We open the episode with Syd entering the area where her mother was held. You'll recall that they moved Irina at the end of episode 4. Sid appears disappointed and confused. We morph to Syd testifying to a Senate Committee. Sydney recounts Irina's "lie." She tells them that her father saved her life. Back in the cell, Syd finds the earrings she gave her mother. Jack enters and Syd thanks him for saving her life. They leave the cell.

Vienna: Cars are stopped at a traffic signal. A man honks impatiently. A masked figure approaches the car, and the man is shot be 3 men (all with masks). As they drive off, the car explodes. Back to the US, Sloan tells them that the Austrian connection was killed. He had informed SD6 that the Triad was in the process of testing weapons. The Triad has been using a facility under a building in Russian to test. Syd and Dixon are sent in. Syd relays the information to Vaughn. Vaughn tells Syd that her father has been given operational approval over her missions because of the help he gave on the Madagascar mission. Vaughn tells Syd that Jack requested the one satellite with infrared capabilities and that was the only way to tell there were explosives. Vaughn thinks Jack knew there were explosives there. Syd gets mad at Vaughn - reminds him that her father saved their lives.

Syd arrives at Francie's opening. There are people everywhere. Will told his AA meeting. Francie tells him we make a big percentage of profits off the bar - they don't drink. There is music and dancing. Jack enters. Syd says goodbye to Will and leaves. Outside, Jack gives her the mission and counter mission. He gives her a dummy IP address to give Dixon. Jack tells Syd that Washington has made a decision regarding her mother. Putting Syd in danger invalidated their agreement. They are going to seek the death penalty against Irina.

Elsewhere - Vaughn learns that a US National was picked up transporting explosives in Madagascar. It was simtex - vintage Russian explosives. Vaughn goes to see the man - who is briefly in the city. Vaughn tells the man it is a bad time to be a terrorist - no civil rights now. Vaughn wants to know who the man is working for. He doesn't speak. As Vaughn starts to leave, the man says that he was working for the CIA. He says his contact was Jack Bristow, and that he's not taking the fall for this.

We return from the first commercial break. Budapest. Syd and Dixon prepare for their mission. Syd is wearing a short blond wig and glasses. Marshall's gizmo is a lip-gloss that conceals a hidden camera. Syd is disguised as a woman doing research. The man leaves Syd alone in a document room. She leaves and goes to a keypad. Dixon gives her the combination. Syd punches it in and gains access to the test facility. She transmits the IP address to "boot camp" (aka the CIA). The dummy IP is sent to Dixon. Syd now has to get photos of the weapons. Dixon gives her directions. She has to time it so a camera doesn't pick her up. Then guards come down the hall. She avoids them and finds herself watching a room full of children assembling weapons blindfolded. These are the "next generation weapons" they learned about.

We return from the second commercial break. The CIA speculates that the children are being trained as sleeper agents. Vaughn reveals that the European Union gives all first graders a standardized test. The Triad acquired the testing company and inserted questions to reveal certain traits. They then contact the families of children displaying the traits. After training, the children's memories are "wiped" and they are returned to their families.

Sloan chats with Jack about Emily's death. Sloan reveals that Emily didn't die of cancer. That she was in remission, and that there was a problem because Emily knew about SD6 and revealed secrets. They made Sloan's promotion contingent upon Emily's death. Sloan contacted a doctor and Emily was bound to get cancer again. Sloan didn't want her to suffer any more. He dissolved sodium moriphate in a glass of wine, which caused a heart attack. Jack says they will find out who is doing this - impersonating Emily. Sloan wants to know who else was being considered for a seat.

Will and Syd chat in the park. Will says in the 6th grade, he was just Will - nothing special. Syd tells Will that they are going to seek the death penalty against her mother. And that it's ironic that since she's been back - she and her father are closer than they've ever been. Someone asks Vaughn why he visited a prisoner being transported. Syd comes in. The man with the children is Kolikov, a Russian who now works for the Triad. They need to get him and find out how many children he's done this too. Kolikov lives in Buenos Aires. That is where Syd is being sent. Syd leaves. Vaughn tells Jack he knows what he did. Jack tries to defend himself by saying Irina was a traitor. Jack tells Vaughn that Syd will never know what he's done. Vaughn says that Syd should hear it from Jack, but that if he has to, he'll tell her about it. Vaughn won't violate the trust he has with Sydney.

We return from commercial break 4. Sloan is at home; Opera music is in the background. Sloan exits the shower. There is a glass of red wine on the bathroom vanity. The security system has been turned off - from the inside.

Buenos Aires. Syd is at Kolikov's residence. Syd gains access to the roof via a catapult. There are people outside. Kolikov is swimming in the pool. Syd says 4 guards in the courtyard. Kolikov is headed inside. Syd goes to the junction box. She pulls the plug on the electricity. Lights and security system are down. While other agents provide cover fire, Syd gains entrance to the house. Kolikov has a stun gun. He uses it on Sydney. She regains composure. He falls with his hand in a pool of water. Agents take Kolikov away. There is a puzzle on a table. Sydney solves it, and then gets an odd look. We are then sent off so that ABC can pay more bills.

Los Angeles. Syd wants to be hypnotized. She says she wants to know why she knew how to solve the puzzle. It wasn't special relations. She knew where those pieces belong. Syd thinks since the KGB developed the programming, her mother might have done something on her. Syd says she compartmentalizes a lot because of her job. She might have been trained/programmed to do that.

Sloan learns that here was VTX in the wine. It is a heart attack preventative. It simulates death. If someone given sodium moriphate were given VTX, they would recover.

Syd is put under. She climbs a set of stairs. We see Syd as a child on a bed. She is coloring. A tear streaks down Syd's face. Syd can see the puzzle. She is reminded nothing can happen to her as she begins to cry. She is told the focus on the puzzle, which Syd as a child is solving. Then we see the child with a gun. In the room with Syd is her father. He says good work Sydney. Syd comes out of hypnosis shocked. Syd is then outside in the rain. Jack pulls up. Syd tells him she has a memory from when she was six. Her mother had just died. Jack was gone. She heard him on the phone taking care of her Christmas presents. Syd then tells him, Irina was sent to the US to steal information from a program Jack was developing - to train children to be sleeper agents. Syd says since Irina came back, he's been covering up his secret. He programmed her to be a spy. He cut off her options. Syd says she won't forgive him. Then walks away from him in the rain. Syd goes to Vaughn. She is soaked and begins crying. Vaughn hugs her.

Next Sunday - a television event Alias style. A father's betrayal. What else can happen to shock you? And at the very end, it appears that Syd and Vaughn "may" be in bed together.