6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Ramon and Jack fly off in the chopper. Ramon asks if they have enough fuel to get to Mexico. Jack says to trust him they aren't going to Mexico. If they did that they would just give chase. Chase gets info from Chloe. Jack is heading to downtown. They can't shoot him down over a populated area.

Gael overhears a phone conversation about shooting Jack down with someone in the military. Chappelle is there to take over for Tony. They want a senior officer in charge. Michelle briefs him and wants a conference with department heads. Adam is told about the meeting. Adam has Kim looking into something. Chloe apologizes for going off on her in her dad's office. Kim asks if she told Michelle. Chloe says yes. The meeting begins. They are told that Salazar's terrorist connections are a real threat. Since they have Kyle Singer Jack and Salazar are expendable. They have a whole new set of problems if they can't get Jack over metro airspace.

Hector throws a fit. Claudia tries to clam him. He wants to know what is going on with Ramon now. She says maybe they are releasing him. He says they aren't releasing him. Hector tells Claudia that there has been a change of plan. Jack Bauer is going to be delivering him. Claudia comments on Jack Bauer and asks if it is a joke. She says Ramon would never accept help from the man who put him in prison. She asks how he can let Bauer come to them. Look what he has already done. It is a trick. Hector has plans for Jack. Gael calls Hector and says that Jack and Ramon escaped in a chopper. Everything will be decided in the next few minutes.

Kim asks what was said in the briefing. Adam tells her that if it comes to it they will shoot her dad down. Adam gives Chloe more frequencies to try. Michelle tells Kim that she shouldn't be there until the situation with her dad is resolved. She says that she's qualified. Michelle says that her emotions will get in the way. Kim argues that Jack is doing this because of the virus. She says she can help Adam and Chloe. Michelle is told that if they have to fire on that chopper he wants her out of there.

Jack tells Ramon that he assumes their pursuers will shoot them out of the sky. Chase makes a call to Chappelle. He asks about use of force against Jack. Chappelle says yes he did. Chase asks if President Palmer has been asked. Chappelle says that this is his jurisdiction. Chase argues that Jack and Palmer have a personal relationship. Palmer has stepped in where Jack is concerned before. Chappelle receives a call from the military - they have Jack in sight. Chappelle gives an order to NOT fire.

Keeler continues talking at the debate - about people losing their jobs due to trade agreements signed by Palmer. Wayne gets a call and is told that Kyle Singer is in custody. They believe the virus threat is contained (which means it is not). Wayne is told that the Jack situation is still open. Chappelle is calling to get permission to shoot it down. Wayne says that his brother will not like that. Chappelle tells him that they need permission now before Bauer gets over downtown airspace. Wayne says that Palmer is in the middle of a televised debate. Wayne uses a headset to tell Palmer via earpiece about Jack. Wayne asks if he is prepared to authorize this as Keeler asks Palmer to respond to a question. Palmer announces that there is an impending national emergency and that he must withdraw from the debate. Wayne orders these people out of here while the commentator says this is quite unusual.

Kyle is brought into a hospital. He yells where are you taking me. He wants to know why they aren't talking to him. He yells for help. He wants to know what they are doing. The containment unit he is in is placed in a room. The unit is decontaminated. Dr. Duncan tells him to calm down. He asks where his girlfriend is. He is told that she is in another part of the hospital and that there is a 14-hour incubation period. That you are not contagious if you are a symptomatic. Kyle babbles about it eating him alive. She tells him they will keep him as comfortable as possible.

Jack says that they have locked onto their heat signature. Salazar asks why they aren't firing. Jack doesn't know. They ask for permission to fire again. Chappelle tells the Major to stay on course he is still waiting for permission.

Keeler's staff is accusing Palmer of staging the emergency to get out of the debate. Palmer opens a prescription bottle and takes bills. Wayne asks for them to give them a minute. Wayne prompts Palmer to give the order. Palmer says that he can't shoot down Jack Bauer. Wayne says that they can't let Salazar go. Palmer asks if he is worried about Salazar or worried that Jack will leak about their arrangement. Wayne says that Jack Bauer knew the risks. He volunteered. He tells Palmer to think as if Jack wasn't on the chopper. He tells him this is his decision and he needs to make it now. Chappelle receives Palmers call as the Major tells him they have one minute before they are in downtown airspace. Palmer gives permission to fire. Chappelle gives the order. He transmits it to the Major who tells the pilots. Chase finds out about it from Michelle. Kim says no please. The two choppers close in. They are taking the shot. Then they say hold on. They are over downtown airspace. Chappelle says to stand down.

Chappelle gives the order to go to B protocol. All units on the ground need to be prepared to get them wherever they land. Chase pleads for the codes. Michelle has to go. Chase asks to be connected to Chloe. Chase says there is no time. He needs it now. Jack lands. Chloe says that she's got it. She patches Chase through. He radios Jack that they have Kyle singer. There is no need to be doing this. But Jack and Salazar are out of the chopper and running.

