says she isnít authorized to give her any details. Fake Francie says you just gave me all this information and now you tell me you arenít authorized. Sidís cell phone rings. Itís Will. He tells her the transport was hit. Sid tells him that the CIA and FBI have him on a shoot to kill list. She says that if he is Will that he knows she will help him. He tells her that meeting her ruined his life. If she wants to help him, prove that he is innocent. Sid says there may be a record of the surgical procedure. It is on a server farm in Europe. Will tells her that someone had income from a farm in Marseilles. Maybe itís a server farm not a pig farm. Fake Francie takes all this in. Sid says she has to go. Sark talks to Fake Francie and says that Sid is headed to Marseilles. Sark asks Irina how it went. Irina tells him that the NSA now uses a different method. Sark tells her that a CIA agent under duress would be able to obtain such a key card. Sark confesses that while she was gone, they ordered Will to be moved. They would have compromised her asset. Irina asks what he did. He admits he ordered Will killed. He tells her that Fake Francie learned that Sid is on her way to Marseilles to recover evidence to clear Will. Irina asks if Will is dead. Sark says no, he is at large and believed to have escaped. Which should allow them to get to the NSA. They help Sid clear Will and she gets them a keycard to help them get into the facility. Jack tells Sid to take Vaughn to get into the server farm. Marshall will help them. Sid says the DOJ will go after him for this NOC. Jack says he isnít cut out for management. Kendall says they need to talk. Jack says he knows. He has been sanctioned by the DOJ. Kendall doesnít understand their adversarial relationship. Kendall says that he ordered Tippin out was to protect Sid. Jack says why do you think you have your job back. Jack is at a table. Sloan sits down. Jack assumes that since Sloan is there with so little regard for his life Ė he assumes he is in the cross hairs of a sniper rifle. Sloan replies two of them. Sloan forgives him for what he did to SD6. He wants to know when it went wrong. Jack tells him when he recruited Sid over his objection. Sloan thought so. Sloan offers to share everything he knows about Rambaldi with Jack. Sloan says he is one move away from being able to prove that Rambaldi was so much more than they thought and this time Sid wonít be a pawn in all this. Sloan say we will work together sooner than you think. Sloan tells him the men who are watching him have orders to shoot him if he dials his cell or leaves the table sooner than 30 minutes. Sloan leaves. Sid briefs the team on their mission. She is going to take out the man with the kills switch and proceed to the security room. Vaughn is doses with champagne. He weaves his way down the street in a car. He gets out at the gate and plays the role of a drunk for the guards. Meanwhile Sid cuts through the fence and climbs through. Sid rushes into the facility. She shoots a rope up and climbs the outside of the building. Vaughn rids himself of the drunk shirt. He radios Sid and asks her status. Sid is going in. She waits for a guard to go past. The guard at the station hears a noise and turns. Sid sneaks up on him. The man is already dead. Irina comes up behind her with a taser. Irina tells her that she knows what she is after. Irina uses the kill switch. Vaughn yells go. The team fires and heads in. Sid moans she erased it. Irina says she saved a copy. Sheíll share it in exchange for help. Sid tells her to go to hell. Irina says you need this to clear your friend. Will lurks around waiting. A car pulls up. (Bet itís fake Francie). Itís fake Francie. They drive off. He thanks her for coming. Vaughn tells Sid she canít blame herself. She was playing her. Vaughn tells her that second-guessing her will drive her crazy. Marshall recounts his date to Weiss (Weiss is prolly jealous). Marshall gets advice from Weiss. An alarm goes off on his computer. Marshall runs off. They are receiving a signal from a top-secret server. It is from Irina. She sent the DNA string of the double. Will and Fake Francie are holed up in a cheap hotel room. Will says he is losing his mind. Fake Francie goes to the bathroom. She pulls out a fake lipstick and inserts something into her ring. Fake Francie comes out and begins to kiss Will. She says she is warm. A team bursts in. They say it is him, Itís Tippin. They draw blood and make other tests of Will. Sid goes into see Will. She tells him about the file and that his DNA didnít match and there is no evidence of proteins in his blood. He has been cleared. Sid apologies for the cell. They need him to stay and answer questions. He will work with a therapist to remember more. Sid and Vaughn play hockey. She is so relieved for him. She says it is like she can breathe again. Vaughn suggests Santa Barbara. Sid says like they can go. There will be some emergency. A phone rings. Itís Weiss. Someone is sick and they need him. Vaughn leaves. Sid stays behind to practice. (Can you say hokey?). Irina appears. She tells Sid she received the intel her friend was cleared. She gives her the warehouse of Sloanís warehouse that holds the artifacts. Sid says that isnít why sheís here. Sid rushes at Irina. Irina takes her down. She tells Sid that she was betraying the CIA, not her. They need all 48 pieces Ė Sloanís 24 and Sidís 24 to build the Rambaldi device. Irina recounts how she gained access to the computer and sued it to determine where the artifacts were at. Sid doesnít understand why Irina wants them to have Sloanís artifacts. She begs her to go to Zurich. She then smacks Sid. Sark brings Fake Francie her medication. She worries that the evidence the CIA has will lead them to her. Sark says that if she disappears now she will be a suspect. Sark tells her that they canít reverse the process. The lab was destroyed. They are working to rebuild it and access the data needed. They will get her back. Sark kisses Alison. He asks if she fancies Tippin. She tells him not to be stupid. Kendall yells at the NSA agent about the Nevada raid. He asks how man artifacts were stolen. Sid says Irina is lying. She has to be. Dixon says Irina is only loyal to herself. Jack says to send a team. Kendall says they will bring back the pieces to a neutral location. Kendall says that Jack will