12:00 pm - 1:00pm

CTU is told that girders are unsafe and the inspector doesn't want people inside. Michelle wants a generator line set up. Paula is still unconscious. Mason demands that Paula be woken up. Tony is off to follow a lead. Mason orders him to stay. Tony explains that there is a Middle Eastern lead to follow and the people who could follow up are dead. Jack calls Mason with the news that the bombers got the plans from Nina. She sold them everything. Jack says it has to be connected to the Nuke. Jack has already called Chappell. Nina is being transferred to CTU for questioning. Jack tells Mason not to just hand Nina over to the FBI. Mason tells Michelle to set up a high security interrogation room.

Lynn briefs Palmer. Palmer wants anything new they have learned on Second Wave. Rayburn's replacement, Stanton, is being briefed.

Kim waits at the hospital. A police car pulls up. Kim heads down the hall away from the police (and yours truly is thinking dingbat - explain to me how she's knows Gary will drop it? Why is she falling for this? Dingbat!). Kim runs into Gary in the hall. Gary tells her to go along with him and he'll tell the police that it was a misunderstanding. Otherwise, they'll arrest her. Kim asks where Carla is. Gary points out to Kim that the only thing that can be proved is that Kim took Megan. Gary hands Kim a cell phone to call Carla. Kim doesn't take the phone. Gary tells Kim to walk away or she's going to jail. Gary warns to stay away from his family. Kim runs down the hall.

Back in Oregon Palmer tells Stanton 29 dead at CTU and counting. Stanton tells Palmer regarding the upcoming meeting with the ambassador they have everything to lose. Palmer says that the new guy might be right, but Palmer's going to meet with the ambassador anyway.

Michelle tells Mason that off duty agents are arriving, and that Nina is on her way. Jack arrives at CTU and sees the damage. Mason wants to know what Jack is doing there, Mason told him to go to division. Mason doesn't want Jack near Nina because Nina killed Jack's wife. Jack wants the information firsthand. Mason tells Jack to finish and go. Someone says that Paula is awake. Mason tries to get the encryption code. Paula groans. Michelle tells her that the transfer of files to NSA didn't complete. Michelle asks if Paula made a copy of the source key before she sent it. Paula finally blurts out which one. Michelle needs to know which volume. Paula groans and gurgles, then moans eight. Michelle accesses the file. Mason tells Paula that what she did will save a lot of lives. Paula flat lines before the paramedics can get her into the ambulance. They try to resuscitate her to no avail.

Commercial Break 1

Reza and Kate arrive back at the Warner house. Reza takes lunch in the house. Dad asks Kate how she likes the house. Kate is surprised because he knew about it. They bicker over Reza's involvement with terrorists. A cab pulls up. Tony gets out. He's looking for Reza. Warner and Kate are stunned. Warner tries to pass it off as a mistake. Kate says that it wasn't cleared up. Tony insists on talking to Reza. Warner sends Kate to get Reza. With Kate gone, Warner wants to know what's going on. Tony tells Warner that it's a government investigation and needs Reza's help. Kate delivers the news to Reza - being cagey and coy. Kate says she doesn't know what it is about when Reza asks her what it is about. Reza tells Kate to not let Marie know about this. Kate watches Reza through the door. We get a glimpse of Marie in her wedding gown.

Palmer talks to the ambassador. They have take members of second wave into custody and are interrogating them. Palmer hands them satellite photos. Stanton says it doesn't look like a crack down to him. The ambassador points out that if the bomb goes off - the US will retaliate against their country. They ask for access to any files the US has on Second Wave. The ambassador insists that this will be a two-way exchange of information - they want to help. When they leave, Stanton says that giving them the information will expose agents we have in their country. Palmer orders that Stanton remove any information that will expose agents and give them the rest. Palmer asks Lynn's opinion. She thinks it's too risky.

Back at CTU Jack finally hears from Kim. Jack wants to know if she's going to Aunt Carol's. Kim says no and tries to explain about Megan. Jack tells Kim to get out of LA. He finally gives in and tells her that there is a nuclear bomb that might go off in LA, to get out and not tell anyone. He'll meet her at Aunt Carol's house. Mason looks down on Jack. Michelle watches Mason then goes to Jack to offer help. Jack shoos her away.

