10:00 am to 11 am

Kim runs, calling Megan. Paramedics treat Gary (aka abusive dad). The cops show up. Gary is reporting Kim as the kidnapper of his daughter. Meanwhile Tony calls Mason. Mason is on the highway. Lawler wants a vehicle checked out. Mason has to interrupt his trip to Bakersfield to do it. Kim continues to call for Megan as she runs through the streets. She spots Megan with a couple of Hispanic men. The men run. Megan was looking for Kim. Megan cries. Kim comforts her.

Jack is with Eddie and his crew of bombers. Jack questions that they are going to take CTU down with 3 charges. Eddie asks Jack why he is asking so many questions. Jack just wants to know what he is getting into. Jack's cell phone begins to ring. It's Kim. Jack asks her if she got the message he left for her. Kim hasn't, she doesn't have her phone. Kim wants Jack to come get her because Gary flipped out. Jack tells her to go to Aunt Carol's house. Carol lives in San Jose. Jack tells Kim to do what he tells her for a change. Jack tells Eddie and company that it was his girlfriend.

Kim calls Tony because Jack is acting weird. Kim begins to explain what is happening. She tells Tony that the police are after her. The phone begins to static out. Kim is going to make her way to CTU via the bus. Paula tells Tony and Michelle that it's on all lines. Tony has Paula switch all incoming calls to a different system.

Jack asks Eddie and the goons if they are trying to take out CTU's phones. Jack makes a call to CTU via his cell phone and gets static. Jack then calls the President, but he has to go through an operator who puts him on hold. Lynn, the President's aid, talks to Jack. She tells him talking to the President is impossible. Jack begins to tell her that the phones to CTU are out and needs to evacuate CTU immediately. Jack has to hang up because Eddie walks over. Lynn relays the information to Eric Rayburn. Rayburn doesn't want to evacuate CTU because it might blow Jack's cover. Rayburn doesn't want to tell the President despite Lynn's urging that it is the President's decision. Lynn goes the phone and asks to speak to the President immediately. Palmer is in a press conference.

A pair of phone workers approaches a fence; they notice the chain has been cut. Eddie and the goons shoot one of the workers. They threaten the other to make a phone call to his boss. The Man agrees.

Commercial Break #1
Tony receives a call from Rayburn. Tony is told to follow an order. Copy and transfer any data they have related to the nuclear threat. Rayburn wants it done by 11. Tony says it may not be enough time. Tony pulls Paula off the sim analysis. Michelle asks what is going on. Tony tells her that Rayburn says its precautionary.

George Mason pulls up to a pair of police officers. They were told to stand down until Mason arrived. They cut the lock off a door. The door opens, and via a shot from inside the building out we see someone walk in front of the camera, but cannot see whom. Mason and the cops go inside. The warehouse is full of office furniture and boxes. A large room is in the middle. We have seen this room before - it was where the bomb was prepped. A man is dead inside. Gunfire breaks out. Mason is alive. He says there is a man down. He sees a radioactive warning sign. He tells the police to get out and call hazmat.

Kim and Megan are on a city bus. Kim asks Megan if she is okay. Megan asks if her mom cries a lot. Kim tells Megan that her mom passed away. Megan asks if she makes her dad mad. Megan then says that she always makes her dad mad. Kim tells Megan that her dad, Gary, is wrong. Kim promises that she'll never let Gary hurt her again.

A van approaches a garage. It is the phone man. Jack is sitting in the passenger seat. A guard asks for the work order. The phone man says his company just called in. The guard checks the ID badge. Then the guard asks to see the back of the van. The phone man says it's just his crew back there. The guard questions there being so many. One of the goons says it's a big job. A second guard uses a mirror to check under the van. The van passes inspection and is allowed in. The phone man says that this isn't a bank; there is nothing to steal. Eddie says they are fighting a war and taking their country back. Eddie tells Jack to tell them who they are. Jack says they're patriots.

