Puppy Dog Hotels

So tonight’s epi began with the traditional look back at last week’s epi, who won and how things ended. As we were shown, Liza went on a temper tantrum and rampage blaming the other women for the calling out that she went through in the board room last week.

Poppy met up with Mr. Jack Welch as a reward for her being the project manager from the last week’s show. Mr Welch formed a business school and has given Poppy a 2 year scholarship program for free to teach her how to win in business.

As both teams meet up with Trump, Don JR, and Ivanka, the teams were informed that their project this time would be to create a doggy hotel and spa. The teams are also informed by Ivanka that Cesar Millan, the “Dog Whisperer” will be one of the judges as well as the owners of the 2 hotels and spa’s. The groups are told that they will be judged based on 3 criteria.....the execution of your responsibilities, the creativity and sustainability of your valued ad, and your overall experience. James and Tyanna both speak up as the Project Managers for their respective teams. When James announces that he wants to be the project manager, David admits in a PI that he is so excited to loose this challenge so he can send James a packing.....

As the guys are driving towards where their task is taking place, they were all shooting out ideas as to how they were going to proceed and Wade came up with the idea of web cams to show the progress of the owner’s animals when the owner isn’t there......David looks so thrilled at this suggestion.......NOT!

Back with the ladies, they too are mulling ideas over as they head to their project area as well. Mahsa was asked if she liked dogs and she confessed that she was terrified of dogs. Mahsa insisted that she should be at the front desk as she spent 15 years at the front desk of her parent’s salon.........Tyanna said that she was going to do the front desk so Mahsa didn’t need to worry about it........LOL.

Back with the guys, they meet up with the business owner, and start discussing how the owner wants things handled. David immediately pipes up with a question about disciplining a dog that mis-behaves in the center......James cuts him off and proceeds to ask the manager a question of his own......Well David didn’t like that and under his breath whispered..... “I guess mine was the only question that I don’t need an answer to”, then he immediately uttered a swear word in front of the owner of the business.......by the looks on the guys faces including Steuart, they weren’t impressed with David’s attitude. James immediately takes David aside and tries to calm him down and behave in front of the owner......not that it would happen anyways.......LOL.

Over at the women’s camp, the ladies are introduced to the owner and promptly begin to ask him questions. Since Tuesdays are the slowest day, they come up with a sales pitch and campaign of having a tail wag Tuesday where there is a special package for sale that has a doggy’s bag that has promotional treats inside and a report card with a photo included. Tyanna started coming up with a game plan and a listing of who is handling what.........She placed Mahsa with the big dogs, Kelly with the smaller dogs and so on. This of course starts Mahsa off on her poor me and time to get Tyanna gone campaign.......That woman can definitely be the mouthpiece of the group......LOL.

James still has his crew in the boardroom discussing how they were going to go about things when Gene came up with the idea of doing a “Red Carpet” treatment for the dogs.........at that moment, the owner of the place came in and wanted to train the guys on what should happen, James immediately ushered him out and asked for another 2 min to finish off what the group were talking about, which of course visibly ticked off the owner.

Team Fortitude were making advances and getting things set up but Liza was having difficulties getting the advertising logo and the banner forwarded to the advertising company. Don Jr. showed up to see how the task was going. As Don went around talking to everyone, Mahsa had to get her in again and gripe about her being in the back when she hates dogs versus being out front in the reception area where she has had 15 years experience...........the old whining trick again..........enough Mahsa, we get it already...........sheesh!!

Over at Team Octane, Ivanka shows up to see how the guys were making out with their project and as James explains things, it is obvious to Ivanka that James isn’t a very well spoken person. As Ivanka says in a PI, she didn’t quite know if he just didn’t have the total vision on what he wanted or just isn’t a very articulate speaker. The guys come back from their errands and didn’t get the materials that they wanted........it has now gone from a red carpet treatment to the green carpet treatment and obviously James isn’t very impressed........to make his day go better, David starts with his mental guy routine again. David immediately flips out because he can’t find the nails that he was looking for ........he asks Gene where he put them. Then David goes over to Clint’s stuff to see if the nails got placed in there.........the only thing he comes up with there are binder clips of which Dave grabs a few and proceeds to take them apart so he can make nails out of them.........are we serious here.........nails out of binder clips, come on guys..........LOL. When James tries to stop him from doing that by reigning the guy in, Dave flips out on James and says that he needs James to shut up. WOW, it seemed like David was 2 years old again, throwing a temper tantrum and when James asks him to leave, he storms out and calls James out as being the worse Project Manager in the history of project managers.........

