Season Two - Episode 3 - Scratches

On the way home from Jessica’s house, Sookie and Bill get into a huge argument. Bill had to glamour Jessica’s family to fix things and he blames Sookie for endangering them. Sookie tries to apologize but Bill just won’t shut up. Sookie angrily jumps from the car and says she’d rather walk home. As she’s walking along this dark country road, she realizes that she’s not alone. She starts to run and is chased down by a creature with a bull-like head, human body and long claws. It scratches her back, leaving deep open wounds, and knocks her to the ground. Bill hears Sookie scream and rushes to her rescue, but the creature is nowhere in sight. Sookie is in really bad shape, she can’t feel anything and fluids are bubbling up out of her mouth. Bill tries to heal her with his blood but she can’t keep it down. He and Jessica take Sookie to Fangtasia for help.

At Merlotte’s, things aren’t working out so well with Daphne. Due to Sam’s preoccupation with Maryann, Sam has very little patience for the new waitress and her inexperience. Tara tries to give him advise but Sam is further irritated hearing about Maryann’s philosophy on things from Tara. He tells Tara to be careful of her. Meanwhile, Jason’s stay at LODI has brought his guilt about Eddie to the surface. He has weird dreams about Eddie and wakes up in the middle night having to pray for insight.

Eric has a drawf woman named Dr. Ludwig look at Sookie. They’ve never seen an injury like that before nor do they know of any bull-like creature that could have done it. The doctor says Sookie has been poisoned with something similar to Kimodo dragon venom and could die. Eric sends Pam and Chow to the area of the attack to look for signs of the creature. The doctor is able to treat the wounds and tells Bill he can now give her his blood.

The next day, Sam is at the bar packing up his belongings. Terry shows up to find Sam getting ready to leave. Terry has an insightful moment and accuses Sam of being a coward and running away. Back at the LODI, Jason admits that he really doesn’t have anything against vampires. Some of the group express their opinions on the matter but Jason says that basically humans do evil things too. The conversation makes him uncomfortable so he leaves. Sarah follows him and she tells him a story about her sister being murdered by vampires. Jason listens to her and starts crying because he is very confused about how he feels. Sarah is very good at making him feel better about himself and asks him to pray with her. Later that evening, Jason and the Newlin’s relationship gets cozier as they invite him for dinner. Steve informs Jason that there is going to be a war between the humans and vampires and that they must prepare.

Sookie wakes up at Fangtasia and is offered something to eat by Ginger. While they are talking, Sookie can “hear” Ginger’s thoughts about Lafayette being in the basement. Sookie orders Ginger to take her to him and is stunned at the condition he is in. She promises him that she’ll get him out of there. Eric and Sookie strike a deal: she will go to Dallas to look for Godric in exchange for $10,000.00 and Lafayette’s release. Bill is against this at first, but then agrees to it if he can go to Dallas with Sookie.

Having been sent home by Bill the previous night, Jessica is at loose ends. Bored and maybe just a tad defiant, she goes to Merlotte’s for the evening. Hoyt sees her and is instantly smitten. (His bumbling attempts at picking up a girl are kind of endearing.) Jessica orders a Tru Blood and is surprised by Hoyt’s reaction. He smiles and tells her that he thinks the fact she’s a vampire is “awesome“. Meanwhile, Maryann is having a party that quickly turns into the scene from Merlotte’s. People are bumping, grinding, and generally getting down and dirty. Andy arrives and tells Maryann that the police are getting complaints about the noise. He saw the pig and asks Maryann about it but she says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Of course, by then the pig has mysteriously disappeared. Maryann tries to mollify Andy by offering him a drink, which he gladly accepts it despite the fact he’s on duty. Tara and Eggs are oblivious to what’s going on around them as they are getting pretty cozy in the hot tub. They get interrupted by a girl trying to make the twosome a threesome. Tara gets perturbed by Eggs’ reaction to the woman and notices what’s happening. She becomes more than a little disturbed by the shenanigans and goes to her room upset because Egg’s doesn’t seem to mind it at all. A full blown orgy erupts and it becomes apparent that the participants aren’t quite themselves. Their eyes are totally black and they seem to be under some type of demonic/zombie like influence. Not only is everyone having sex, but they are all grunting and making strange sounds like wild animals. (Super creepy!)

Jessica invites Hoyt over to Bill’s house. They start making out on the couch and Jessica’s fangs come out. She is very embarrassed about it but Hoyt tells her it’s okay. (The interaction between them is very sweet and believable. Great on acting by both of them.) Hoyt begins to tell her that maybe they should wait, but Jessica interrupts him and says she’s waited long enough and pounces on him. Meanwhile, Sookie and Bill take Lafayette home. When they get back to Bill’s, they bust in on Jessica and Hoyt making out. Bill grabs Jessica and slings her across the room. Hoyt starts to explain but Bill turns on him and tells him to leave. Jessica says she wasn’t going to bite him but Bill, trying to scare Hoyt off, says that she can’t control herself.

As Sam prepares to leave, he decides to for one last run with the dog that hangs around Merlotte‘s. After their run, Sam (in his dog form) jumps into a lake and comes up human again. Daphne mysteriously appears and says she was going to go for a swim. She takes her shirt off and we see that she has three huge scars on her back similar to the scratches Sookie suffered.