Season Two - Episode 5 - Never Let Me Go

After Daphne’s revelation to Sam, he tries to act like he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Daphne starts to take her clothes off and goes deeper into the woods. Sam tries to follow her but comes up on a deer. He is startled when the deer shifts into Daphne. Before things get to far with them, Arlene and Terry bump into them. It’s an awkward moment because Daphne is naked. She tells Sam she’ll see him later and leaves. The next day, Tara wakes up and looks at a picture of her, Gran, and Sookie. She tells Eggs that Gran was like a mother to her. When she goes downstairs, she finds Maryann making herself at home in Sookie’s kitchen. Maryann wants to move in because she claims she was only borrowing the other house. Tara shuts her down and says no because it is not her house, but Sookie’s. She explains that she is just a guest and have a bunch of people staying there.

At Merlotte’s, before Sam and Daphne can thoroughly talk about things, Lafayette shows up to ask for his job back. Sam is royally pissed at him for being gone for so long with no notice, but he quickly notices that Lafayette’s demeanor is totally different. Sam agrees to give him is job back. (From the look on Sam’s face, he knows that something is off with his friend and that something bad must have happened to him.) Merlotte’s is really busy that night and Tara is being slammed with orders. Maryann is outside with Carl and it seems like she is putting a spell over the place or something. Things get worse for Tara inside as everyone starts yelling and screaming at her. She finally breaks and curses at everyone. Maryann smiles and tells Carl that they can leave now. When Tara gets home, she finds Maryann (dressed up like Gran) sitting at the table. Being very Gran-like, she asks about Tara’s evening and also says that she’ll leaving the next day. Tara is glad to have someone to talk too and tells her she doesn’t have to leave. After closing time at Merlotte’s, Sam and Daphne strip to have sex on top of the pool table.

At the LODI, Jason joins Luke and other recruits for their training as soldiers of God. Sarah is there watching/supervising the action. The workouts turn out to be very grueling and some of the guys begin dropping like flies. The drill sergeant, Gabe, gets verbally abusive with Luke who is having a hard time climbing a fence. Jason takes the opportunity to show he’s a good soldier and that no one gets left behind. He scales to the top of the fence and turns to help Luke over. Sarah smiles with approval. Later at the Newlin’s home, Steve’s and Sarah’s relationship are showing signs of friction. When Sarah asks to tag along with Steve and Jason to a secret bunker, Steve brushes her off. Steve shows Jason the Fellowship’s cache of weapons that include among other things, wooden bullets, silver bullets, machine guns, and rocket launchers. Later that evening, Jason is soaking in a tub and Sarah shows up to chat. She is clearly enthralled by Jason and gives him a hand job under the water as his “reward” from God.

At the hotel, Sookie is able to chase down Barry the bellboy. Sookie tries to convince him that they should share their experiences as telepaths, but he refuses because he is afraid the vampires will find out about him. He begs he to keep he secret and runs off. Sookie returns to her room and she deflects Bill’s anger at her leaving the room by seducing him. Meanwhile, Jessica entertains herself by calling Hoyt. He’s happy to hear from her and they talk most of the night. Later, Sookie tracks Barry down and discovers that he is unable to keep other people’s thoughts out of his head like she can. He brushes aside her attempts at helping him. She finally tells Bill about Barry but he’s not too enthused about it. He is more concerned about Eric getting them involved with the Dallas vampires. At a meeting with the Dallas vamps, Eric becomes irritated with them and basically says they are inept and will cause problems for ALL vampires if a war is started. To try to smooth things over, Sookie offers to go to the Fellowship as a spy. Sookie is insistent about her plan, and though Bill objects, Eric makes the decision to proceed with her plan.

Bill finally gets the truth from Eric about his interest in Godric. He is Eric’s maker. In a flashback, we learn that Eric was injured in battle and Godric had watched him fight. He wanted Eric to be his companion so he turned him. Bill looks stunned hearing this. They return to the hotel and Sookie, once again, goes looking for Barry and is told that he quit. She goes back to her room where she and Bill settle in for some loving. In the hallway outside their room, Lorena passes by and shows her fangs.