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Eliminated Week Four in New Orleans - Austin Daily Press - Austin, Texas
Eliminated Week Three in Ft. Worth - Crepes Bonaparte - Fullerton, California
Grill 'Em All - Los Angeles, California
Eliminated Week One in San Diego - Nana Queens - Culver City, California
Nom Nom Truck - Los Angeles, California
Eliminated Week Two in Santa Fe - Ragin' Cajun - Hermosa Beach, California
Spencer on the Go - San Francisco, California

After a recap of the season so far, we join the contestants on the road to Jonesborough , Tennessee where they are all wondering how they will make any money given there are less than 5000 people in the city. Spencer on the Go contacts a local restaurant called Bistro 105 where Chef Todd says he will be happy to help them with supplies. As they arrive in Jonesborough they realize there is only one place to sell, the town square. One thing they donít realize is that in a small town, if anything interesting shows up, everyone knows and everyone shows up to check it out. The teams get $400.00 for supplies and an extra day to sell.

Chef Todd hooks up the Spencer on the Go truck with not only supplies but southern recipes to help them out. Spencer has decided to do a French take on Southern cooking. Nom Nom decides to focus on their tacos since that might be a more familiar cuisine. Spencer and Nom Nom are up and selling quickly as everyone in town has shown up. Grill Em All finally gets there and even in Jonesborough they have trouble with parking. They eventually find a spot thanks to a kindly police officer, but the delay along with their prep heavy menu makes it hard for them to tap into the lunch crowd. Sadly for all three trucks, the town rolls up the sidewalks around 8:00pm. Spencer heads to Bistro to order more food and Chef Todd invites Laurent for a drink.

Tyler calls the teams and tells them to meet him at Old Man Johnsonís farm down by the river for the Truck Stop. The winner of the Truck Stop will have exclusive access to thousands of customers which practically guarantees that winning team a spot in the final two. So the teams all close down and get some rest wondering what Old Man Johnsonís farm has in store for them.

Start of Day Two at Old Man Johnsonís farm. Tyler informs the teams that the first food trucks were around over two hundred years ago, but they were called Chuck Wagons. They will be getting in touch with their ancestors. They must cook a five course meal using the ingredients in the Chuck Wagon. They must cook bread, beans, potatoes, meat and dessert. They get two hours to cook and the winners get to go sell at an auto show in the next town over where there are thousands of patrons. They all decide on variations on beef, eggs, potatoes, biscuits and apples.

The judges for the Truck Stop are Joel and Frank from the American Chuck Wagon Association. They taste each of the dishes and reveal nothing just make notes on a little pad. Once they deliberate they make their announcement. Spencer feels pretty confident. Nom Nom had good meat but the beans were tasteless. Spencer had a great dessert, but their corn muffin added nothing. Grill Em Allís beans were undercooked but their dessert was great. Grill Em All win the truck stop so they head out to sell at the Auto Show over in the next town. Nom Nom and Spencer have to make due back in Jonesborough. Grill Em All seems to be doing great business at the Auto Show and feel certain this will insure them first place this time. As the town rolls up the sidewalks at 8pm, Nom Nom and Spencer close up for the night. Grill Em Allís final order is from an organizer of the Auto Show who is feeding the volunteers and she orders 45 burgers. Nom Nom and Spencer are prepared for a long day on day three.

Nom Nom decides to go get extra supplies before opening on day three. They are all hoping to make some money on the church crowd as it lets out around noon. Grill Em All is the first open, then Spencer and Nom Nom is the last truck to start selling. Nom Nom preps as quickly as possible but sees all the business they are losing out on. Grill Em All is running low on supplies and Spencer as well. As Nom Nom opens, Grill Em All is running out of food, so is Spencer but Spencer gets Chef Todd to bring them more catfish so they donít have to stop selling. Grill Em All has to close for 30 minutes to go get more supplies. Grill Em All talks to the local cops as business drops off for the day and offers a discount to any cops who come by to eat. Grill Em All gets one last order for ten burgers which clears them out for the day.

They meet up with Tyler on the morning of day four to find out the final totals. Even though this was the smallest city bar far, each teams totals were higher in Jonesborough than anywhere before. In first place with a total of $3117.00 is the Nom Nom truck, for the fifth time in a row they get first class tickets and hotel for any place in Tennessee. Tyler says there is only 40 dollars separating the bottom two teams. In second place with $2763.00 is Grill Em All, they won by the price of five burgers. The last total is $2726.00 for Spencer on the Go. Spencer is crushed but they are out and heading home. Grill Em All and Nom Nom head to NYC for the season finale. At this point Nom Nom seems unstoppable, but it all plays out next week in New York City.