Jack and Sidney re-watch the video. Sid says he is saying Jewel or Julie. Jack tells Sid to stop punishing herself. He'll do the analysis. Sid says she murdered someone that she has no memory of doing. She did it in cold blood. Did she know it was Sark's father? Did they condition her? Jack says that he's been asking herself that for almost 2 years. Jack tells her that what is allowing him to stay focused is her strength. Sid's phone rings. It was Lauren.

Something has happened at a French Research lab, a break in. Vials of diseases including Ebola have been stolen. Someone is in isolation. Sid asks why the NSC wants her in on it. Lauren says she wanted her. Michael says she is the best. Lauren and Sid go to see the scientist. The man is covered with sores and on machines. Lauren asks who is responsible for her being there. The man says leave. Sid sits down. Sid talks to Mr. Bogdon about faith and not being sure if he believes in something after this life. About the consequences of actions in this life and reminds him that this is his last chance to do something right. There is no one to be loyal to. Whoever it was that stole the virus eating through his body needs to be stopped. The man says that he never met the man who hired them. He cannot help them stop the second job. (Egads!).

Lauren does a briefing and says that Sid got him to admit there is a second phase. They discuss the theft was only a precursor requiring synthesis. Weiss reminds them that not everyone speaks science. Marshall begins babbling about peanut butter. Ultimately gets to the point that they could be making it more deadly. Possibly airborne. Dixon reveals who the others on the team are. The leader, tactical, weapons, security. The security man was the man who died. They want Sid to replace Bogdon - the security man. Sid needs to place a tracking device so they can track. And she needs to find out what they are after. She leaves in 2 hours. Vaughn and Weiss are on back up.

Lauren and Michael bicker about Vaughn leaving out the weapons Sark was using in the bunker. Michael complains about not ever receiving notes on his reports before. She tells him that the better he does his job the better she can do hers. He tells her that it was a cc 9 millimeter (or something like that).

Vaughn tells Sid they will give Sid a mic. They'll be able to her but she won't hear them. He gives her the tracking device. They do a bit about colors (totally hokey) and grin at each other (barf!). Then Vaughn tells her she has a lot of reading to do.

Seville: (oooh flamenco music - kewl! - dancing in my chair here). Sid arrives at a club. We see her talking to a man via a camera. She is trying to get past the guard to the party. Vaughn and Weiss bicker about not being able to hear her and aiming the mic right at her. Sid makes it past the guard. She and the man kiss (WHOA!). He tells her good to see her JULIA! She says good to see you too. (Okay falling on the floor in shock here!)

Vaughn and Weiss discuss who the heck Julia is. It is not in their files. It isn't an alias she's used before. They freak. The guy she's talking to talks about her new look, he almost didn't recognize her. Sid/Julia is using an almost sultry tone. She heard about Bogdon. He says she'd never met him. She would have liked her. She wants to take his place. He says that he was security. She knows. He says murder and such. She knows and she's her man.

Zurich: Lauren meets with Sloane. They discuss the virus and Mr. Ogden (?) He was concerned for Lauren when Sid first surfaced. It reminded him of him and his wife. They had a bond that death couldn't break. But he was wrong. He tells her she is good at her job, despite how she got the job. Lauren asks what that means. He does not reply.

Sid meets the other 2 members of the team. She heads off with them. Vaughn and Weiss follow. Ogden talks about Demetria being in town on holiday and sporting a necklace. They want her to steal it. It is her interview. Sid pulls out a gun - they want her to steal the necklace with it. They don't trust her yet. She has 7 minutes. Sid walks through a hotel. She locates a room, uses a hairpin to get it (mind you her hair style does NOT require a hair pin but she had one anyway). She poses as a maid and shoots someone in the hall. She gets into the room. Demetria is asleep. Police arrive at the front desk saying they had a call that they were being robbed. Sid checks the phone, and then begins to crack the safe. The police arrive on the floor. They find the man in the hall. Sid grabs the necklace. The woman wakes up. Sid shoots her. They arrive outside the room. Sid climbs outside onto the balcony. She takes her dress off and in her bra and panties dives into the pool below, swims underwater to the edge, gets out. An attendant gives her a towel. She walks through the lobby in a robe. Weiss says whatever she did, she is good. She is real good. She goes back to the car and reveals the necklace around her ankle. They welcome her to the team. The job is in Paris.

