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Kate's house.

Jack wants to know who is dealing with. John Deere says that it doesn't matter, he has something that Jack wants and his girlfriend was willing to pay lots of money for it. Jack tells them that 5 hours ago a nuclear bomb went off and the chip has information on who is responsible. The man that they assaulted was bringing it to his office. They have one chance to hand over the chip and walk. Kate questions Jack and he tells her that they aren't responsible for what has happened today, he is going to do everything that he can to get the chip back. He then tells her to call CTU. Jack gives the bad guys 30 seconds to open door. The one guy tells John Deere to do it, but John thinks it's their only chance to live since Jack has already killed Roscoe. Jack tells them that they have no choice. The two guys struggle over gun and Jack breaks down door, recovers the chip from the floor and yells for Kate to find something to tie them up with.

The President tells Mike that he just got the Pentagon briefing and wants to know why the bombers aren't returning to their bases. Mike says that it's his understanding that they are in a holding pattern waiting to refuel. President says "I ordered them back". Mike says ,"Yes sir. That is why I am here, could you come with me for a minute?" President asks to where, and Mike tells him just down the hall to the conference room. The President asks what's going on and Mike again asks him to come with him. The President asks him if it's an order and Mike says no that he is just asking him. He then states that he is the President and that he is not going anywhere until he knows what's going on. Mike tells him that there are a number of people-cabinet members that are questioning his ability to remain in office. The President asks if these people are in the conference room and Mike says they are, in a manner of speaking . The President gets up and says let's go. They walk down the hall to the conference room and video conference.

The President sees the Vice President and says that now he knows why he's had such a hard time reaching him-he's been busy. Jim apologizes for the surprise, that this a unique situation that calls for a unique measure. The President asks to cut to the chase-what is going on? The VP says that they are invoking the 25th amendment. The President asks who "we" is. The VP starts talking about a general feeling when the secretary interrupts to say that everyone is just trying to understand the events of the day and that saying that there is a general feeling is a bit premature. Prescott reviews the 25th amendment (section 4, when the VP and majority of cabinet feels that the president is unable to perform the duties of the office the VP is to assume office). The President reminds them that the amendment was designed for when the president is incapacitated. The VP says that it is not limited to any particular disability. The Pres wants to know what his disability is. The VP says that today's events have overwhelmed him, he had clear evidence who was responsible for the nuclear attack and is doing nothing. The President says that the evidence is not clear. The VP says that it had been verified by every agency. The President says that they were mistaken. The VP asks if he is talking about Jack Bauer and the President says yes, he believes the tapes were forged. The VP says that it has taken Jack hours and he has proved nothing. If they delay military strikes any longer, the casualties will increase. Either way he looks at it the VP tells the President that a vote will take place. The President asks everyone if he looks disabled in any way. The VP tells him that it is not the past few minutes that they are talking about, but the past 20 hours. A secretary asks for him to justify his actions. The President says that he will agree to the meeting on one condition, if he is found right around the days events the VP must resign. The VP accepts and a secretary asks for everyone to compose themselves for the proceedings. The President tells him to call it what it is "The trial of David Palmer".

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Tony is talking to Chappell about the President reversing his decision to strike. Chappell knew but didn't tell. Tony is upset. They are interrupted with the phone call from Jack. Jack is trying to read the tape but it is scrambled. He tells Tony that Yusef is dead and that the chip is unreadable. Michelle says that she may be able to talk him through it. Jack tells Tony that while she is setting up, to run a check on Peter Kingsley against all oil ties. He wants Tony to get in touch with the President. Tony says that he already has and found out that he has called off the air strikes. He tells Jack that Chappell told him that the order will be reversed and that something is going on in Washington that they are not to know about. J ack and Michelle begin looking at chip.

The VP asks Ron Whalen to join the meeting. Whalen talks about asking questions earlier in the day and that he told the President that he would think about keeping under wraps what he knew about a possible nuclear attack and he was held against his will. The President asked if he was harmed and he said no. The President asks if he understood why he was held and he said that he assumed that if word got out that people would panic. The President asks if he thought the safety of thousands was less important than a few hours of his time. Ron said no, but that that decision was not left for him to decide. Ron says that he did not feel that the President was in control. The President says that he had a legal duty to balance the need for public safety. He had made a deal and it was turned down. Nothing was in control. The VP then says that he would like to call someone else that should be ready in a few minutes.

Michelle gives Jack some commands but he only gets numbers and symbols. Michelle asks him to check the chip's leads. Jack discovers that the chip's processor and leads are damaged. Michelle tells him to transmit what he has to her screen if it has the audio feed on it she will find it. Tony orders for two IT people to come and help with the chip over Chappell's instructions. Kim calls Tony asking to speak to her dad. Michelle gets the data from Jack but admits that it is pretty scrambled. Tony patches Kim through to Jack. She tells him that the police are taking her to Matheson's house to get her things. She is glad that he is okay. They love each other and miss each other blah blah blah.

