11:00 am to 12:00 pm

Sirens blare, fire trucks and police cars race down the street. Jack, Eddie and their band of goons hear the chatter from a police scanner. At CTU - people make their way through the rubble strewn CTU office. Michelle is up and okay. She finds someone. Tony calls for help. He tells Michelle to start a triage. Paula is trapped below something. She's covered in blood. Tony tells Michelle its bad. They have to be careful or the stuff on her will crush her.

In the garage, Kim carries Megan. Megan says she doesn't feel well, and then passes out. Right after passing out, Megan begins seizing. A paramedic says they have to get her to the ER immediately. He carries Megan off with Kim following.

The President learns that it's too late. Lynn confronts Rayburn. Rayburn tells her to keep whatever she knows to herself. Meanwhile, Mason waits to go to the hospital. He asks a paramedic what is going to happen to him - since they said he could be dead tomorrow. Mason is currently nauseous. His hair will fall out, gastrointestinal bleeding, and his mental functioning will deteriorate. The list of symptoms is interrupted by a call from Tony. Mason learns of the bombing. Paula wrote the decryption code and she's in bad shape. Tony has already called NSA. Mason tells Tony that he may not be coming back. Tony gets angry. Tells Mason to stop covering himself.

Jack, Eddie and the goons arrive at an isolated location. Eddie tells Jack to come with him. Eddie is on the phone. Jack watches the goons set the van on fire. It was Joe Wald on the phone. Eddie gets in the car. Jack pulls a gun on Eddie and tells him he's a federal agent. He asks for the matchbook. Eddie says you helped us plant the bomb. Jack has Eddie hand over his gun. Eddie tells Jack he's a dead man when Joe finds out. The goons realize that Jack is a federal agent and open fire. Jack returns fire. Eddie is now dead in the car. Jack pulls him out and gets into the car. He drives off.

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Jack speeds down the road, and calls CTU. He gets Michelle. He asks why CTU wasn't evacuated. Jack needs Michelle to fill out a situation report. Jack is headed to Wald - in Simi Valley. Jack says that Kim was going to leave the city. Michelle tells Jack that Kim called Jack. Michelle relays Jacks message. Tony remembers Kim. He sends Michelle to check the security log to see if she arrived. Kim is at the hospital. The doctor can tell that there is a history of abuse - untreated injuries are apparent. The doctor is going to let the police sort it out.

Palmer is in a briefing. Rayburn says the CTU bombing is just the beginning. There well be more questions. He says they can keep evacuation quiet - but doing it in stages. Lynn questions this. She points out the Rayburn's own report says it will take over a week to evacuate 20 million people. Rayburn counters with anyone we get out will be good. Lynn asks how will they know where to evacuate? Rayburn claims that they have some high profile targets picked out. Palmer says that there will be no evacuation until they know where the bomb is. Jack calls the President. Lynn receives the call again. Jack wants to know why CTU wasn't evacuated when he gave them a thirty-minute heads up. Lynn says she tried. Jack tells her she helped kill a lot of people that he worked with.

Kate approaches her father. She wants to talk to him. Kate tells him that she found some financial inconsistencies in the third quarter. So she hired an investigator. Reza wasn't stealing money. Kate tells him that something worse came up. She tells him that he has terrorist connections. Warner asks what proof the investigator has. Kate says she doesn't know - she wasn't supposed to tell anyone. Warner says he has Reza checked out - a lot more thoroughly than Kate's investigator. Reza interrupts their conversation. He says his cousin has a little crush on Kate. Kate says she promised Marie she'd pick up lunch. Warner and Reza talk Kate into taking Reza's along.

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An ambulance takes Mason to the hospital. Mason coughs. There is another call from CTU for Mason. It's Tony. The IT people need Mason's password. It's Hendrix. Mason asks how Paula is doing. They're still trying to dig her out, but she is non-responsive. Mason asks the paramedic if he's contagious. The paramedic says no.