On the plane, Sid tells Vaughn that she needs to know how to crack a certain kind of safe. Vaughn is concerned. He's never seen anyone who can improvise like she can. He brings up her reaction when he called her Julia. Sid says they aren't where they were 2 years ago. She can't trust him like she used to because of his responsibilities. Vaughn asks if it because Lauren is NSC or his wife. Weiss comes in and asks if somebody died.

Pamplona: They talk about security. One of the men says that there is another problem, Julia. He hands over a paper.

Jack and Sid discuss Vaughn's curiosity about Julia. Her telling him she couldn't talk about it has piqued his interest. Sid thinks that she should have let them hook her up when she got back. It couldn't be as painful as not knowing. Jack tells her yes it could.

Marshall and Carrie brief Sid on the device of the week. Marshall and Carrie bicker over is it a boy or girl then Marshall brings out a list of unisex names that he begins reading. Sid is called into Dixon's office. Jack showed Dixon the videotape (OMG! Turncoat Dad!). And that Sid was concealing this information since she got back because she was afraid of being pulled off active duty. Vaughn had no knowledge of this. Dixon says he agrees with Jack, that she possibly was not in control of herself at the time and has no memory of it. It is premature to pass judgment. Dixon tells Sid and Jack that if he finds out that Sid and Jack have concealed more information they will feel the full weight of his office. Dixon orders this compartmentalized. Vaughn is ordered not to tell his wife. Sid is going in on her assigned mission. The NSC is not to know. Sid discusses driving a wedge between Lauren and Vaughn. That is not a concern Jack shares. Vaughn tells Lauren that she was right before. Those details do matter. He misses her.

Ogden says he knew she couldn't be trusted she was with him. It shows a picture of Sid and Vaughn together (wow gets better and better). Sid tells Vaughn that she never wanted him to have to keep secrets from Lauren. He says that now he does. This is insane. She's going back to a man who knows her as a different name. She has to find out what happened in those 2 years. Who she was. What she did. Weiss comes in. Sid leaves. She'll talk to him when this is over.

Sid arrives. Ogden asks how Milan was. She says good. She asks if it just the two of them. He asks her to sit down. He asks her where she went when she disappeared before. Did he miss her? He did. They begin kissing. She asks what he missed. He says you. Sid begins to undress. He says she had certain specific qualities. She asks like what? She asks what he thought the first time he saw her. He says what in Algeria? She says yes. She says they couldn't keep their hands off each other. He thought to himself there is a very beautiful woman who knows how to receive. He grabs Sid and asks where she was she didn't go to Milan. He asks who this is (meaning Vaughn). Sid says that he is her supplier. She says he is Michael Vaughn he is her supplier. He holds a knife to her throat.

Vaughn calls Marshall that he needs him to upload charges against Vaughn. Sid tells Ogden to check his records. Carrie finds someone with the right records. They put Vaughn's pic in place. Marshall checks the records. He uploads it. Ogden sees the record. Sid tells him that now she remembers why she left. Ogden goes over the plan with the team. They have 5 minutes to get in and out. They are after a canister the size of a fist. Ogden lets SARK in (OMG OMG!). Sark says the shift rotation has changed. Sid sits very still. Sark leaves.

Sloane tells Lauren that the second job. The Covenant was after a synthetic pathogen. Lauren says a bomb that will allow them to target who they want it to. Sloane tells her the other day that he was referring to her father, the senator. He knows how badly she wants to become field rated. He didn't want that to happen. Lauren tells him that she knows how he manipulates people and not to do it to her.

The team arrives. They shoot the guard. They walk through a lab with caged animals. They find the right safe. Sid/Julia is up. She begins to circumvent the keypad on the safe. She tries. Access Denied. They ask her what is wrong. She has to remap. They tell her she only has 10 seconds left. One of them says they know they couldn't rely on her. She is told 3 seconds. She gets it open and tells them they customized the hardware. They find the storage device and put it in a cooler. The safe is closed. They have 2 minutes until security shows up. They leave. They change vehicles in case they have been followed. Sid reapplies her lipstick. A tracking device falls into her hand. They have a little surprise for her. Weiss calls Dixon, Vaughn is missing. Weiss wants to go after him. Dixon tells him to stay put - a team is being sent. They haul Vaughn out of the new vehicle. He has been beaten. They say he has CIA issued equipment. She says he is her supplier. Sid says that he has been lying to her all this time. She wants to do it. She pulls a knife out and says he never should have betrayed her. She stabs him (or does she?) and he falls to the ground. Ogden pushes him down a hill. They quartet drives off in the new vehicle. Vaughn is shown lying on the ground from an overhead shot that pulls back. (And that's all folks. We have to wait one more week!)