4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Tony is rushed out of the mall and to an Ambulance. Kim says that Jack isn't picking up. They can't reach Tony. Kim tells Michelle about the gunfire. They learn someone is down. Either Jack or Tony. Adam finds out who was shot. Jack wants to talk to Michelle. Jack tells her that Tony was shot in the neck. He tells her that she has to make a decision. If she wants to be with Tony has to hand over command to someone else. If she stays they need her at full capacity. Kim tries to comfort Michelle. Chloe comes to ask about network files. Kim tells her that now is not the time. Michelle gives her orders. A call comes in. Michelle is the only one to take it. Michelle tells Kim to find out where they took Tony. She wants to know when they know anything.

The second call comes in. Deliver Ramon Salazar to the dam. Give him a full spectrum radio. Tune it in to a specific frequency. Leave him there alone. If they don't they will release the virus. Michelle asks Adam if it is the same transmission marking. Adam says yes. Michelle says whoever released the recording has control of Kyle they need to find him.

Kyle calls his girlfriend. He tells her where to meet him. She pulls up and parks. Kyle runs out. He hops behind the wheel. They drive off. He doesn't know what is going on but they have to get out of there. They are followed as they leave.

Chase walks through. Kim follows him. He's heard about Tony. Kim tells him that Tony is on his way to the hospital. He asks why Michelle is still there. Kim tells him that Michelle knows that it will set them back if she leaves. Chase is going to talk to Salazar. He does not run it by Michelle before going.

Michelle gets a call from the doctor. The wound to the neck requires surgery. They need verbal consent to do the surgery. They have him medicated - they can't talk to him. Michelle tells him that she will do her best to be there but he may have to reach her by phone when the surgery is over.

Wayne tells Palmer that he spoke with Anne's ex. He's meeting him in an hour. Palmer says that he has never given in to blackmail before. Wayne says with everything we're facing. Palmer stops him and says I. Wayne tells him it is best for everyone including Anne. Palmer receives a call from Jack. Palmer knows about the call with the instructions on delivering Salazar. Jack tells Palmer that they lost Kyle and might not find him in time. Jack says he understands this is an impossible decision. Palmer talks about negotiating with terrorists not being an option. Jack understands and thanks him. Palmer says to conference the CDC and health services in. He wants a full briefing on quarantine and evacuation.

Kyle and his girlfriend are still running. The girlfriend wants to know what is going on. Kyle tells her he doesn't think that it is drugs. He tells her about the cops showing u and talking to his parents. He thinks there is a disease inside of him. She tells him to pull over. She forces him to and gets out. She tells him to take the care, take the money but get away from her. He says okay she's right. She tells him the money is under the seat. He asks how stupid is he. Men pull up. Kyle tells Linda to run. The men grab both of them.

Michelle briefs Palmer on the evacuation. Nicole tells them they are ready. If they act quickly they can lower the initial casualty estimates by 60,000 - 90,000. Their focus is on the mall where Kyle was last seen. Palmer receives another call from jack. Jack needs to talk to him in private. Palmer takes the call. Jack says he supports him on not negotiating with terrorists but he has another option to present. Jack says that Ramon Salazar would be broken out of prison and delivered to his brother. It would be viewed as a prison break. Hector would get his brother back. Jack says that he has a history of insubordination with CTU. They would buy that he switched sides. Palmer isn't sure. There has to be another way. Jack says that there isn't. Not in the time they have. The civil unrest would break down the quarantine zone they have set up. Palmer says that if he succeeds he won't be able to correct Jack's status. Jack understands. This would be his last mission. If Palmer says nothing Jack will take that as a yes. Palmer says nothing. Jack thanks him and drives off.

Anne wants the information from Dr. Duncan sent to her office directly - her eyes-only. She sees Wayne walking through and asks where he is going. He wont' tell her. She asks if this has anything to do with her ex-husband. He tells her it is government business.

Michelle makes a call. She checks on Tony. He has gone into surgery. She says he is allergic to penicillin. They know already. Chloe comes in. She says that they psych profiles are done. Michelle tells her that she wanted to bring them in personally. She apologizes for being insensitive earlier. She didn't know Tony had been shot. Chloe tells Gayo that they need to be sensitive of Michelle. He gets a phone call. Chloe chides him for having a personal cell because it can't be monitored. He tells her that it is being monitored on the other end. Chloe leaves and he takes the call. He tells Hector that the second call has been released. They haven't said anything about releasing Ramon. He will let Hector know. Hector eyes a gun. He hears something. He picks up the gun and finds Claudia's little brother with a gun. He asks if his sister knows he is there. Did he know it was loaded? Hector hands the gun back to the boy. He asks if he likes the way it feels. The boy nods. He asks if he wants to pull the trigger. He talks about feeling the power. The boy asks can I? Hector says sure. He takes him across the room to the window and tells him to aim at a vase. The boy breaks the vase. Claudia some in and argues with Hector. She tells him he is only a boy. She takes the gun from her brother and makes him leave. She aims the gun at hector. Hector tells her to do it. Put the bullet right here. He points at his forehead. She lowers the gun and walks from the room.

