5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

The debate begins. An announcer speaks. Palmer will start. Anne asks if Palmer is all right. He is fine. The candidates are brought to the stage, Keeler first. Anne says she is sorry he has to deal with her ex husband’s lies. He says it is okay they have the truth. Palmer kisses her head and joins Keeler on stage. Palmer begins his opening statement.

At the prison a riot has broken out. Things are on fire. Men are beating each other. Sirens wail. Jack hustles Salazar down a corridor. Jack needs to pull 2 guards off the main corridor. He uncuffs Salazar then yells for help. They take down the guards. Jack tells Salazar to put on the guard’s uniform and helmet (bad idea Jack). The warden and Chase go to the control room. Chase tells the warden that Jack and Salazar need to be kept alive. The warden wants to know how real the terrorist threat is. Chase tells him about the virus threat. The warden puts Chase in charge. Chase tells Michelle that Jack started it by trying to break Salazar out of prison. That this is Jack’s warped way of trying to stop this. Michelle says they will keep working on it.

Kyle and Linda are still in their cage. Kyle says that he is sorry. She isn’t speaking. He says her name. He tells her that they’ll be okay if they find them in time. That the guy from the government told his dad that he had a couple of hours before he became contagious. Maybe they’ll find him before then. She says maybe. Kyle climbs on his chair. He tries yanking on the pipes. He is looking for wires. She asks why. He says to get her out of this. Kyle begins beating on the pipes with his chair.

Kim finds something on the Caltrans server, a photo of a truck with someone in a blue shirt. She sends the photo to Adam’s computer. Michelle tells Kim that Jack is trying to break Salazar out of prison. Michelle asks when the last time Kim heard from her father. Kim tells her about the prison release form Jack asked for. Michelle tells her that was false. Kim asks why he did it. She tells Kim that if he asked anyone else they would have known he was violating protocol.

Jack and Salazar encounter another prisoner. A fight breaks out. Jack is kicked. Prisoners round up Jack and Salazar with other guards. They gather the guards together. Prisoners open fire on Chase. Chase returns fire. The prisoner says that they have hostages. Jack is shoved to the front. Chase sees him. The prisoners and hostages get through and close the door behind them.

Adam asks if Kim sent her the filter he needs to clean up the picture. Adam gets mad because it is in Kim’s inbox. Kim sends it to him. She asks what the deal is. He asks Kim where her head is. He returns to his computer. Michelle calls Adam. She briefs him on what Jack has done. And tells him to cut Kim a little slack. He tells Michelle sure thing.

Kyle has found wire. She asks what he is doing? He ties the wire around a pipe and tells her that if the virus is in him then it will die with him. He puts the noose around his neck and kicks the chair out from under him. Before he has a chance to die Linda manages to pull the pipes down and saves him.

Party preparations are going on. Claudia tells Hector he shouldn’t be doing this? He’s been running things. Show Ramon that he is his partner, not his caterer. Gael calls Hector. Jack is tyring to get Ramon out. CTU is close to finding Kyle. Hector tells Gael to make sure they don’t’ find him.

Kim analyzes the photo. It is singer. Adam asks if that is a gun. Kim says yes, someone has him. Kim tries to get other pictures from the direction they are traveling. They need to ID the vehicle.

Chase and the Warden look at the cameras in the prison. Chase says that they need to get in there before they kill someone. One of the prisoners talks of killing the guards. Another says that they will waste the guards because they only care about keeping them in. The guards are forced on their knees. They are going to have fun with them. A prisoner is asked who wants to live. No one answers. One of the guards is shot. Someone answers me. He is hauled forward. They noticed Jack. They haven’t seen him before. He is pulled forward. Bullets are taken out of a revolver, except for one. It is spun. The revolver is set on the table. The guard is told to put the gun to his head. The guard doesn’t want to do it. The prisoner does it. It is empty. The guard picks the gun up but can’t do it. The prisoner begins to say shoot him. Jack says wait. He tells the guard this way you at least have a chance. The guard picks up the gun, holds it to his head and pulls the trigger. He gun fires. The prisoner says let’s hear it for the new guy.

Kim finds a photo from the next intersection. The photo needs to finish downloading. Adam says that he has heard about what her dad did. If she wants him to he’ll say that she didn’t know what he was going to do. She thanks him. The photo download stops. Adam says that the error indicates that there is a problem with one of the routers. Kim goes to check. She finds Gael in the computer room allegedly fixing the router. He says he was fixing it himself. She leaves. Adam says it is back up. They get the license tag on the truck. Adam calls Michelle. She says to put this out to everyone. Michelle is on another line. She needs to find out what Jack was up to. Michelle asks Chloe if she has seen what is happening. Michelle says they need to find out why he is doing this. She tells Chloe to look through Jack’s office. Chloe asks if she is sure. Michelle says yes. Chloe goes off to look in Jack’s office.