go with NSA. Marshall will be going to Zurich to confirm what they do and donít have. Marshall suggests that Carrie, the NSA agent go along too. Jack agrees. Weiss goes in to see Will. Will asks to use a computer. He knows the name of the double from somewhere and canít remember where. Will tells Weiss his first name. Weiss says his is Eric (sorry, Trivia bit there guys). Will asks if that is in Houdini (or something) Weiss says yes, an uncle or something. Weiss does magic trick. Will uses the computer. Will looks at a list. He says oh my God, Project Christmas, the black ops project that dealt with a summer camp for kids. The team arrives in Zurich and locates the warehouse. They storm the warehouse and begin opening boxes. The place is cleared of explosives. Marshall and Carrie say it is not consistent with Rambaldi artifacts they have seen. Marshall pulls out a waffle iron. Sid pulls out a boom box. Sid says it is a set up. SUVís pull up around Jack. He is ambushed. Kendallís says that Irina has struck again. Based on her intel they are in control of kitchen appliances, two people are dead and Jack is missing. Kendall says they move on any intel they have. Sid leaves. Jack is held in restraints. Sloan enters and babbles about Rambaldi and the pieces need to assemble one device. Sloan has what he needs to assemble it. It shouldnít be more than a day. Sloan tells him there is a change coming. Jack says he used to feel sorry for him. He pitied him. But he needed Rambaldi to fill the void in his life. That it was a religion to him. Sloan didnít expect him to understand. Everyone at HQ works the phones and data. Will follows up on the girl from Project Christmas Ė Alison Doren. The family never identified the body from the bus crash it was too burned. Sid talks to Irina. She tells Sid that Sark knows where Jack is. She tells Sid where Sark will be. Sid doesnít trust her. Vaughn sits down and says he has nothing. Sid says they are going to Sweden. Sid and Vaughn arrive at a party. Vaughn tells Sid her dad is going to be okay. She says she knows. They talk about going on vacation. They spot Sark. Sid doesnít get her mother. They ambush Sark. Vaughn slams his head into the table. Sid asks where her father is. Sark says his loyalties are flexible. Sloan and Jack are in Mexico City. Jack looks on as lights and noises occur in the next room. Sid and Vaughn arrive in Mexico. They are in the basement. Kendall gives Sark directions to the alarm code to Sarkís level. Kendall threatens Sark if the intel is wrong. Sark says he hopes that Sloan didnít change the code. A team rushes in. Sloan tells Jack that it has been assembled. Gun Fire erupts. Sloan is told a team has come in. Sloan says to pack everything and go. Dixon finds Jack. Sid and Vaughn have a shootout with Sloanís goons. Sloan gets away. Irina shows up and kills the men shooting at Sid. She tells Sid to go after Sloan. Vaughn goes after Sloan. Sid runs after Irina. She tells her that she shot her before and she will do it again. Irina stands on the ledge. Sloan believes he has been chosen to realize the work of Rambaldi. She tells her only Sid can stop him. Irina tells her she loves her. Irina jumps; she fires a rifle and swings against the building. She climbs inside. Sid says to get people downstairs. She doesnít know what floor she went into. They find an open elevator shaft. They think she got away. Alison comes in. She asks Will if he has any news. She brings him ice cream. He goes for aspirin. She looks at what he was working on. Will fumbles in the cabinet for aspirin. He finds the pill bottle and gets a look of shock on his face. Alison sees the file. Will calls Sidís cell phone. He tells her he found the pill bottle. He thinks the double is Fran. He steps out of the bathroom and calls Fran. Alison garrotes him. They fight. Will grabs a butcher knife. He asks if it was always her, Alison. She says it sucks to be this way. They fight for the knife. She stabs him with it. She cries. He gasps for air. He falls to the floor. She bawls. Vaughn drops Sid off. They babble about the vacation to Santa Barbara. Heíll pick her up after the debrief. Sid goes in. Alison is reading. Sid asks if she is okay. Sid says she is tired. Sid eats ice cream. She checks her messages. She hears the message Will left. Sid watches Alison and pretends that nothing is wrong. She asks if Alison wants some. Alison says sure and takes a bite. Sid goes to change. Sid pulls a gun from under her bed. Alison is in the doorway with a gun and says I just remembered. Francie doesnít like coffee ice cream. Sid says no she doesnít. They fight. Sid finds Willís body. They continue to fight. Alison fires at Sid. They fight more. Sid knocks the gun away. More fighting. Alison kicks Sid in the face. Sid has a knife for a bit. Sid has cuts on he forehead. They fight more as the rush for the gun. They fight outside. Crash through the door. The gun drops again and goes sailing across the floor. The fighting continues. Sidís face is bloody. Alison smiles as Sid falls to the floor. Sid takes a swipe with he knife. She finds the gun and fires several times. She lays back and passes out. Sid awakens. A red light flashes against her face. She is dressed differently. We hear foreign voices. She is in an alley of some sort. The environment appears to be Asian. She struggles to get up. She walks, seemingly disoriented. She makes a phone call to CIA. She gives her agent number. She is put through to Kendall. She woke up in Hong Kong. She doesnít know how she got there or how long. He hesitates. She is told to go to the safe house. We hear crying in the background. Sid asks her escort about if they said how she got there. Sid lifts her shirt and fingers a cut on her abdomen. Vaughn comes in. Sid rushes to him and hugs him. She asks about Will and Francie. Will is okay. He tells her you. Vaughn tells her they thought she was dead. They asked him to come back to explain. She asks come back from what? What is he talking about? She asks why he is wearing that ring. He tells her since that night she was missing. She has been missing for almost 2 years. Sidís eyes widen. Side Note: My apologies for the lateness of my recap. However technical difficulties involving poor television reception at the hotel I was staying at while on a business trip delayed my ability to complete this.