5:00 am to 6:00 am

Hewitt isn’t there. Sherry isn’t surprised. She tells the man tocheck the garage. Jack looks in from outside.

The new President is briefed. There shouldn’t be a problem despite the delay.

Palmer is asked for his key code. He asks how long he isgoing to be detained. He is told that it will be until after the President tannounces the attack. He is again asked for the key codes – it is protocol. Amember of the military confirms them with a device. Palmer is left in theholding groom with the secret service agent.

Tony hobbles in on crutches to a meeting Chappelle called. The meeting they are to receive is confidential. The 25th amendment was invokedand Palmer is removed. Tony questions this. He says doesn’t this make Jack’swork more important. Chappelle accuses Jack of crying work twice. He says thatthe people on the hill for their work will reward Tony and everyone there. Hesays that the technical team confirmed the audio. Not every hunch works out. Michelle asks Tony what he is going to do. Tony is planning for an end run. Michelle tells him to be careful.

Sherry is told that the car is gone. She says thatKingsley had his people remove anything important. Jack rushes in. He attacksthe man and asks who he is. He is her personal bodyguard – former secretservice. Jack notices Mrs. Palmer. He frisks her for weapons and tells her totake a seat. He handcuffs the guard. Sherry tells him that she is helpingPalmer. She was asked to pool her resources to find out who was behind thebomb. Jack doesn’t believe her. She asks Jack if he knows who is behind this. He must know because he is here (Sherry at her best here!). They begin to argueover who knows what. Jack fires. Sherry falls to the ground to dodge it. Jackdemands to know what Sherry knows about the Cyprus audio. She says she knowsabout it because every one in the government with clearance has been working onit for the past 6 hours. He asks what she knows about Alex Hewitt. She repliesthat he is a freelance audio technician who works for Peter Kingsley. Kingsleyrepresents Caspian Sea Oil interests and he hired Hewitt to fabricate the CyprusAudio. Sherry tells him he would be surprised at how much information you canget if you have something to trade. He tells her to take a seat. He fires thegun at the door and yells to come out. A man comes through he door. He obeysJack and gets on the ground. The man says to Sherry that she promised to helphim. Jack drags him up. She tells Alex not to say anything because Jack is afederal agent. Jack tells him he is going to talk to him now.

Jack says he took voice samples from the leaders of 3Middle Easter Countries and cut them with Ali’s voice to make the Cyprus Audio. Peter Kingsley paid him for it. Hewitt says no. Jack says that he betrayedhis country does he know what they will do to him. Hewitt says that he didn’tknow. Jack tells him that the people he did the work for thought he was goingto die in the bomb blast and they will keep coming after him. Hewitt says hewill only talk to Mrs. Palmer. Jack asks why her? How is she connected tothis? How does he know her? Hewitt says she called, said she can help him. She is the President’s ex wife. Big Bad Jack tells shim he is the only one whocan help him. Hewitt insists on talking to Mrs. Palmer. Jack asks for Hewitt’skeys and locks him in. Jack asks Sherry what she is really up to. Sherryconfesses that she is there to protect herself. Some of the conversationsKingsley taped were with her. She was working with Kingsley. He assured herthe bomb would never go off. Jack grabs his phone and dials CTU. He tells herthat he is a sworn federal agent and she just confessed to a federal crime. Sherry tells him to put the phone down. She tells him that she is the only onewho will get Hewitt to cooperate and for that she demands immunity. Jack hangsup and says start.

Sherry tells him that she wanted to bring down Palmer’spresidency. She worked tirelessly to put him in office. And he betrayed her. Jack says you wanted revenge. What did Kingsley want? Sherry replies – totriple the value of his oil through the war (which in my opinion is sooooscrewed up it’s pathetic – war in the Middle East LOWERS the value of oil notincreases it as we have recently seen – someone tell Hollywood to consultbusiness professionals on this stuff for crying out loud). Jack asks her if theonly reason she is there is to protect herself from connection to this. Theonly person who can prove her innocence is in the next room. Otherwise it’sjust his word against hers. Jack gets up and unlocks the door. He tells HewittSherry will talk to him. Hewitt comes out and sits next to Sherry he tells hershe said he would be okay.

