Image Credit: The Food Network

Austin Daily Press - Austin, Texas
Crepes Bonaparte - Fullerton, California
Grill 'Em All - Los Angeles, California
Eliminated Week One Nana Queens - Culver City, California
Nom Nom Truck - Los Angeles, California
Eliminated Week Two Ragin' Cajun - Hermosa Beach, California
Spencer on the Go - San Francisco, California

We start with the recap of Episode two in Santa Fe, New Mexico that ended with the Ragin Cajun team going home. Tonight the trucks head to Ft. Worth, Texas.

Nom Nom is again on the phone to partner with a local market that is said to be the place for foodies to hang out and the market agrees to message all 90,000 of their facebook friends about Nom Nom. Austin Daily Press wants to try to find a little league tournament to sell at. Grill Em All is planning a Texas chili burger. Spencer on the Go contacts yet another local restaurant to source from. They all meet up with Tyler to get specifics and find out how much they will have to spend. They get $400.00 to spend on supplies. Tyler informs them they will be in for a Truck Stop and the prize will be a belt buckle worth $1000.00 towards their sales total.

Nom Nom decides to shop at Central Market where they will be selling. Spencer on the Go gets a lot of food from Saint Emilion for only about $50.00. Grill Em All got a spot near a tattoo parlor in the Stock Yard district but almost immediately question if it is a good spot. Once again Nom Nom is off and selling early and well. Spencer on the Go has a decent spot and is well underway and the local people seem to be interested to try it out. Austin Daily Press has found a little league park and they are lining up like crazy. Crepes Bonaparte is having sticking issues and Matt gets asked to leave the kitchen because he is scaring the customers. Spencer on the Go decides to move closer to a nearby museum and it is a decision that pays off with more customers. Austin Daily Press decides to donate 15% of their profits to the little league. They decide if this is what puts them out, it was worth it. They pack up at the end of the day and head to a music festival. Grill Em All is having no luck at all, getting almost no customers in their alley location.

Start of day two and Tyler is about to reveal the Truck Stop for this leg. Tim Love of Lonesome Dove is the guest chef. They must make a beef special from scratch, using a beef quarter, so they have to butcher it themselves. Winning dish gets the buckle. They are also told to reserve all scraps for donation later to a food bank. Nom Nom contacts the butchers at Central Market to butcher the meat for them. Spencer on the Go is excited since they brought their knives and know how to butcher the meat. Crepes Bonaparte does not use beef in their menu but looks up on the internet how to butcher the quarter. The trucks are all trying to figure out what they will make, but some are stumped on how to butcher the meet. Austin Daily Press finds an old guy who says he knows how to slice it up for them and they fire up the grill to cook it up.

Spencer on the Go makes a New York Strip with potatoes muslin and peppercorn sauce. Chef Tim Love thinks the steak is chewy but the potatoes are damn good.

Crepes Bonaparte makes a crepe using peppers, onions, mozzarella, pesto and beef. Chef Tim Love likes the flavor and says they have a nice pesto, but the onions needed more carmelization.

Nom Nom makes a coconut steak banh mi sandwich. Chef Tim Love thinks the veggies are fresh but feels the sandwich does not allow the beef to shine.

Austin Daily Press makes a steak and egg sandwich with aioli sauce. Great sandwich but the beef ended up being a bit tough.

Grill Em All has a steak sandwich with slaw and aioli sauce. Grill Em All recognizes Chef Tim Love and figures he must be the guest judge. Great tenderloin sandwich but the aioli was a bit weak.

All the trucks seem to be doing well and the guest judge comes around to try each trucks version of beef. Austin Daily Press finishes the day with the name your own price thing again but this time it is not going nearly as well. Grill Em All feels certain they have not done well enough to stay but hope they win the Truck Stop challenge.

They meet with Tyler on day three for the elimination. Grill Em All feels like they might go home, Austin Daily Press worries the donation to the little league might be their downfall. Chef Tim Love reveals the winner of the Truck Stop. He felt Grill Em All and Crepes Bonaparte did the best. He picks Grill Em All as the winners so they get the belt buckle and $1000.00 added to their sales.

Standings at the end of this leg

$2390.00 - Nom Nom they also win the trip back to Ft. Worth later.
$2096.00 Spencer on the Go
$1776.00 Grill Em All, this is their total after the additional $1000.00 prize
$1669.00 Austin Daily Press

Crepes Bonaparte made only $1465.00 so they end up going home. So the next city up is New Orleans. Spencer on the Go is very excited and feels they will do well there.