Three Hours After Sid stabs Vaughn she is running through a city street. She stops at a payphone and calls in. She is in Spain. Sid says she put the tracking device on Vaughn. Jack asks why? They are supposed to be tracking the shipment. Sid says she has no time to argue she has to do it now. Jack gets Marshall on tracking the signal and says to have Weiss go after it. Sid says she had to stab Vaughn or they would have shot him in the head. She has to go back to the hotel to try to get the weapons. Jack tells her they will find Vaughn. A van pulls up. Sark is waiting. He tells them the timetable has moved up. He opens a suitcase of money. He asks them what is more beautiful than that. He opens a bottle of wine and drinks from it. He says it is excellent. He asks for the biological weapon. He says that it is rare that you find someone who does their job well. The response is even a thief can take pride in his work. Sid is back at the hotel. She breaks into a room. She searches it and finds a briefcase. She breaks into the case. One of the team gets off the elevator. The case is empty. She shuts it and puts it away. The guy is at the door. We hear the water running see a line of clothing. Sid is in the shower. He tells her this is trespassing. She gets out of the shower in a towel. She says it isn't everyday she kills someone in the CIA. He shows her the payment. He tells her he has to leave later today and didn't want to leave a place less. She says that she thought they were leaving tomorrow. He tells her the schedule has been moved it. He tells her he will call her if they have another job to do and that she can use the room.

Weiss finds Vaughn and calls for a medic. A chopper is waiting. Weiss radios in that they found him. Later in the hospital Lauren sits vigil waiting for her husband to wake up. (Eyebrow update - still thick and dark). Sid gets out of an elevator. She meets Lauren in the hall. Sid asks how he is. She doesn't know. No one does. Officially it is critical but stable. He is hypoxic. A tension pnuemo thorax created when the stab wound collapsed his lung. They don't know if he has suffered brain damage (good lord we all know he'll be fine give me a break). Sid tells her that a member of Walkers team found Vaughn. Lauren finishes and stabbed him and left him for dead it was in the briefing. Sid says no, that's not it. Walker had a gun to Michaels head he was about to pull the trigger. She took the knife and stabbed him herself. Lauren says you. You stabbed him? Sid argues that Walker was going to kill him. Lauren says that he may never wake up from this. Their beepers go off.

We see a satellite photo of a prison. All guards and prisoners but one was dead. The guard who survived is an arms dealer in Africa. They show a photo of him being escorted into decontamination. The man inside the HAZMAT suit is Sark. Sid asks how Bumani survived? Marshall explains that the weapon that was stolen was combined with the Ebola virus. It was coded to kill everyone but who met a genetic profile coded into the virus. In this case Bumani. Marshall thinks this is pretty cool in a horrible way. Lauren is going to meet with Sloane. Sid asks what Sloane has to do with this. Sloane gave them the information to take down Bumani. Sid tells Jack that Lauren thinks that she stabbed Vaughn by choice. Jack asks if Walker gave her any information about her missing 2 years. She said no. When he caught her in his room he went on as if nothing had happened. Jack will handle Walker. Sid will go to Africa with Lauren.

On the plane Sid says that Dixon told her Vaughn was off the ventilator. Lauren says that they are keeping him in a coma to reduce the risk of brain damage. Lauren tells her that she understands she had to stab Vaughn. She talks about how hard this has been trying to be polite with her husband's ex-girlfriend. They agree to stop being polite. Lauren says that she wants Sid to request a transfer to another field office. Sid says that everyone she has left is there. Lauren says that she wanted the request to come from her. Sid asks if that was a threat because if it is, Lauren has no authority to order that. Lauren says the CIA will comply if she tells the NSC that their working together will compromise the hunt for The Covenant.

Jack approaches Walker. Walker asks him for the time. Jack says that his watch is broken never buy American. This was apparently the code phrase because they begin talking. Jack says that they have a mutual friend in Julia Thorn. Jack wants Walker to steal something in Japan. Walker asks if he can afford it. Jack says not to worry about that. One of Walker's men photographs Jack (okay we know THAT will come back to haunt them).

Sid and Lauren arrive to see Arvin Sloane who is just arriving. Men begin to shoot. Sark arrives. Sloane is put in a van. Sid takes a man out. She runs after the van (and then wastes bullets shooting at it). Lauren pulls up in car. The van speeds away with Lauren and Sid in pursuit. Lauren says she trained at the farm. Sid asks if she is field rated. Lauren says no. Bumani is in the van with Sark and Sloane. Sloane says something. Bumani punches him. Sid gets a call from Walker. Sid says she will call him back. Sark orders the chase car to take them out. A bullet pierces the back windshield. Sid tells Lauren to hit the brakes. The car spins. Sid shoots. The chase care slams into another. Sid and Lauren resume Bumani pursuit of the van. Their bath is blocked and they lose the van.

