Petty Cabs and David’s Insanity

As always, this epi tonight began with a look back at what happened last week. The guys lost and Wade and Gene were both sent packing.

Tonight we saw the project winner from last epi, Stephanie meeting up with Michael Rupp the owner of Rockport Shoes. It seemed like they had a great meeting and at the end, Stephanie felt that this might be an in for her regarding a position in her future.

Back at Trump Towers, everyone were getting ready to meet with Trump to find out their task for this week. They were to design a tour, develop it, sell it and pedal their asses all over New York. Anand stepped up for the guys and Kelly stepped up for the ladies as the project managers.

During the petty cab driving training, the only 2 that didn’t pass were Kelly and Mahsa, therefore they weren’t given their licenses to drive people around town.

In Octane’s war room, all the guys were brainstorming........except for David that is.......... They came up with a gladiator / Chariot race theme. Clint came up with the theme and the rest of the guys jumped onto the bandwagon. The guys dressed up in their chariot outfits and headed out into the streets to pre-sale their tours for the following day. When Ivanka showed up for her pre-challenge visit, she seemed impressed with the concept and the working abilities of the team members.........except for David that is. According to Steuart, David did nothing in terms of brainstorming, marketing and sales for this task.

Over at Fortitude, the ladies decide to head out to find a location and have finally figured out their “group name”............ Babes on Bikes. Through the joint efforts, they decide that Wall Street is the location that would be best.........hmmmm do we all think this will work out......NO!....LOL.

The guys have decided that their location should be in front of Trump Towers to try to attract the tourism trade and the fact that Trump Towers is located in a very busy section of town, they should attract enough business there. So the night before the challenge day, the guys went out dressed in full gallia, to try to drum up sales for the following day’s “chariot rides”.

Task Day..............

Anand decided to stay back at the tower’s to drum up sales and tours while the other guys completed the tours. They all seemed to do a great job............except for David that is!! The customers that are on David’s bike look horrified........they are probably wondering what in the heck they signed up for that day as they were listening to this weird guy rant and rave.

Back with the women, it was obvious that sales were pretty tough.......It is a business district and most of the people there are more into keeping their jobs versus signing up for a tour......LOL. Now Liza definitely wants to get people involved with their tour.......she is offering it up for free........LOL. Stephanie was trying to keep the spirits up on the girls side but Kelly was definitely bringing it down.......not a good scenario. When lunch hour hit, there were quite a bit of sales........Probably not enough to pull into the lead though considering they only had sales for about 1-1 ½ hours..........not hardly enough time for racking up good sales.

The guys seemed to have a lot of traffic.........the only problem with their group is David of course.........David is in a world onto his own.

WOW, the woman’s side had enough estrogen flowing through the streets with their petty crap.........guess it is better to leave it in the streets than to bring it into the boardroom.

Speaking of which..........the boardroom is up next.

As everyone enters the boardroom and get settled, Trump talks to Anand and asks him how the team did and if he was happy with their work. Then Donald opened up the chasm in Clint by asking him how the project went..........remember I said that estrogen was flowing through the streets.........well the testosterone was extremely thick in the boardroom.......WOW. Clint opened things up by expressing his feelings of David; “David is the most classless schizophrenic human I have ever met in my life. Dave cannot find his rear end in the bathtub when it comes to business. He is a disruption, he is a problem, and frankly, win, loose or draw tonight sir, I beg you, I implore you to rid us of this plague or we won’t be able to go any further”. Trump looks pretty aghast by Clint’s comments and states that it is probably the harshest group of words ever used on the Apprentice. Then Steuart pipes in with his on the matter........ calling David the virus in the group......then Anand pipes in with how the numbers rounded out to only being 3 against 6 for the task......immediately Clint said it was more like 2 ½ because of the negativity and the babysitting job that the group had to do with David on the team. Next thing you know, David gets animated with his hand jestures and constantly putting his hand near Clint’s face to the point that Clint had to immediately ask David to remove his hand or Clint would do it for him. Ivanka asks David what he would do to remain in the game......would he change how he is to remain here? He says that he wants this bad so he will change........the rest of the crew stated that if he could change so easily, then why the heck has he been so difficult all along and causing so much grief. Clint chimed in with how loopy and nutty David really is. Clint says that David couldn’t get a job as a upaloopa making gobstoppers.........he definitely shouldn’t be applying to be a new apprentice. Once all the testosterone stopped flowing, Mr. Trump moved onto the women.

Trump gave the verdict that the women lost to the men, the men were dismissed......and after the usual fight regarding whose fault it was that the women lost, Kelly decided to bring back Stephanie and Liza to the boardroom.

When the ladies got back into the boardroom, the cat fight began between Kelly and Stephanie........Stephanie was stating that it was the PM who made the ultimate decision to go to Wall Street to do their Petty Cab business was ultimately the PM’s decision of how the project was run, yet it was Kelly that put all the power onto Stephanie’s shoulders......
Stephanie stated that it was false that she was in charge of it all........ In the end, it was Kelly that was sent packing.

Well, I guess that is all for this week......I will be very glad to never have to deal with David again on a task or hear Mahsa mouthing off in the about you all??

Have a great week everyone and I will be back next week to see what trouble our groups have gotten themselves into once again!