Dr. Duncan greets Kyle's parents. They are told that their options for treatment are limited. His father asks why they can't do anything. She tells them that once someone is exposed there is little they can do. They are told hours not days. They will know more when the lab results come back. They ask to see their son. Helen Singer says she can't. Her husband says he needs to know they aren't angry with him. They go in to see him. Dr. Duncan tells him that his parents are here to speak with him. They can hear him through the intercom. His parents said the doctor told them everything but maybe they are wrong. Kyle says that they aren't wrong. He deserves this. His father tells him that what he deserves is a father with a job so he didn't need to go out and do this. He says that he is sorry. They have always taken care of him. They've always made him feel safe, even now. He tells his father that he did the best he could. He is in tears. They press their hands against the window/door separating them.

Chase arrives at the chopper. A police officer tells him where witnesses saw them go. Down into the train at the Pershing Square station (hey didn't speed take place there?). Chase asks Kim for the schematics. She tells him that something is close by. Chase runs to the location. He weaves in and out of people and across busy streets. Kim tells Michelle that Chase is at the Metro station. She is told to copy other agencies on it. She says they didn't. Kim asks if they will use lethal force against him. Michelle says that the mandate is still the same. Stop Salazar by any means necessary. But Michelle reassures Kim that now that they are on the ground it will be easier. Chase calls Michelle and tells her that Jack got out using a maintenance access. She says they need to redeploy all her people here and seal off a 10-block radius. Michelle is on it.

Jack steals keys for a car from a valet parking lot. They get into a BLUE MUSTANG (HEY PRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and drive off.

The commentator continues to babble about Palmer leaving. Wayne tells Palmer that CTU still hasn't found Salazar or Bauer. They are looking. Wayne says that it is more likely that Bauer sneaked through. Wayne says that news of what Bauer has done has already leaked out. He has to stop thinking about Bauer's welfare. And there are already rumors that Palmer's stopping the debate is connected to Jack's stunt. Wayne tells him that he is going to have to let Bauer go.

Jack and Salazar speed off. Jack calls the pilot that was to pick up Salazar. CTU knew he was waiting. Gael overhears as the pilot is told to reconfigure his settings. The pilot confirms that Bauer is the real deal with Gael. He then calls Jack. Jack is coughing and sweating still/again. He tells the pilot where they are. The pilot tells them the closest safe airport is in Santa Margarita. Salazar tells Jack that when he first met him he had no idea he was an agent. He thought he was a junkie trying to get rid of the pain like everyone else. He asks how the needle feels.

Michelle tells someone to call her back with confirmation. She switches to a phone with the doctor. Tony is out of surgery. It was entirely vascular. She says that it what they were hoping for, right? He says yes. He is headed in to postop and should be awake in an hour. Michelle tells Chappelle that Tony is going to be okay. Chappelle hugs him. Chappelle asks if they are checking airports. Michelle says yes but they can't cover them all. Chappelle says to have Gael run an analysis of local airports. She calls Gael but gets Adam. Adam will relay the message that she is looking for him.

Gael is making plane arrangements. He gets an alert. Adam and Kim come in. Adam tells him that Michelle needs to see him. Adam starts to do something. Gael says he can do it. But Adam tells him that he can do it. A message about the shutdown sequence appears on the monitor that Gael was using. Kim eyes it. Adam hands the terminal he was working on to Michelle and leaves.

Palmer is in a meeting reviewing a speech. He notes changes he wants made and leaves with Anne. She asks if everything is okay. He tells her there were fast decisions to be made and he couldn't do them on stage. He says they are now in damage control. She can't believe that Keeler told those lies like that. He tells her that she is only involved because of him. Wayne tells him they need to get on a quick response to Keeler's accusation. Anne protests that they are lies. Wayne tells her that this is he said she said. Wayne tells him to back off. He reminds Wayne that right now it is Mr. President. Anne says she doesn't agree with his bedside manner but he is right. That they should put their relationship on hold until after the election. He says no. He needs her. She says then she is right there.

Dr. Duncan reads the lap report. She says how can that be. They have rechecked the results. She thanks the woman. The woman leaves. Dr. Duncan asks to be put through to Chappelle on her cell phone. Dr. Duncan talks to Kyle's parents. His parents and the doctor go into the room without protection. There is NO sign of the virus in his system. He is clean (KNEW IT!). Dr. Duncan tells Chappelle that Kyle Singer does not have the virus. Chappelle wants to know what they hell is going on.

Men rush the mustang. Salazar says you didn't think I was just going to have you deliver me and leave did you. They hit Jack and hold him. One of the men says Hector says to bring him back - alive!

Kim looks over her shoulder. She sees Gael elsewhere on a monitor. She goes to Gael's terminal and pulls things up. She sees the plane on the tarmac. She sees what happens to her father. The plane takes off. Kim sees the video of her father taken onto the plane at gunpoint. Kim makes a call. Someone comes in. She thinks it is Adam. But it is Gael. He remembered that he forgot to close the file. He pulls out a gun.