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Jack wakes up after the crash. He clutches his chest. Sherry says she’s okay. Jack tries to start the SUV and can’t. His seatbelt is jammed. Sherry gets out. Jack says he needs her help. Sherry grabs something from the backseat. She tells Jack that she’ll call an ambulance when she is free. She tells Jack that he’s like Palmer – everything is black and white. Jack tells her that eventually they will connect her with the conspiracy. She says the bomb wasn’t supposed to go off. Jack begs her to help him. She walks off. Jack leans back in his seat. Sherry appears on Jack’s side of the SUV. Jack tells her there is a knife in the glove box.

The Chief of Staff is approached. He is told it is important and is given a flash file on Kingsley. He made a phone call to Wallace, a member of the Coral Snake Brigade. Wallace killed his own men. Kovac says he knows who Wallace is. The President is told that there is no way to avoid civilian casualties. He decides that they’ll have to live with it. Kovac calls CTU and talks to Chappelle. He wants to know if Jack is still working on the Cyprus audio. Kovac tells him to work with Jack and get back with them.

Kingsley talks with his contact. He is explaining why it is taking so long. The contact wants to know what the hold up with Hewitt is. Kingsley says that he is going to get him.

Chappelle goes in to talk to Tony and Michelle. Tony tries to take the blame. Michelle tells Tony she can take the heat on her own. Chappelle tells them he needs to get in contact with Jack. Tony plays let’s make a deal and says drop the assault charges against us and we’ll help. Chappelle agrees. Tony wants it in writing. Chappelle says okay just get him in touch with Bauer.

Sherry helps Jack up the hill. Jack explains that they are on their own. A man asks if they need help. Jack says Sherry will have to drive. They take the guy’s car a gunpoint and drive off.

Carrie sees Kim and Kate walking in. She introduces herself to them. Kim asks where here dad is. Carrie tells them that he is in the field. Tony comes out and says that he’ll handle it. Carrie thought he was in custody. Tony tells her he’s out now. Tony tells them that Jack is not reachable right now. He’ll have Carrie take them to a room. He talks to Kate for a moment, and tells her that her father came back for a bit. He wanted to talk to Marie. They brought Marie back to CTU.

Bob Warner states a list of lies and deceits and wrong doing that Marie did. He wants to understand. He wants to know if she was brain washed. He wants a reason. Kate says there is no reason. Marie just stares. Bob won’t accept it. Kate says she didn’t want to either until she looked into Marie’s eyes and Marie pointed a gun at her. She tells her father that she’ can’t give him a reason. Marie is still silent. Kate rubs her father’s shoulder. Bob gives Marie a last look and walks away. Marie says Kate’s name. Kate returns. Marie stands and walks forward as far as her shackles will allow. Marie asks if she thinks she’ll be safe out there? She won’t be. Kate turns and walks away.

Jack’s cell phone rings. Tony is back in play. Kim as at CTU and safe. He tells Tony not to tell Kim anything until he’s safe. Chappelle tells Jack he has full support. He tells Chappelle that Sherry has agreed to wear a wire. Chappelle tries to get Jack to stand down until they have support. Jack asks for a voiceprint of Sherry and Kingsley. Chappelle sends someone after it. He orders a swat team to support Jack.

Sherry stops the vehicle. They get out. Jack sets up the wire on Sherry. It is a wireless transmitter. Jack puts an earpiece in his ear and turns the unit on. He tells her to say something. She whispers I’m scared. Jack says it’s working.

Kovac tells the President he is against any delays’ in military actions but he wants the President to listen to new evidence. Evidence that links Second Wave to Peter Kingsley. The bombs will drop payloads in less than 20 minutes. Kovac says that Jack is meeting with Kingsley and providing a transmission any minute.

Jack asks where backup is. Chappelle says 10 minutes out. Jack says they are already late for the meeting. He’s going now, without the back up. Sherry asks what happens when Kingsley finds out they don’t really have Hewitt. Jack tells her he’s got her back. Sherry isn’t comforted because of his condition. Sherry tells him to tell Palmer that she’s doing this for him if anything happens. Sherry heads inside the fence to meet with Kingsley. Jack clutches at his chest.

Kovac learns the President just finished setting up the line. Palmer comes in. He is told they will be listening to a sting operation transmission. Kingsley was the architect of the operation. They won’t be listening to Jack. Kovac hesitates. He tells Palmer that Sherry will be talking to Kingsley. He recruited her some months ago. She was part of it. Palmer doesn’t believe it. Kovac says they have to hope that she can extract a confession from Kingsley. She is putting herself at tremendous risk.