Back at Team Fortitude, it is obvious how difficult things are going for Liza with her transferring the designing over to the company for the banner and the A-Frame advertising. Stephanie admits in a PI that the only person that never completed any of the training for the various stations was Liza because of her working on the advertising and design for the whole day.......at the end, she admits that they need to get the “frickin chick out of there”

Up next....................Judgement day!

Cesar shows up at Team Fortitude first with the two owners of the doggy spa’s for their judging of the tasks. Cesar was introduced to Tyanna and the Fortitude gang.......during a PI, Cesar admitted that when he was introduced to Tyanna’s pack, Tyanna was exuding a calm-assertive energy which he felt she was definitely there for the pack. Tyanna told Cesar of the “doggy bag” idea, the report card with the picture on it and other general points of their strategy and what they were offering. Cesar then introduced himself to the rest of the team members and took a look around to see what the various team members were doing.

Cesar and the other 2 judges then made their way over to Team Octane and their project place. As Cesar came in and introduced himself to everyone, James met up with him and began to explain what they were doing and their project idea. In a PI, Cesar admitted that when he went into the guys area, there were too many leaders and no actual leader of the pack which of course will create conflict. As Cesar toured around and watched what was happening with the various task members, it was obvious that he liked the camera idea but was probably put off by the feelings there of conflict.

The Boardroom is up next

As everyone settled in, Trump asked James if he liked dogs and how his team did. Then Donald turned to David to ask him how James was as a project manager.......David says that he wasn’t good at all. Trump picked up on the tension and remarked that David didn’t like James. Donald brought Gene into the conversation and got out of it that David was fired from the task and was sidelined. David decided to get his in on things again and asked if he could explain. David went into his song and dance of how he and 2 others went to get the equipment and supplies needed, of how they forgot the nails so David was going to make his own nails.............. James holds up a binder clip and says that this is what David was going to make nails out of ..............James also said that it wasn’t a good use of David’s time. Clint was then brought into the conversation and brought up of how the owner of the spa was sidelined the first day when the owner came into the meeting room to train the group on the business side of the company.

Trump then spoke to Tyanna............he asked her if she thinks they won. Tyanna did admit that due to their creative flow and how things went, she really thought that they won. Then of course Donald brings up the fact that there was a team member that was afraid of dogs. Mahsa immediately pounced on that one and said that she was terrified of dogs. When asked, Tyanna said that it wasn’t punishment for her to be in the “dog pit” as Mahsa referred to it as, but it was a place that needed someone and Tyanna didn’t want Mahsa at the front desk. This of course compelled Mahsa to go into her song and dance, once again of her managing her parents salon for 15 years............I think I am about tired of that story now. LOL. Donald asked Mahsa if she thought Tyanna was a good project manager, and Mahsa said that No, she wasn’t good as she isn’t very strong. Trump now asked Stephanie who would be the weakest player on the team and Stephanie admitted that the weakest one would be Liza.

Trump says that Cesar and the judges had some strong opinions and loved what the ladies did so they won the task. Tyanna as the project manager is being set up to see Russell Simmons, the head of Def Jam will be mentoring Tyanna for a while. After the ladies leave the board room, the men are raked over the coals.......

Bottom line with the guys, Trump found out that James was respected so little that the team couldn’t feel good about doing their best with this task. When James brought up David’s tantrums and swearing in front of the owner of the spa, Steuart backed James up and said that it was un-called for and totally un appropriate considering that they were still sitting in the meeting with the owner sitting right beside James when David uttered profanity. Ivanka admitted the reasons why the task failed is based around the dynamics of the team and how James was so focussed on the task that ne neglected to learn the business. When asked by Trump, Anand said that “James was a very poor leader through and through and that is why no one at the table respects him”. Anand also said, “how can you expect respect from your team-mates when you can’t respect the owner of the business”?

With James bringing David and Wade back into the boardroom, the lack of respect that was shown towards James was discussed. Also what was discussed is how hard it is to control David because of his temper tantrums. Trump turned to Wade and asked him who to fire..........Wade said without a doubt, fire James, Wade also said that he would step up as project manager and show Donald how he could manage David. Trump then said that it isn’t easy but considering how disappointing James has been and how little he is respected, he feels he has no other choice but to fire James. As the guys leave the boardroom, James heads over to the elevator and Wade says......... “don’t let the door hit you in the ass”.

Next week’s epi looks like Mahsa will be the PM for the ladies and Wade the PM for the guys.....going to be interesting with Mahsa’s personality and David’s tantrums............

So..........David scraped through without being eliminated again.......Mahsa still has her position in tact and will remain as a smart alec.............and by the looks of things, we will once again see both of them up to their old tricks next show...........oh, goody.........NOT!! Until next week when I will be back again.........have a great week everyone!!