Popcorn Tales

So the beginning of tonight’s epi was a continuation of last week’s after most of the guys went upstairs, Steuart was remarking how he called out David for his insulting the owner of the doggie salon. If David doesn’t like it, too bad.....he just felt that it was one of the reasons they lost the last challenge. Then Dave and Wade come back upstairs and immediately Dave goes to Steuart to confront him on his comments in the boardroom. In a PI, Dave yacked on about how disrespectful that was to him that Steuart mouthed off and put Dave under the bus........LOL, give me a break.

Tonight’s task is making a viral marketing stunt internet ad for the Popcorn Indiana company. It was decided that Clint and Mahsa would be the project managers for this task. Charlie Todd is the video to go to guy.......he is known for promoting stunts and videos for marketing projects.

The ladies were in the war room brainstorming for ideas when Brandi and Kelly came up with the idea of being in the gym working out and eating popcorn at the same time. Since Mahsa didn’t feel that Tyanna, Liza, and Poppy were contributing, those ladies were sent out on errands to gather supplies while the rest of the ladies worked on their plan.

Meanwhile in the guys war room, they too were brainstorming......all except for David who was stuffing his face with a bagel, when Gene came up with the idea of a popcorn fight on the street. In the process of stuffing his face, one of David’s teeth broke so he left the project and the guys were left to work things out.

Back with the ladies, most of the group arrived at the Gold’s Gym with their actors to start the commercial. After a bit, the other 3 joined them and immediately Mahsa put them into the creative end of things.......which resulted in one of them holding a video camera while the shooting was in session. Tyanna admitted in a PI that Mahsa probably realized that the group of 3 hadn’t been involved with anything that could be “pinned” on them so she had to get them involved as an excuse to bring them in the boardroom if they lost.

The guys had set themselves up right in front of Trump Towers for their task and it seemed like Steuart and Anand were more into the creative end of the process while other guys were keeping things organized and Clint was overseeing everything. Ivanka shows up and has a chance to get a rundown from Clint as to the thought process and the idea of what the commercial will be, although she admits that she still can’t see exactly where they are going with their idea as of yet and doesn’t know if it will be funny enough.

Back at the gym, Don Jr. shows up to get a run down of how their task is going. Don admits that he feels Mahsa seems to be doing a very good job, but, some of the other team members seem to be a little bit MIA, but if Mahsa is taking too much control, it will be very hard for her to say someone else is at fault if in fact they don’t win.

At the tower’s with the guys, they are shooting their last scene where there is a major popcorn fight and everyone is involved. Wade feels that the commercial won’t be funny or at least is very iffy with regards to violence and therefore they won’t win. Because it wasn’t his project, he doesn’t have anything to worry about......LOL.

Both groups are in their editing phase, in the guys room, Wade still has doubts as to whether they did the right thing because of the violence, etc. And in the ladies room, Tyanna still isn’t happy with it as it just isn’t funny. Tyanna feels that they are sinking and will definitely fail this task as it isn’t an event.....just a video shoot without the event to go with it.

Judgement time............Charlie and the company owner

Both Charlie and the company owner sit down to look at the videos. Both are very happy with the guys one and are openly laughing.....the girls one gets a pretty iffy reaction.

Next Up.............Boardroom

Mr. Trump as always asked each side if they thought they won, and of course as always, each side thought they were the better team.......really, did he honestly think one of these teams would think they lost..........LOL. Right away, Tyanna and Mahsa started in on one another.......it is totally bizarre how these women get their cat claws out right away and it is obvious that they don’t actually listen to the other one and their comments. LOL. Of course, the guys won the task as I think they obviously had the better/funnier commercial going and it was obvious when the company owner and Charlie saw the commercials that it would end that way. When Trump begins to talk about the task, again, it was obvious that Tyanna and Mahsa were going to continue on with their arguments. So after all their ladies gave their impressions of how the task went and had their cat fights with each other, Mahsa decided to bring back Tyanna and Liza to the boardroom. The other ladies were sent upstairs to the suite. Bottom line........Mahsa and the other ladies felt that Tyanna didn’t show up for this challenge, didn’t help with other ideas, and should be the one going home. Trump couldn’t see any other way about this so he had to fire Tyanna.

Well, that’s all for this week...........until Thursday..........have a great week everyone!!