Jack pulls up to a house. He holds a rag over one ear before running up to the house. A camera tracks him. He knocks on the door. Jack tells him that Eddie and the goons are dead. Jack gets Wald to let him in. While Wald is locking the door, Jack pulls his gun. He tells Wald to sit down. Jack asks who told him to hit CTU. Wald plays dumb. Jack says that there is a nuclear bomb somewhere in LA. CTU is a secondary target. Jack keeps asking why they hit CTU today. A dog tackles Jack. Wald grabs a rifle and fires at Jack - he misses. Wald gets away. Jack hunts outside for Wald. Jack is in the garage, he thinks he has Wald trapped. Wald watches from a monitor while Jack hacks at a wall.

Kim calls Carla from the ER. She tells Megan had a seizure from pressure on her brain from a head injury. Carla accuses Kim of taking her daughter. Kim tells Carla she thinks Megan was abused. Kim pleads to Carla to be there when the police come. Carla runs to her car, but is intercepted by Gary.

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Jack keeps hacking at the wall with an ax. He gives up and sits on the floor. He tells Wald via the camera that the tactical team is on the way. Jack tells Wald that the people who gave him the schematics are trying to destroy the country starting with LA. He thought Wald was for the people. Wald just watches the monitor. Jack says that people like Wald want to blame the rest of the world, but that Wald has all the power now - what is he going to do with it. Is he going to let people die? They are running out of time.

Kate rides with Reza to pick up lunch. Reza tells Kate they never really got to know each other. That she doesn't really know who he is. Kate says I know my sister loves you. Reza passes the turn. He tells Kate that he's going to show her something first. Kate asks where they are going. He tells Kate they are going to get to know each other first. Kate tells Reza to stop the car. When he finally does, she gets out. He wanted to show Kate the house. The one he bought Marie for a wedding present. Kate can only smile and nod.

At CTU - they finally free Paula. The girder was holding back internal bleeding. Now that the girders off, she's in danger of bleeding to death. They need to rush her to the hospital. We see injured people everywhere as they take Paula to the ambulance. Tony meets Mason in the garage. Mason won't let them take Paula to the hospital because they are going to put her under to operate. Mason tells them to get her lucid for just a few minutes. She is the only one who has the password for the encryption.

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Lynn goes in to see President Palmer. She gives him the statement for the press rearding the CTU bombing. She starts to leave, but Palmer stops her by asking if she was ever going to tell him about the thirty minute warning Jack gave them. Palmer thinks that Lynn hid it from him. Lynn says that she tried to get a message to him. Palmer says yes, but even after, you kept that information from me. Lynn says he's right and apologies. Palmer guesses that Rayburn is the one who stopped her from telling him, and that is why she and Rayburn were arguing. Palmer doesn't want her apology.

Michelle asks Tony why Paula is still there. Tony tells her it's Mason's call. Michelle thinks that Mason is going to let Paula die just to get into the system. Tony isn't sure that Mason didn't make the right call. Michelle comforts Tony. Tony is the one who hired her and brought her to CTU. He reflects that it's the only job she wanted to do and she didn't have the chance to do it.

Secret Service Agents approach Rayburn. They tell him that the President wants to see him. They escort him to Palmer's office. Palmer tells him that he's out. Rayburn thinks Lynn told Palmer something. Palmer makes it clear that Lynn didn't tell him anything. Rayburn insists that the President needs him because of the crisis. Palmer has Rayburn removed from the facility.

Jack is still trying to convince Wald to cooperate. He tells Wald that CTU will be there to help him soon. Jack yells to open the door. Jack picks up a rifle and fires at the wall. He throws the rifle down after two shots. He appears to give up. He finds a remote. He clicks on the remote, and a door open. Wald says a woman gave him the plans to CTU. He only met her twice. There is an envelope of pictures the woman took. Wald sticks a gun in his mouth and kills himself. Jack flips through the photos. One is of NINA. Jack stops on that photo.

Next Time:
Tony Almeida shows up at the Warner house. They try to get the encryption codes from Paula. Gary confronts Kim. And Nina is inbound to CTU.