Season Two - Episode 6 - Hard Hearted Hannah

In Dallas, Eric is in the hotel bar trying to enjoy a “drink” with a paid fangbanger, but is interrupted by the arrival of a woman. Turns out Eric has summoned Lorena, Bill’s maker, to help divert Bill’s attention away from Sookie. In a flashback, Lorena remembers some of her past with Bill and the way they infiltrated society to pray on people. One of the most disturbing flashbacks involves Bill and Lorena attacking a couple, covered in their blood, and having sex right next to the dying woman. Meanwhile, Bill and Sookie are interrupted by Isabel and her human, Hugo. Isabel offers Hugo’s help to Sookie for the plan to visit the Fellowship. At Merlotte’s, Sam and Daphne discuss her scars. Daphne says she was attacked while running through the woods. She didn’t see her attacker and almost died from the wounds. She also tells Sam that he should let people see him for who he is because he is wonderful person.

In the morning, Sookie and Hugo talk and she is surprised that he wants to be turned. He is worried about getting old and becoming unwanted by Isabel. Apparently, being turned to avoid getting old had never even occurred to Sookie and she looks a little concerned about it. At the LODI, Jason and Luke are chosen to construct a platform and cross for a “meet the sun” ritual. While they are building it, Jason asks Luke about celibacy, sin, etc. He is feeling guilty about what happened with Sarah. Luke tells him that God forgives those who repent. Sookie and Hugo get to the church, just missing Jason. Sarah greets them and takes them inside to tour the church and meet the Reverend. Sookie is so nervous she starts talking and talking and talking. She explains that they are looking for a church that doesn’t sympathize with vampires. Sookie begins to realize that the Newlins know she’s the woman helping the vampires and tries to get Hugo to leave. Unfortunately, Gabe shows up to help forcibly drag Sookie and Hugo to the basement. Sarah seems appalled about what her husband is doing. Jason goes looking for Sarah and finds her crying on the balcony in the church. She tells Jason that she realizes her husband isn’t the man she thought he was and that she believes she is meant to be with Jason. Back at the hotel, Bill awakens to Sookie’s distress and fear. Unfortunately, Lorena is sitting on top of him and prevents him from going to Sookie’s rescue. She is much stronger than him as his maker. Unaware of what is going on in the next room, Jessica awakens. She is surprised when Hoyt shows up with flowers for her.

In Bon Temps, Tara and Eggs have to drive two hours away to pick up a part for the water heater. Along the way, Eggs, who says he’s never been in the area before, starts to recognize his surroundings. He tells Tara to pull and gets out of the car. Tara is forced to follow him on foot and they find what looks like a sacrifice site. Eggs starts to cry because he knows something bad happened there but he can’t remember. A couple of things happen at Merlotte’s that afternoon. First, Hoyt comes in and confronts his “mama” about turning his cell phone service off. To really stick it to her, he tells her that his girlfriend is a vampire. Second, Andy shows up to question Lafayette about his recent disappearance and the dead body in the parking lot. When Andy threatens to lock him up, Lafayette imagines Eric screaming at him and he cowers away from Andy. Terry witnesses what’s going on and rescue’s him from Andy. Third, Pam sneaks up on Lafayette and scares him. She tells him he’s back in the business of selling V. He can’t understand why they want him to sell it, but agrees to it nonetheless.

Sam and Daphne are going for a late night run as a dog and pig. Andy sees them and starts running after them, yelling “PIG!” They shift back to their human bodies and laugh about Andy chasing them. Eggs and Tara return to Sookie’s house and find the house a wreck. They follow the litter and pieces of clothing to a clearing in the woods where an orgy made up of most of Bon Temps citizens is taking place. Maryann is standing in the middle of it and is chanting and vibrating, which only increases the intensity of the party. As Sam and Daphne continue to walk through the woods, they can hear music in the distance. Suddenly, Sam is accosted by some of Maryann’s demon/zombie people. They drag Sam over to where the orgy is taking place. Sam sees Maryann and watches as Daphne goes to her. The coroner helps Maryann put on a bull mask. Then Sam sees what can only be a sacrificial knife and begins screaming uncontrollably.