6:00 am to 7:00 am

Michelle tells Tony that Chappelle is still out. The drugs Tony used are only temporarily. Carrie isn’t asking about Chappelle yet. Someone from division calls for Chappelle, Tony takes the call. Tony plays dumb on where he is. Tony is grilled. Hammond insists that Tony tell him what is going on. Tony tells him that he will have Chappelle call. They need to get Hewitt there as soon as possible.

Jack chases Hewitt. Hewitt yells he just did what they told him. He didn’t know what would happen. Jack tells him to turn himself in, testify. Jack yells for him to trust him. Hewitt keeps running. Jack keeps following. Jack corners Hewitt as he tries to get out of the building. Hewitt breaks out and runs onto a roof. Jack looks around but doesn’t see him.

Kingsley is receiving acupuncture while on the phone. A woman comes in with a briefcase. She has the recordings and data but no Hewitt. She reminds him that this was all to be vaporized. Kingsley doesn’t want Hewitt stopping their operation.

Hewitt climbs up a structure on the roof and pulls the ladder he used up after him. Jack uses a drainpipe to climb up. More running and chasing. Hewitt reaches the edge of the building. Jack tells him there is nowhere left to run – it’s over. Hewitt says okay, you promise I’ll be safe – but he has a gun. He pulls the gun on Jack. Jack pulls his own gun. He tells Alex that he can’t win the war without him. He begs Alex to drop the gun. Alex hesitates. Jack fires a shot into his leg. Hewitt falls backward and lands on another roof. Jack rushes to him. Alex is in pain and tries to pass out. Jack tells him to keep his eyes open. Help will be there soon. He can get pain medication then. Alex says his head feels wet. Jack feels it – and finds blood.

Jack calls Tony. He tells him about Hewitt being hurt. Tony says there is no EMT on board but there is a med kit. Tony breaks the news about Chappelle and them being onto him. He is informed that Michelle is headed out to the field and gets contact information. Michelle leaves and gets instructions on getting through the firewall from Tony. Carrie heads her off and asks her where she is going. Michelle says she is going to her car – just to her car and back. Carrie asks if she has seen Chappelle. Michelle says no. But I’ll tell him if I see him. Carrie says her job is communications. She knows about Michelle’s call to Chappelle. Michelle tells her that if she had been doing her job – they wouldn’t have had to call Chappelle.

Palmer consults with a lawyer who tells him that the appeal process is long. Palmer says that there isn’t time. Palmer wants the attorney to find out everything he can about Peter Kingsley.

Michelle is in place in one of the vans on the lot. She tells Tony that Carrie is on to her. Hammond arrives with a team. He thinks there is a problem here. Tony says he hasn’t seen Chappelle. Hammond locks CTU down and tells his team to search for Chappelle. Hammond says they are supporting a rogue agent.

The Chief of Staff is on the phone when the attorney consults with him. They talk about the appeal. The attorney tells him about Kingsley. But there is no direct evidence to the falsified evidence. The attorney brings up The Chief of Staff’s 20-year history with Palmer and just throwing it out. He says you owe him more than that. He says he can have a computer station but he won’t be able to send outgoing messages.

Carrie tags along with Hammond’s team. They search one holding room – it is empty. They go to search the other but can’t get in. They break in. Chappelle is inside. He asks for help.

Hewitt is bleeding from his head wound. He asks Jack what is happening. A chopper can be heard. Jack tells him to hang in. (Puhlease – the man is going to die). Carrie tells Chappelle about the chopper. Chappelle says no, don’t waste any more resources on Jack. The chopper is ordered back. The chopper starts to back away. Jack yells to land. That his witness is going to die. Jack calls Michelle as the chopper flies back to CTU. Jack tells her that Hewitt is dying. Jack checks Hewitt’s pulse.

Jack calls Michelle again. He is on his way to Hewitt’s loft. He needs her to interface with his computer. Hewitt didn’t make it (told ya). The Chief of Staff goes in to see Palmer about national security. Turkey won’t give air space rights for the fly over. He wants assurances from the President. Prescott’s taking over hasn’t been announced. With the bombers being spotted – it is critical that they continue their mission on time.