Michelle calls the hospital. She is told that she will be called when Tony is out of surgery. She asks what room he is in. Michelle finds out that they get feeds from the hospital surgery rooms. She has the video sent to her computer. We see Tony on the table. We get a nifty up close view as the surgeon does his job. Michelle begins to cry and closes the image.

Chase is headed to the laundry room with guards. He is about to enter a tight area. He is handed a pair of goggles with a camera on it. They check the camera and it works. Chase orders radio silence when they are in the tight area. The prisoners may hear them.

The prisoner selects Salazar next. Salazar protests that he is a prisoner. Jack says that he is telling the truth. Jack confesses that he is a federal agent and was transporting Salazar. That is why they haven’t seen them before. The prisoner announces that it is going to be Agent Jack against Salazar. Jack is handed the gun and told to show the foreigner how it is done. Jack holds the gun to his head and pulls the trigger. No bullet. The gun is given to Salazar. Salazar says if he dies, his brother will find them. The prisoners begin to chant ‘do it.’ Salazar holds the gun to his head. He pulls the trigger. No bullet. It is Jack’s turn. Jack spots the camera in a vent. They set the gun in front of Jack. The prisoners again chant ‘do it.’ Jack eyes Salazar. Salazar nods. Jack grabs the gun and belts someone. A fight ensues. Chase and the other guards come out and begin firing. Jack and Salazar get away. Chase says to hold fire. He yells Jack’s name.

Chloe is in Jack’s office. She searches through the trash. She removes paper. She finds the vial. Then she finds the needle. She mutters oh god. She picks up the phone and calls for a drug kit in Jack’s office.

Keeler states that you don’t elect the platform, you elect the man. And that he doesn’t like what he sees in Palmer. He brings up Palmer’s wife. He says that his office has learned that the woman Palmer is currently involved with is being accused of helping to cover up a drug trial. Palmer bursts in that this is not a court of law nor is it a tabloid paper and that a private citizen should not be attacked. The moderator tells Palmer that Keeler still has 30 seconds. Keeler continues that choices politicians make in their private lives reflect what they will make in office. Palmer rebuts that the accusations are false. And that this is a front by Keeler to avoid the issues at hand. Wayne asks Anne if she gets it now. She mutters oh god.

Chloe watches as the drug test is done. The tech says positive. Chloe goes to tell Michelle. Kim heads into Jack’s office. Kim asks what she is doing. Chloe tells her that Michelle wanted her to look through Jack’s paper. Kim asks if and ITS surge on her end could have caused a server malfunction. Chloe says no that her server protectors are upstairs not in ITS. Chloe asks why. She says she doesn’t know. Kim asks if she found anything. Chloe says that she can’t talk about it. Kim asks why she is being so defensive. Then asks what is in the box. Chloe tells Kim she doesn’t have to answer her question and quotes a mandate. Chloe then tells Kim that it looks like her father is using drugs. She shows Kim what she found. As Chloe leaves she tells Kim that it is really not fair that she made her do that. Chloe takes the drug paraphernalia to Michelle. She tells Michelle that they tested positive for opiates. That she thinks Jack is a user. Adam announces that they have found the truck. Michelle issues orders then says Let’s get em.

A chopper arrives at the prison. Jack says they are penned in. Jack asks for the shotgun. Salazar hesitates and hands it over. Jack tells him to get out of the uniform. Michelle’s phone rings. She is told that they are at the industrial complex. Michelle asks Adam to pull up infrared. Adam asks Kim to do something. She is staring off and crying. He asks what is wrong. She says nothing she’s fine.

Chase and the warden consult outside. Jack tells Salazar that he needs to do everything Jack tells him. Jack holds a gun to Salazar and bursts out the door. Jack yells Chase. Jack wants the chopper. He needs to deliver Salazar. Chase says they are almost to Kyle Singer. Jack asks how long that is going to take? An hour? A half hour? Chase looks at the snipers and thinks. He tells the warden he has to let him go. He tells the warden to control his people. The warden orders the guards to stand down. Chase tells Jack they won’t stop them. Jack says to have them back up. Chase orders them to back down. Chase continues to say Stand down, back off, do what he says. Jack and Salazar make it to the chopper.

Kyle and Linda hear a noise. A SWAT team arrives at the building. One team member says Singer plus one.

Jack prepares to take off. The warden asks what Jack is doing. Chase says disabling the COM. Chase receives a phone call. He has a hard time hearing. Michelle tells him they found Kyle Singer. Jack takes off. Chase tries to stop him. Jack flies off. Salazar laughs and congratulates Jack. He says he is a bigger enemy to his country than he is.