Mike brings Palmer a glass of water. The President asks if he knew and for how long. Mike replies a couple of hours. The President accuses him of being a part of it...when all is said and done, he was on Prescott's side. Mike tries and tells him that he has always been on his side...always will be. "This could be a good thing to correct a historic mistake. David I am begging you to reconsider." "I am the President of the United States" says the President. "Do not call me by my first name." Mike replies "Yes sir".

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Prescott apologizes for the delay. The witness has not been well. He then calls Roger Stanton, Head of National Security. He says that he has been tortured. The President asks why. Because the President thought that he knew more than he did about the nuclear bomb, as if he would with hold information. President accuses him of lying and says that the truth will come out. Stanton says that is all he wants. He talks about arriving at OC and finding that his assistant had been dismissed. He was questioned about what he was told and replied that the President was reluctant to listen to advice. He talked about the President acting oddly about engaging in attacks. He says that a little after 6 he was arrested for treason.

Chappell questions Tony about the 2 IT's being pulled and Tony tells him that Jack got them the chip and that they can prove that the Cypress tapes were forged. The chip was damaged, but they think that they can recover the information in about 15 minutes. Chappell places a call to his office telling them to get the VP on the phone.

In the meeting they play a tape that shows Stanton's torture and him knowing about the attack weeks ago. The president says to stop the tape. He admits to having him tortured, but just as he suspected he knew about the bomb. Stanton basically says that he broke and admitted to Palmer what he wanted to hear. The President says that Stanton admitted to more...role the tape. The VP informs him that was all they had. Palmer says that he was in the room for another 10 minutes. The VP says that that was all the the OC transmitted. The President says that he was sabotaged. One of the Secretary's says that Simmons could verify. Unfortunately the President made him leave the room. The President asks Stanton how else they would have known about the cobras and that the bomb was at the airfield. Stanton states that numerous agencies could have told the President that. The President accuses him of lying and looks to Mike for validity, but Mike just states that he heard everything from the President. The President says that he was only doing his duties regarding the days events, he is against bombing innocent countries. The VP is handed a note and says "I have just been handed a message from Chappell stating that the chip has been recovered and shortly we should have proof that the cypress tapes were forged. The evidence is being reviewed and we should have an answer is 15 minutes". The proceedings should wait.

Michelle is talking to Ryan. The chip was damaged and all they could recover was fragments. Chappell asks if they could recover the audio and Michelle tells him no. Chappell states that Jack just wasted their time.

The police are taking the bad guys out of Kate's house. Kate is sitting at a table holding her head. Jack asks if she is okay. She feels like everything is her fault. Jack says that they wouldn't have found that bomb if it wasn't for her. She feels like she should have known that her sister was up to no good and should have stopped this all sooner. They hug and Jack tells her that there is nothing that she could have done. The phone rings and its Tony. He tells Jack that they couldn't retrieve the audio file. He tells him that it might be worth looking into the fragments. The author was Hewitt. He could be the guy that created the tape. Jack gets the address in North Hollywood and tells Kate that when she is ready she will be taken to her father. She tells him to be careful.

The VP says that the airborne squad has been in a holding pattern, but that they have refueled. If they are to act the decision needs to be made now. The President asks for more time, but the VP says that they have wasted enough time with Jack Bauer. Jack calls the President and tells him the status of the chip. He tells him that he has been tortured by men that work for Peter Kingsley and believes that he wants military action to improve oil prices. Palmer says that he needs proof and Jack says that the best that they can do is go after this new lead....the guy responsible for the cypress tapes. The President asks if is absolutely sure that the tapes were forged and Jack says yes. On with the vote. VP begins voice poll. Those that believe he is capable of holding office will vote yes those not will vote no. Secretary of Transportation votes yes. Secretary of Treasury votes no.

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Jack is telling Tony that he is a 1/2 block away from Hewitts loft. He asks about the file. Tony tells him that Hewitt was recruited out of Cal Tech by the State department. He revamped their technical surveillance program, but got caught manipulating intel files that he didn't have clearance for. He tried killing himself in custody and spent a year in mental institution before being released last September. No connection with Kingsley. Jack says he will get back to Tony when he has Hewitt.

Secretary of Defense votes yes. Secretary of Agriculture votes no. Secretary of Interior votes no. It's 7 to 7. It's up to Secretary of State. He says that he has never met a man more that he admires but they are talking 10's of thousands of lives and he is voting no. The VP says that the president can appeal in 4 days, but he needs to remove himself. He asks that Palmer be taken to a holding room. The secret service asks him to come with them. Aaron says that as far as he knows the constitution has been followed.

Jack is at the loft door. The door is open so he enters. There are lots of tapes on the floor.

The VP is shown taking the oath of Office as a map shows that an air strike is on it way to it's targets.

Jack hears someone approaching. A dark figure enters the room holding a gun as another figure enters the room calling for Alex we see that the second figure was Sherry!