Fashion Cat Walk Leaves Two More Going Home

As always, tonight’s epi began with a look back at the previous week and Mahsa’s fight with Tyanna.

So Liza and Mahsa came back into the suite was obvious that a lot of the women weren’t happy to see that Mahsa was still there. As Brandy was quoted in saying, Mahsa did her job as a project manager, but she is lacking a certain polish....If she takes that finger and points it at a business man in the real world.......that finger isn’t going to get her no where.

As the winning PM, Clint gets to have a visit with Steve Forbes. The two of them spent a lot of time in Mr. Forbe’s office as he gave advice to Clint.

Both groups head over to the project location when they find out that they will be doing a fashion show on footwear. The men will present the women’s line, and visa verse for the women. Mr. Trump’s advisors for this task are Catherine Rowman and Juan Betancourt. Wade and Stephanie stepped up as the project managers for their respective teams.

With Stephanie as the project leader, she put Liza, Kelly and Poppy in charge of the fashion end of the project, Brandy was put in charge of being the MC, Mahsa was put in charge of keeping them on schedule.

Over on Octane’s side, Wade put Dave and Gene in charge of the M/C, and he put Steuart and Anand in charge of the fashion end. As the models arrived at the Octane group room, it was quite obvious that the time management with that group was definitely going to be off. The two guys....Anand and Steuart took all the models to the store to get outfitted.

Back at the ladies room, the models arrive there and head into the back room where they all got sized, then Kelly and Poppy and one of the models went out and got the clothing for the models.

Steuart and Anand had the ladies out shopping for each of their clothing for the modeling show. Although they got the clothing that was needed, both of them seemed overwhelmed with the chore.

The ladies were lining all the guys up and making sure they had the right notes, when it comes to light that they only got one pair of briefs for the guys, which of course ruins their finale as all guys were suppose to hit the runway with just their briefs on and their shoes that they modeled.

As the ladies arrived for their makeup session for the guys, Wade was doing his checklist and making sure everyone knew what they were doing.

Meanwhile, back at the ladies camp, Brandy came back from her last minute errand to get the missing briefs so all the guys could do their finale walk down the runway. Then it was off to rehearsal. As the ladies finished their rehearsal, they all felt confident that with a few corrections, they would produce a great showing.

Now it was time for the guys. It was obvious that Gene just wasn’t gearing up for this task...he still hadn’t corrected his notes and hadn’t gotten things organized by rehearsal time. It was a pitiful rehearsal and all of the guys are left feeling that this was going to be a terrible task finish.

Up Next..........Runway fashion

First were the women with the male models. Trump and his helpers were seated in the first row getting ready for the show. The ladies show definitely got the crowd into it and they seemed to pull it off very well.

Next up was the guys chance. WOW, Gene had no idea how to be a good speaker....he kept tripping over his words and definitely couldn’t pull it off. Trump really wasn’t impressed at all!!

The Boardroom is up next............

I honestly don’t think we have to be a genius to figure out that the women won this task by a long shot. It was pointed out the guy model that wore shorts with scabby legs and of how Kelly didn’t notice it, yet Liza pointed it out to her. According to Trump, the ladies did an amazing job with their project that they overwhelmingly beat the men to the point that Mr. Trump didn’t feel the need to waste any more of their time downstairs and sent them up to the suite to watch the proceedings downstairs. Again, Donald was very impressed with Brandy and her announcing during the runway show. As the winning PM, Stephanie was going to meet with Rockport’s owner Michael Rock, as her reward for winning.

As Trump set down with the guys, his main point is that Gene was a horrible MC for the event and as a PM, Wade did a pathetic job as well. Both of the guys were fired.

Well, I guess that is all for tonight.........until Thursday, have a great week everyone!!