3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Tony talks to Adam. Adam is still working on something. Tony says they are going to take a HAZMAT unit over to Singer's apartment. Jack is in traffic and suffering. He pulls out his needle case and puts on the tourniquet. He waits for a vein and puts junk in the syringe. A line of white vans approach and pull up. They park around Jack and he has to put the needles away. Nicole gets in. She says she tried to contact him after Terry. He thanks her for the calls and explains that he withdrew. Nicole says that she has rerun the numbers. They are worse than originally projected. She asks if Jack is feeling okay because he is perspiring. Jack says they are eight minutes out. Nicole sees the vial on the floor.

Michelle studies the tape. She talks to the mole about the tape. She thinks it is coming from a domestic switching unit. She wants him to see if he can find a match. Michelle says to do it after the meeting. Chloe asks Gayo (aka the mole) to do something he says he has to do something else first and tells her to stop bugging him.

Claudia talks to Hector about if Ramon has changed or not? Hector has been running things and is that going to sit well. Gayo calls hector and informs him that they are about to intercept the package. He will let him know how.

Kyle is at home. His dad comes in. Dad asks about Kyle paying the rent. Kyle says that he came into some money. Kyle says they went to the track. His father asks again how he got the money. Kyle says the rent is paid for 3 months and not to worry. His father wants to know if it is illegal. Kyle again says that he go the money at the track. He then tells his father not worry. They argue. Kyle locks himself in his room.

The meeting is about Kyle. They think the kid thinks he is running drugs. LAPD is not set up for a hot zone. Kyle has no idea how deadly the powder is. They are setting up for a real time briefing with the president.

Kyle's parents argue about Kyle and the money. Kyle packs a bag and tries to leave. His father stops him and orders him to open the bag. Kyle and his father argue. Kyle says this isn't your house you can't even pay the rent. Dad takes the bag from Kyle and finds the packet. He asks what it is? Coke? Heroin? Kyle says to give it back. He needs it. Dad asks if he is a junkie. Kyle says he is only delivering it. He has to delver it. They two get into a fistfight. The packet is open, on the floor and a fan is blowing. We see the powder blowing away.

Tony reiterates that Salazar's people will release the virus if they don't find it first. Kim heads off. She talks to Chase. Chase says he was sent back here to question the guy. Chase says that Jack sidelined him. Kim asks why? Chase says why do you think? Kim realizes it is because of them. What were they going to do, sneak around until they were caught? Chase leaves to deal with parker.

The guard sees Salazar who complains about the food being bad today. He asks aren't there laws about cruel and unusual punishment. He is ready to talk. The attorney is on the phone outside. The guard calls him and says Salazar wants to see him. He is ready to talk. The attorney will be right there.

Wayne is on the phone and tells someone to just do it. Palmer says he hopes he can get a refund from whoever sold him that crap. The allegation that Anne perjured herself can damage. Wayne says to make sure she told him everything. Palmer says she has. Palmer says that Wayne has taken every opportunity to take her down because he doesn't like her. Wayne admits he doesn't like her but tells Palmer to find out more before it is exposed on national television.

Salazar asks if the attorney asked Jack Bauer what was going on. He did but Jack didn't tell him. He wants Luis (the attorney) to listen to him. Salazar says he is going home soon. Luis says that unless Hector has a key Salazar is going nowhere. Salazar says he does have a key. And he wanted Luis to hear it from his mouth and be the last thing he heard. The guard uses his club to choke Luis to death. Salazar tells the guard that his son will be returned to him now.

Kyle's parents talk. His mother says to leave it alone and it will go away. Dad says that they need to let someone know. It is the law. She says why are they going to get a reward so they can pay their rent. They see people outside. A saw cuts through he door. Mom panics and takes the drugs to flush. She succeeds. Jack radios that the virus is out. It is in the sewage system and may be airborne. They have a level 3 hot zone.

Anne goes in to see Palmer. He tells her that Keeler is bringing her ex-husband into the debate. She says the SEC investigated. Keeler is claiming they both new that the drug didn't work before it went public. She reads the document and says he can't reverse himself 8 years after testimony. She says she isn't going to defend it. IF there is anything less than full trust between them. He says he does trust her. Palmer's phone rings. Wayne says that she denied everything. Then says that he may be able to make this all go away and for Palmer to meet him in the auditorium.