Kyle and Linda are taking into a warehouse. They are put into a massive container. Kyle asks what are they going to do to them. The container has glass sides. The men handling them are hosed down. Kyle and Linda watch from inside. The man with the hose is in a biohazard suit.

Anne goes in to see Palmer. She asks what they are going to do about her ex-husband in the debate. She says she ran into Wayne. He's never liked her but this was different. She asks if they are paying him to be quiet. Palmer says sometimes you have to do something wrong to do something right. She asks why. He says that he has to make compromises. She tells him morally he has to draw a line. He says he has they are just on different sides of it. She says to face the truth. He says it is not hat easy. She says people elected him because he told the truth. He says that he was trying to protect her. She would be in public scrutiny. She says she's faced it before. He says not like this. She says she can handle it. Wayne meets with Packer. Palmer calls as Packer arrives. Palmer tells him to walk away. He's changed his mind. Wayne says Anne talked to him, didn't she. Palmer tells his brother to walk away. He hesitates but drives away.

Michelle meets with Chloe, Adam and Gayo. They tell her they will cover for her if she wants to go be with Tony. They need more bodies. Michelle has tried getting the next shift in early. They won't be here in time. She tells them to get back to work. Gayo says that he can take over for her. He's done it at Langley. She asks if they had a bio-threat and the president in town at the same time. She thanks him then dismisses him.

Jack calls Kim and asks her to generate a prisoner transfer form. Kim asks why. He tells her no one at CTU is supposed to know about this, which is why she called him. Kim does the request. Jack tells her that he knows she wanted to talk to him and he wasn't very supportive. He says he is sorry. He trusts her judgment but didn't want her to be hurt anymore. They both say they love each other. His saying that meant a lot to her. The form is done. Jack asks to talk to Chase. Kim says he isn't there. Jack asks where he is. Kim hesitates then tells him that Chase is interrogating Salazar. Jack calls Chase and tells him to get back to CTU. Chase says to do what, file? Jack says to help Michelle find Kyle Singer. Chase says that they have programmers working on that. He then tells Jack that he can't take it out on him that he is dating Kim. Jack orders Chase to go back to CTU. Chase says that Jack is in no condition to order Chase around and hangs up.

Chase goes into the prison. He asks to see Salazar. Chase says he has authorization. He is told that Salazar is in lockdown. Chase tells the warden that there is a major terrorist threat. He and Jack have been coming there for 2 months and Salazar's lawyers have prevented things from going through. The warden relents and takes Chase to see Salazar. They take the cameras black on the cellblock (setting it up for Jack to be successful?). They open the cell and Salazar taunts Chase about him not being able to touch him. The guards won't allow it. Chase hits Salazar then tells him to let him know when he starts to worry.

Chase continues beating Salazar and asks where Kyle Singer is. Salazar doesn't know. Jack comes in and tells him to put Salazar into his cell. Jack says they are running out of options. Chase says what he said before. Jack says to forget about it. Jack tells him they are good. Chase says the cameras are disabled when Jack asks. Jack tells Chase to get Salazar out of his cell. Jack knocks Chase out. Salazar asks if Jack is going to kill him now. Jack says no. He needs him alive. Salazar drags Chase into the cell. Jack then tells Salazar to face the wall.

Wayne asks Anne how she is going to feel if Palmer loses the election because of her. She doesn't think that will happen. He doesn't agree. She says it was blackmail. He says that he had made up his mind. They talk about Sherry. Wayne says that Sherry went off the rails. Anne says they disagree, they always have. Wayne says he won't sit by and let her ruin the campaign. She tells Wayne she doesn't scare easily.

Chase wakes up tied and gagged in the cell. He struggles to sit up. Jack escorts Salazar out of the cellblock. Salazar can't believe Jack is letting him out. Jack tells him to shut up. Salazar tells Jack he isn't looking so good. It's a bitch. Jack tells Salazar to keep quiet while they are getting out. The guard says that the warden wants to see him before he leaves. The warden questions the prefixes used on the transfer order. Jack says that someone in his office screwed up. The codes are from yesterday. Jack tells him that there is a terrorist threat. That is why they need to move Salazar. He's sorry he didn't tell him. He'll get the codes retroactively. Chase struggles to get loose. Jack and Salazar leave. The warden orders the lights and cameras turned back on. The camera angle is wrong. They go to investigate. Jack stops to pick up his gun and badge. He tells Salazar to face the wall (which by the way is proper prison escorting procedure). The warden and guards make it to Salazar's cell and free Chase. Chase says that whatever Jack told them is a lie. Buzzers go off. Jack shoves Salazar through the door. An announcement is made that they are in full lockdown. A security breach has been made. Jack pulls a gun on one of the guards and orders him to let them out. The guard tells them he can't do it. Jack says it is your life, do it now. The doors are open on an entire block. Prisoners rush out and begin fighting. They run through corridors. Jack watches them run by. The full lock down announcement continues. Jack steps away.