Sherry yells at Jack for leaving her when she has been stabbed. Jack tells her the wound is superficial and gets her a clean bandage. He tells her that Alex fell and died. Jack needs her help. She needs to help him deliver Kingsley. He doesn’t know Alex is dead. She can tell Kingsley she can deliver him. Jack jumps and clutches his chest. (What do you bet we have a twist at the bitter end and Jack dies?) Sherry asks what is wrong. Jack tells her about his heart stopping when Kingsley’s men interrogated him. Sherry tells him he has to get to the hospital – his heart could be damaged. Jack brushes her off and tells her that Kingsley is going to talk to Hewitt.

Hewitt is on the phone to a foreigner. Hewitt can’t be allowed to talk – ever. Kingsley is told to clean this up. Tony tries to dodge Hammond and fails. He is arrested. Chappelle asks where Michelle is. Tony says that she isn’t part of it. Chappelle says they have to issue a warrant. Carrie says she can find her. This is about helping Jack Bauer. She can check the system and see if she is logged in somewhere.

Michelle calls Jack – she is logged in and has access to Hewitt’s computer. She finds the audio files. Jack needs something with Hewitt’s voice on it. She searches the files. He checks with Sherry and finds out when she called him. He gives Michelle the time and locates the appropriate file. They have to let the file run. We hear Sherry asking Hewitt about Kingsley and the tapes he made. Michelle is being closed in on. They get enough data to open a gen file and type in the phrases they want. Michelle gives Jack instructions. Hammond’s men find her and break into the van. They take Michelle into custody.

Palmer is escorted out of his holding room and to the phone. A staff member forgets and calls him Mr. President. Prescott tells him how much they appreciate his help despite how awkward this is. Palmer tells him he is doing this for the men in the planes. Palmer places the call to the Turkish Prime minister.

Kate arrives at the Matheson’s. She calls for Kim. Kim sees Kate but says nothing and won’t come out. Kate hears a noise and heads back down the stairs. Kim is under the stairs looking out from between the treads. She asks who Kate is. Kate tells her that her father sent her. Kim pulls a gun and asks how does she know that. Kate tells her how she knows and what happened to Kim. Kim asks if she works for CTU. Kate says no, her family was involved with what happened. Kate gets Kim to put the gun down. She tells her the sooner they leave, the sooner she gets to see her dad (and what the cops are missing their officer at this point and haven’t sent someone PUHLEASE!)

Tony and Michelle discuss if they are going to be charged with treason. Tony tells her that he’s telling them she didn’t know what he was going to do. And will tell them that she was helping jack on his orders. Michelle says she won’t let him lie for her. She did what she thought was right. They sorta hold hands – tough to do with the handcuffs on.

The Chief of Staff thanks Palmer. Palmer asks how long he is going to be held. It will be until the press conference. He granted his attorney’s access to lower level computer.

Kate drives Kim to CTU. Kim asks what is going on with her and Jack. Why did he call her? Kate says she doesn’t think he trusts very many people. Kim asks if they met today. Kate says really yesterday. Kim just wants her dad to be happy. It’s been a long time. Kate says since she lost her mother. Kate tells her that she lost her mother too – when she was about Kim’s age.

Jack gives Sherry the phone for the call. Kingsley is told that Hewitt is on. Sherry talks to Kingsley. She asks for the tapes he made of their convo. She’ll give him Hewitt in return. Kingsley asks where he is. Sherry says she isn’t stupid. Kingsley wants to talk to him. Sherry says okay. That her bodyguard has him restrained. Jack cues the tape and they play it. Kingsley wants to talk to him again. Sherry says no – she won’t keep this going for him to trace the call. Jack makes motions. Kingsley protests. Sherry says Hewitt will tell everyone. Kingsley gives in. They arrange for a meeting. Kingsley says that he feels like he’s being set up. But he’s going through with the meeting. Then he is leaving the country. He tells the woman that he’ll see her in Lisbon next week. He holds his arms up and they hug. He tells her that he is enormously grateful (and is it me or is this one of the chicks from the plane crash bit in season one?).

Jack tells sherry that as soon as Kingsley incriminates himself CTU will provide back up. Jack moans. Sherry tells him to pull over, he’s not fine. Jack blows her off (that’s twice now – foreshadowing goes in two’s with third time being it). Jack clutches at his chest and starts to pass out. The SUV swerves and crashes into the Los Angeles “River.”