Tony talks to Sunny about the virus. They sealed it up. They get results soon. LAPD needs wind vectors. Michelle says that the news has picked up on the body being dumped. Tony receives an urgent call.

Jack goes to talk to the Singers who are being held in their apartment in within plastic. Jack tells them they have been exposed to a virus that their son didn't know he was carrying. They need to find Kyle. Tony calls and tells Jack that Luis was killed. Jack begins to have an attack and has to get back to Tony. He rushes out of the exposed area, yanks his hood off and throws up. Inside they say that there is no trace of virus. Nicole goes out to tell Jack. The powder was only silicate. There is no trace in the house. Jack asks what if there is a live host. What if Kyle was injected with it? He isn't contagious yet. They have to find Kyle.

Kyle calls his girlfriend. He has to make it right with the dealers. He says he needs to borrow 20 grand. He says these people will kill him if he doesn't give them something. She asks where he is. He's at the mall. She will be there as soon as she can. Gayo says to his contact to grab Kyle as soon as he can and take him to containment. They can't let him get away.

Palmer says there is no way they will release Salazar and that CTU is close to ending the threat. Wayne says that all packer wants is money. Palmer says that is blackmail. Palmer says he isn't paying. He has earned credibility. Wayne says that the race is closer than it should be. Palmer says that he can't do it without telling Anne. Wayne says that if it gets out Anne will be on the front cover of every newspaper. She isn't Sherry she won't stand up to the scrutiny. Wayne says they can have the money within the hour. Palmer hesitates and says do it.

Jack tells the Singers that the powder was harmless. Then breaks the news that they think Kyle was injected with the virus in Mexico before he came home. They need to find their son now. His cell phone line has been disconnected. He took his mother's phone this morning. Mr. Singer plays this is all my fault. Jack calls Tony and gives him the number. (These people can't afford to pay the rent and have cell phones??????????) Jack has the singers call their son. They need to keep him on the line as long as possible. They ask what to tell him. Jack says the truth. Kyle answers his phone. Dad says they need to talk. Kyle says unless they can give back what they took he needs to take care of this situation. Dad tells Kyle not to hang up. Kyle is told that he may have picked up a virus while he is in Mexico. Kyle wonders why his parents know that he was in Mexico. Kyle freaks because his he thinks the cops are there. Dad pleads with son that he needs to see a doctor. Kyle says he is fine. Kyle thinks they want him to turn himself in. Tony says the kid is at the mall. Tony says that he can get a team there. Jack says not to take Chase.

Michelle tells Chloe that she is taking over CTU while Tony goes out in the field. Chase hears this and rushes off. He catches up to Tony and asks back on the case. Tony says they are handling it. Chase asks if they are cutting him out. Tony says that Jack is his boss and it is his call. Tony gets on the chopper.

Chase calls Jack who is in a motorcade. Jack ignores the call. He tells Nicole that he wants to keep the line open for Tony. Chase gets angry. Kim goes to comfort him. She says he knows he can be hard but he will come around. She knows her father. He says maybe she doesn't know her father. He says she shouldn't have told her. She says the only other option was to not see each other, which isn't an option to her, or is it. Chase needs to be able to do his job. Kim is told to return to her station because Tony is about to land.

Tony arrives at the mall. Security thinks they found the kid they are after. He is in the rotunda. The motorcade continues. Jack coughs. Nicole studies him and asks how long he has been using junk. She did a stint in rehab and knows the symptoms. Jack denies then says for a while know. It was the only way he can maintain his cover with the Salazars. She asks if he is high now. She says no. She picks up the vial and says that it is empty. She tells him he could be more of an asset than a liability. The phone rings again. It is Tony. They found Kyle. Jack's motorcade is close. They arrive. Jack tells them to cover all the parking level exits.

Tony says not to cause a commotion. Gayo's contact sees this. Gayo says to stand down it is too hot. The contact goes anyway. He approaches Kyle. Tony comes from the opposite direction. Tony talks to Kyle. The contact pulls a gun. TONY IS DOWN - he's been SHOT!! There is panic in the mall. Jack runs through the mall. He reaches Tony. Tony was shot in the neck. He radios that they have someone down and Kyle is not in custody. Maintain cover.