Sherry arrives at the meeting point and looks around. She is at the Coliseum. A sniper aims a gun at her from overhead. Kingsley’s men spread out. He radio’s the sniper not to do anything until he says so – they need Kingsley. Jack moves into position. Kingsley walks toward Sherry. He walks around her and pats her down – grabbing at the sides of her breasts. He doesn’t find the transmitter Jack put on her. He asks where Hewitt is. She says he’s safe. She confronts him with the fact that he lied to her. He told her the bomb wouldn’t go off. She wants safe haven. He tells her she can’t horse trade. They get a match on Kingsley’s voice. She says she’ll contact him with Hewitt’s location. They give Sherry the recordings off all phone calls they’ve had. Sherry says she wants the Cyprus recordings. Kingsley says because Hewitt faked the recordings for them. There is a scramble behind the scenes to figure out if this is enough to prove that he did it. The President asks if they are sure this is live and voices authenticated. Jack tells them Sherry needs to get out. Kingsley tells Sherry she doesn’t have Hewitt. He orders his sniper to shoot her. And nothing.

Jack begins shooting Kingsley’s men. He yells to Sherry to run. A shootout takes place between Kingsley and his men and Jack who is armed with a sniper rifle. When all but Kingsley seem to be down, Jack runs he grabs sherry, they run into a tunnel where they are intercepted by another man. Jack tells her to run while he fights the man. They struggle for the gun. The gun goes off. Jack takes the man down after the gun falls away. Jack clutches at his chest again and stumbles down. Kingsley comes out of a tunnel and walks toward Jack. Jack reaches for the gun that was tossed during the fight. He gets it, aims and Kingsley. He fires but there aren’t any more bullets. Kingsley says that Jack caused him a lot of trouble today. He wont’ cause him anymore. Kingsley raises his own gun to shoot Jack. A chopper flies overhead. Kingsley is taken down. A swat team rushes into the Coliseum.

The President must decide. The bombers are 3 minutes away from target. He issues the order to abort.

Mac, Kingsley’s contact, learns that he is dead on his yacht. He is told the war won’t start. The President learned that the Cyprus recording wasn’t real. Max says that they’ll have to do it another way. He makes a call and says to start.

Prescott tells the Palmer that he will resign, as will other members of the cabinet who sided with him. Palmer says that they came dangerously close to war today. That leaders should exercise patience. That war should be the last option – after all other avenues have been exhausted. They cast him aside and that was a profound misjudgment. It was not a mistake they are likely to make again and he doesn’t accept their resignation. They have a nation to heal and they have vital roles in the healing process. Prescott says he doesn’t know what to say. Palmer tells him there is nothing to say. Palmer tells Jenny to set up a press conference. He wants it to air live. Palmer thanks Kovac for calling CTU in the eleventh hour. He says he expected him to be there with him to the end. That is why he appointed him. He is relieving him of his post immediately.

Tony goes in to see Chappelle, who tells Tony that the district director is so pleased with what went down he doesn’t know where to start. Tony tells Chappelle to fire him or get out of his chair. Chappelle gets up and tells Tony the chair is all his. Michelle comes in. She tells Tony that they new shift is here and has been brought up to speed. She is going to get her brother and go home. Tony tells her that she made tough choices but she was right. She nods and turns to leave. He tells her he’ll see her tomorrow.

Kate and Kim leave an SUV. Jack is being treated outside an ambulance. Kate and Kim have to show Id’s. Kim runs to her father. Jack tells her it is going to be all right. Jack tells her he loves her. Kim says she loves him too. Kate looks on. Kim says she’s going t take care of him.

Palmer gives his press conference. He urges the country not to indulge in rumors or believe what they have heard until he tells them. He tells them to go back to work. Go back to school. Their freedom is what will defeat their enemies and keep them strong. “God Bless Us All.” Palmer makes his way through the crowd. We focus on a woman who yells Mr. President. She reaches for him. He shakes her hand. She puts her other hand on his. (Bet she had poison or something on it). The woman heads to a parking structure and removes a coating from her hand with tweezers. She puts the coating into a case and puts the case in her purse then retrieves a cell phone. She calls Max and tells him it is done.

Palmer waves to the crowd. He stares at his hand. It is covered with sores. He collapses. The secret service pulls guns. Jenny yells for medical assistance.

AND that’s it folks. We have to wait until next season!