Nina enters CTU is shackles with guards escorting her. Jack looks up. Mason comes downstairs. Nina looks at Jack from the corner of her eyes as she walks past.

Commercial Break 2

Mason goes in to interrogate Nina. Mason says that she wasn't just working for the Drazens, but selling information to anyone. Nina says she'll give up her contacts and intell, but only if she receives a full Presidential pardon with third party confirmation. Mason tells her she isn't buying a used car and to deal in the realm of reality. Mason leaves the room and goes to call someone. Mason coughs - this catches Jack's attention.

Tony questions Reza. As Chief Financial Officer, Reza oversees all financial transactions (and this bean counter says this guy is tooooooo young to be a CFO). Tony wants to know why a name is in his personal computer files. Reza says he doesn't know. Kate and Warner talk. Warner asks how much longer Tony will be questioning Reza. The guy outside the door says he doesn't know. Kate and Warner are worried about Marie finding out. The wedding is in six hours.

Palmer talks to Chappell. He tells Palmer about the request for the pardon. We morph to CTU where Jack turns in his debriefing. Jack eyes the door to the room where Nina is being held. Michelle says she is supposed to get Jack out of there. Jack remains trancelike. Michelle answers a ringing phone - it's for Jack. The call is from Palmer - Palmer wanted the news coming from him. He has to grant Nina a shadow asylum. Jack says that sounds like a pardon. Palmer tells him it is. Nina will be deported to another country. Palmer wishes there was another way. Michelle asks what is it. Jack says they're going to let her go.

Commercial Break 3

We arrive at a recording studio. Someone's cell phone rings. It's Kim. She's calling Miguel - her boyfriend. "She really needs him." He has a studio full of people, but Kim whines about Megan and it being important. (and I'm screaming oh my god how big of a dingbat doormat can this girl be?)

Mason is in the bathroom. Jack comes in and says he's talked to Palmer. Jack wants the case - he knows how Nina thinks. Mason says that Jack isn't here right now. Mason walks out. Jack spots a vial next to the sink. Jack comes out and asks Michelle for the log records of where Mason has been. He wants to make sure that Mason is fit to run CTU.

The bride to be is getting dressed in her bedroom. Kate says there has been a bit of a problem. It's Reza. Marie enters to see Warner sitting and a CTU agent outside the dining room door. Marie wants to know what is going on. She's wants the CTU agent out of there. She wants in to see Reza - the agent won't let her. Kate tells Marie that this all started with her, she admits to having Reza checked out because something looked odd on the books. Marie is shocked that Kate checked behind Reza. Marie tells Kate that hiring a PI to check on Reza is insane. Warner steps between them. Marie tells Kate she doesn't want her at the wedding. Kate apologizes. Marie accepts it but says to get out.

Commercial Break 4
Miguel arrives via cab. Kim whines where is the car. Miguel says that Rob has it. Kim explains that Megan's father is beating her. Miguel says she should talk to the cops. Kim counters with the police want me because Gary says she kidnapped Megan. Kim tells Miguel about the bomb. Miguel says let's get out of here, but Kim won't go without Megan.

Jack confronts Mason. He knows Mason was exposed to high levels of radiation. He found out because of Mason's anti-nausea mediation, the log, and a few phone calls. Jack wants to know what Mason's plan it. Jack wants to be Nina's handler. Jack says he'll reveal Mason's condition if he doesn't agree. Mason says go ahead. Jack says he's sorry.

Lynn briefs Palmer about the ambassador. Palmer tells her to set up a call with the joint chiefs. Stanton comes in. He turns on the TV - the helicopter with the ambassador crashes just after take off (how convenient). Stanton says the first indication is that there are no survivors.

A brief montage shows Reza yelling stop treating me like a criminal. We morph to CTU with Jack watching Nina via closed circuit TV. Final shot is of Nina looking at the camera.

Next Time - Nina says if you want to stop the bomb, I need to be on a plane now. Jack throws things. Nina says to get his hand off her or he'll be off the case. Jack throws more things.