Bumani tells Sloane that he thought they were partners. He was wrong. In his village soldiers came, killed children, raped the women. His mother was raped and killed in front of him, his brothers. His oldest brother told them to do nothing but he himself fought the soldiers. They cut off his arm. Bumani tells Sloane to imagine that. He swore to never be powerless again. That anyone who got in his way again they would meet the same fate as his brother. Sloane admits that he turned him in, as he would have Sloane. Sloane says that he can make Bumani more powerful than ever. Bumani swings a sword and we are left to imagine the rest.

Dixon talks to Sid and Lauren. Sid says she hopes that Sloane is either in great pain or dead. Dixon says that they will have a briefing in his office in one hour. Lauren tells Sid that her asking Sid to transfer, it wasn't her place. And it's hard but she would really like this to work (yeah right). Vaughn wakes up in the hospital. Sid is next to his bed. She gets up and sits on the edge of the bed. He asks where he is. She says home (uh no that's a hospital honey). He says you stabbed me. She says Walker would have shot him. Vaughn caressed Sid's face. Sid blubbers that she realizes how much she misses her. He says he misses her to. They kiss (okay where's the wife?). She stabs Vaughn and says how could you do this to me. Vaughn wakes up. Lauren is next to his bed. She asks if she remembers her. He says of course. (And I feel CHEATED!)

Marshall runs after Sid. Sid is headed to the hospital. Marshall babbles about magnets for pain relief. Weiss tells Sid that they have Sloane. Sid goes off to meet with him. He was thanking Lauren for the attempted rescue. She asks if he escaped. Bumani let him go. (By the way, Sloane has both arms). Sloane says they have a computer virus he gave to them. The virus can rewrite itself. Sloane is telling them so they can stop it. Not destroy it, stop it. He told Bumani he would work for the covenant. They question this. He can work as a double agent. Sid says this is classic. Marshall says that the high tech lie detector test on his voice says he is telling the truth. Sid talks about how Sloane got a pardon for information used to arrest a man who is now free. He has now pulled off the con job of the century (hmmm young century there Sid). Dixon says that Lauren and Sid will go to Osaka and Marshall will render the virus useless. Marshall says he can do that but he needs to see the code first. He guesses that it means he will be going on another mission. Marshall says that a sure fire way to get invited into the back room of a Yakusa Casino is to get caught at cheating. We then get a demonstration of Marshall's cheating technique from high school. Lauren tells Sid that Michael wishes to see her at the hospital. Sid thanks her.

Walkers guy (I think it's Javier) meets with Sark. (Okay wild guess here. Those photos are going to come back to haunt Jack right about now). Sark says they have to be brief he has to catch a plane to Osaka. Javier asks about their new client and asks if Sark can do a background check. Sark says he doesn't have to. He is Jack Bristow and he is CIA. (BUSTED!)

Jack and Walker meet in France. They begin the money transfer. Walker asks Jack to turn away so he doesn't see the password. Javier calls Walker and tells him that the man he is meeting with is Jack Bristow, CIA. And that Jack Bristow's daughter Sidney is also CIA and goes by the Alias Julia Thorn (Sark is waaaaaaay smarter than anyone gave him credit for, I just love Sark!). Walker bluffs Jack and says that his team has been assembled. He asks Jack how he met Julia. Walker asks if they were lovers. He highly recommends it. On a scale of one to ten, Julia is a 17. They part. Walker pulls a gun. Jack already has his out. He shoots Walker. He tells Walker that he is dying and he is the only one to get him to a hospital. Walker babbles about screwing his daughter and how she likes it. Jack shoots him again (so does Jack REALLY want to know where Sid was those years or not?).

Sid and Marshall arrive at the Osaka casino. Marshall is in a cowboy hat and has a mustache! He says "howdy." He is nervous. He is about to cheat at a casino run by gangsters. Sid tries to get him to calm down. Marshall is at the table (while a funked up version of the song The Gambler plays (Kenny Rogers and Rappers)). Marshall is cleaning up at the table. An official at the casino comes up and tells him that he is very lucky. Marshall is invited to the back of the casino where he can be paid in diamonds or a transfer can be made to his bank account. In the back room they accuse him of counting cards. A knife is brought out to cut off Marshall's hand. Sid takes the guy out and tells Marshall to put him in the closet. Marshall gets on the computer and they look for the virus. Sark arrives. We see on the monitor Sark shooting someone in the corridor. Marshall disables the virus. Sark comes in. Sid and Marshall hide. Sark transfers the virus to their server then leaves.

Weiss is at the hospital with Michael, Lauren, and Sid telling a story about a girl he wanted to have his children named April First but she only dated guitar players. Weiss does not play the guitar but he got up at open mike night. He made out in his gremlin with her because she had to work late and only saw him coming out with a guitar under his arm and not making a fool of himself. Vaughn drinks a beer and says he needs it because he has heard that story for the fifth time. They joke about Weiss not sitting up after he was shot for 3 months. Weiss reminds him that he was shot in the jugular and unconscious for 3 weeks. Vaughn reminds Weiss that he needs to get up early. Sid asks Weiss if she can grab a ride and leaves with him. Lauren stays with her husband. Sid forgot her jacket and goes back. She sees Lauren on the side of Vaughn's bed from the hall. She watches them kiss. She turns and walks away.