Commercial Break 2

Men are unloading chairs for the wedding. Kate sits at a table. Marie brings the phone out to Kate. Marie wants to know who this guy is. Kate won't give her a straight answer. Kate receives confirmation that Reza had contact with Ali, the terrorist. The information requires a check from the authorities. Kate is told to keep the information to herself until she hears back from the financial friend. Reza's cousin arrives at the house. Kate's dad signs the invoice for the chair delivery. Marie and Reza run into the house to meet Reza's cousin. Reza says his cousin was at Stanford at this same time as Kate. Kate becomes angry and says no. Marie demands to know what is wrong with Kate. Kate feeds her a story about just wanting her to be happy. Marie tells her to be happy for her then because it will be the best day of her life.

Jenny, the President's secretary walks through. Lynn wants to know why she can't speak to the President yet. Lynn eyes Rayburn. Back at CTU, Eddie and the goons wait for an elevator. The Phone man is struggling against good old duct tape for freedom. Eddie and the goons have to make it past another guard to enter the building. Jack is in the van writing something. Eddie and the goons enter the building. One of the goons breaks off and enters a room with a steel case. Tony walks past Eddie and the remaining goon.

Commercial Break 3

Mason is at the warehouse. Men in HAZMAT suits surround him. They are putting Mason through decontamination. Tony asks if anyone was exposed. Mason doesn't answer. Tony mentions the data request. Mason says its standard to consolidate data. Tony replies that CTU is the only one who has been asked. Mason tells Tony to call Chappell. The HAZMAT guy tells Mason he needs all Mason's clothes. Mason then goes into a shower where he is hosed down. Mason says go easy; he'd like some of his skin.

Back at CTU, Paula and Michelle talk in the bathroom. Michelle asks if she's okay. Paula says that she was worried before, but Tony says everything should be okay. Paula says she grew up in LA, all her family and friends are here. If the bomb goes off, will they all die? Michelle again asks Paula if she is okay. Paula is scared, but there isn't anything she can do. In a different part of CTU, Eddie and the goons set up the bombs.

Down in the garage, Jack becomes nervous. He goes to the back of the van and releases the phone man. Jack tells him he is not going to hurt him. Jack needs his help. He gives the phone man a note and tells him who to give it to. The phone man becomes angry that Jack let them kill his coworker. Jack tells him to get under the car and hide or they'll kill him when they return. Jack tells the phone man to get the message to Tony. The phone man leaves just before Eddie and the goons come back. Jack cuts his own head. Eddie smacks Jack asking what happened. Jack fakes that the phone man hit him over the head. Jack and one of the goons get into it. Eddie breaks them apart. Eddie mentions that they have seven (?) minutes before the bombs go off.

Eddie and the goons leave the garage. The phone man climbs out from under the car. Kim and Megan approach the guard's shack. Kim tells them that Tony is expecting them.

Commercial Break 4

Jack, Eddie and the goons speed away from CTU. Lynn wants to know why Palmer hasn't called her. Lynn faces off with Rayburn. Rayburn kept Lynn from Palmer. Rayburn says he was keeping The President away from a no win situation. Palmer comes in. Lynn tells him that Jack called and CTU is a target. Rayburn admits that they have been debating contacting CTU. Palmer demands CTU be contacted immediately. Palmer gives Rayburn a hard look.

Back at CTU - Michelle gives Tony the map from the phone man. Lynn calls CTU and confirms the bomb threat. CTU is being evacuated. Kim and Megan evacuate before they reach Tony. Jack, Eddie and the goons pull over to watch the explosion. Paula is still at work. Tony goes after her. Paula isn't finished with the encryption. Tony tells her to leave it. Explosions take place. People scream and fall. Eddie and the goons congratulate each other as a smoke plume rises. Kim and Megan make their way through fallen people. Megan is crying. Palmer is told they are too late CTU was just hit.

Mason is told he is clean. He inhaled plutonium. His exposure level was high, definitely lethal. Could be a week or a day.

And we reach the 11 am mark.

Next Time:
Kim cries for help. Lynn tells Rayburn people are dead because of him. There is a gunfight. Paula is unconscious and the only one who can decrypt the file.