Palmer asks Eric (the secret service agent with him) if hefeels he is unfit to fulfill his duties as president. Eric says he is underorders to not discuss it. Palmer explains to Eric that Jack Bauer believes thatthe audio is fabricated. If it weren’t for Jack, Los Angeles would be a killingfield. If Jack finds the evidence after the planes have dropped their payloadsit will be too late. We will be at war with 3 innocent countries (anyone elsefind this thought frightening given recent world events?). Eric says he is surethat if the President finds out that the audio was faked he’ll recall thebombers. Palmer smiles and says he thought he was instructed not to speak tohim. Eric says he is doing his best. Palmer tells him his best is to helphim. He needs to find out from Jack if he secured the evidence. Palmer tellshim if he remembers correctly, Eric has a son in the navy. Palmer tells him tomake sure the cause he is fighting for is a just one.

Michelle gives Carrie data to put into an overnightdatabase. Carrie questions her – why can’t she do it. Michelle says she is onsomething else. Carrie questions her. Michelle says she doesn’t have toexplain herself. Carrie says yes she does. She thinks she is making an end runaround Chappelle. Tony hobbles over and asks what is going on. Michelle saysshe is questioning what she is doing. Carrie says Michelle is asking her totake on some of her workload. Tony tells Michelle to tell Carrie what she isdoing. Michelle says district has asked her to step in as liaison to fill inthe breach. She will be on the phone for the next 2 hours. Carrie says soundslike promotion – congratulations. Carrie steps away. Michelle asks if hethinks she believed her. Tony says no. Carrie sees Chappelle and runs righttoo him. She says she doesn’t think Tony is fit to run CTU. Chappelle asks why(don’t ya just hate a tattle tale?)? She says Tony has Michelle working off thebook. She thinks the two of them are trying to help Jack Bauer. Chappellethanks her.

Jack calls Tony. Tony tells Jack that it’s gotten worse. Palmer has been pulled. Tony says that Prescott won’t wait for the newevidence. They need the evidence now. Jack asks for a helicopter. Tony sayshe can’t – Chappelle won’t okay it. Tony will do what he can.

Sherry tells Hewitt that she is the only one who is lookingout for his interests. She knows how these things work. Hewitt asks aboutJack. Sherry says don’t worry about him. I’ll handle him. He’s low on the foodchain. If he does this – she can keep him out of jail. He’ll be grantedimmunity just as she promised. Sherry goes to Jack. He’ll come in andtestify. He can demonstrate the technology in a matter of minutes. Jack saysgood, the chopper is on its way.

Michelle tells Tony that Chappelle won’t okay the chopperif he knows it is for Jack. Tony says he has Hewitt. Tony goes to Chappelle. Tony tells him Jack is in North Hollywood and has Hewitt. Chappelle says good –bring him in. Tony says he needs a chopper – he’s too far away. Chappelle saysno – we’ve wasted enough time on this. Tony protests. Chappelle tells him hehas been reassigned. He’ll let him know if a few days where. For now he can gohome. Tony says he can’t reassign him now. Chappelle says he has become aliability he can’t afford. He has 15 minutes to clean out his desk and get out.

Hewitt begins gathering his gear for the demonstration. Hewitt has to rebuild the file to demonstrate the process. He’s going to make arecording for them. It’ll blow their mind. Hewitt says then I can go, that’swhat she said. Jack says fine. Hewitt asks why Jack is being so nice now. Hewitt starts to panic. He wants the deal in writing. Sherry jumps in and saysyes; why not bring in federal council. Jack tells Hewitt he is the only one whocan make this happen. Hewitt asks Sherry what she is afraid of. He wants totalk to Jack now. Sherry tells him she told him everything would be fine. Hewitt insists on talking to Jack, alone. Sherry walks away.

Jack asks what is going on. Alex wants to know if she istrying to screw him. Jack tells him no. Maybe she thinks he got tricked intodoing something wrong. Alex says I think she likes me. Jack agrees. Sherrywatches from a distance.

Kim arrives at the house to pick up her things. Theofficer asks if she needs help. She says no – it should only be one bag. Sheenters the house. Looks at a photograph then goes upstairs.

Michelle asks Tony about why Chappelle reassigned him. Thephone rings. It is Satcom – Palmer is calling. He needs to talk to JackBauer. Tony needs to put him on hold. He transfers Palmer to Jack. Palmertells Jack he has been unseated. He asks about the Cyprus Audio. He has Hewittin custody. CTU is trying to process the data. Jack tells Palmer that Sherryis with him. Palmer asks how that happened. Jack can’t talk. Palmer says notto trust her. Palmer talks to Jack. He wants to know what she is up to. Sherrytells him the truth is the audio is forged. She and Jack are the only ones whocan help him. Palmer tells Jack that this man needs to come forward now. Jacktells Tony that they will have proof shortly. Tony tells Michelle he will needher help.

The Chief of Staff comes in to Palmer and asks for thephone. Palmer gets it and hands it over. The Chief of Staff orders the secretservice agent under arrest. Palmer says He coerced him into it. He says no. As Eric is taken away – Palmer says he is sorry. Eric says there is nothing tobe sorry about.

Kim packs her things. Gary arrives downstairs. He headsupstairs – with a gun. He unscrews the bottom of a lamp and removes smallbags. He begins packing a suitcase. He grabs a passport. Kim hears a noiseand asks if it is the officer. (Here we go again – little Kim Bauer in dangeryet again).

Michelle answers Tony’s call. He asks if she is ready. She calls Chappelle and says he is needed in room 3. The COM is out and she hadto call. Chappelle falls for it. Tony grabs Chappelle and knocks him out. Hetells Michelle to go send the chopper to get Jack.

Sherry asks when Jack’s people are getting there. She saysit is not just her selfish desire to help. It wouldn’t be good for David’spresidency if she were implicated. Jack tells her that the cabinet invoked the25th amendment. Tony calls Jack and says that the chopper is on its way. Jackasks if Chappelle is on board. Tony says not exactly and it’s better if he notknow. Jack tells him that they need a federal attorney. Mrs. Palmer is goingtry to cut a deal. Jack tells Tony that this needs to go like clock work. Sherry asks Jack what he meant by try to cut a deal. They had an agreement. Jack says all he cares about is that Hewitt convince the President, Joint Chiefsand Cabinet that He forged the Cyprus audio. After that she is free to make anydeal she wishes. Jack tells her to sit down.

Kim looks out the window and sees that her police escort isdead. She sees Gary in the hall. She runs. He follows. He searches the housefor her. He opens the walk in closet. He tells Kim that this is all herfault. He spots the pull for the attic door. He yanks on it and climbs up. Hesays he didn’t want to hurt her. He loved her. Kim takes a swing at him. Thenfalls through the attic roof. She gets up and crawls o the corner of the room. She grabs the gun and the phone.

Michelle receives Kim’s call. Kim says she needs to talkto her father it’s an emergency. Jack’s cell phone rings. Michelle puts Kimthrough. Kim tells Jack that she is at the Matheson’s house. Gary killed theofficer. Jack tells her to get out of the house (DUH). Kim says okay. Shestarts to get up. Gary moves. Kim freaks out (good grief). Jack tells her toget his gun. Kim says she has it. Jack says shoot it. Kim says she can’t(sigh). Jack says to point the gun at his chest and pull the trigger. Garybegins to talk. Kim pulls the trigger. Jack asks if she did it. Kim saysyes. Jack tells her to shoot him again now. He repeats himself. Kim obeys. She falls to the floor crying. Kim gets back on the floor. He asks if he isdead. Jack tells her he will have someone go get her and to go downstairs.

Hewitt gets nervous. He gets up. Sherry tells him it’sokay. Hewitt doesn’t trust her anymore.

Jack calls Kate. He needs her help. His daughter has beeninvolved in a self-defense shooting. He needs her to take the police officerthat he left with her, pick her up and go to CTU. Kate says that she told theofficer to go home. Kate volunteers to go get her. Jack gives her theaddress. He calls CTU and asks for Tony or Michelle. He tells Sherry to stayaway from Alex. Alex goes up to Sherry and stabs her. He runs. Sherry begsfor help. (And we’re left hanging).

Side note – my apologies for taking so long to get thisrecap done. I was out of town on business and at a hotel that did not have afox channel so I could watch the episode. My thanks to Lionpez for covering forme over the previous two week!