Syd and Vaughn are on a roof. Irina's trial begins today. Syd wants to see the proceedings. Vaughn says he'll arrange for a closed circuit feed at the op center. Over at SD6 - Sloan briefs them on Sark. Marshall reveals the antibodies of someone. They're different than others. Marshall babbles. Sloan stops him. They have intercepted someone suffering from the same virus as Richter. Jack is going in undercover posing as a patient. Syd is going as his daughter. Syd isn't happy. Jack tells Syd he didn't want her to be a victim - that's why he trained her. Syd counters that he programmed her to be there. Jack admits she's right. He didn't intend for her to lead a double life. Syd tells him she doesn't trust anything he says.

At the CIA Operations Center, Syd goes to the closed circuit feed. Senator Douglas is on the screen. A plea agreement has been reached. Irina has pleaded guilty to the charges of death of numerous agents. She has received the maximum sentence - death. The sentence will be carried out immediately. Syd writes a letter to be used as testimony - because of her father.

Syd talks to Will. She ponders why is she saving her mother when she wanted her mother dead. Will has received his 30-day sobriety chip even though he was never an addict. Will is selling his car. He can't afford the car and student loan payments. Syd offers to loan him money. Will turns her down. Vaughn briefs his boss on the sleeper agents and the tests the soviets gave children. Vaughn says the tests are similar to IQ tests given to first graders in the US in the early 80's. Vaughn wants to investigate the possibility of sleeper agents (that's the programmed children) in the US. He is told no.

On the way to their assignment, Jack discusses Irina's sentence with Syd. Jack tells Syd that Irina has her where she wants her. Jack tosses Syd's letter back to her. Jack says he's protecting Syd. Syd says she thinks Jack loved her so much that he lost his soul when she left. Syd says he sees her (Sydney) as his biggest mistake. If he hadn't been so gullible, she wouldn't have been born.

And we break for the first commercials.

Will meets Vaughn. Will tells Vaughn that he needs a job. With the publicity - nobody will hire him. Vaughn tells Will that they can't hire him because he has a criminal record. Will retorts that he has criminal record for a drug habit he never had. Vaughn says he has an off the books fund. He gives Will a list of questions that appeared on IQ tests to research. Vaughn is going to pay Will by the hour for the research.

Syd and Jack arrive at the hospital. Syd is in a blonde wig and talks with a southern drawl. Jack is going in for a kidney transplant. A satchel Jack will carry into the operating room with him will release an anesthetic. Marshall gives Jack and Syd and antidote to it. Jack and Syd emerge from the operating room in scrubs and masks. They drug the docs at the desk and tap into the computer system. Patient zero is located. Syd goes to get a blood sample. Syd uses gloves to enter the patient's room. The patient latches onto Syd's arm. Jack increases the man's morphine level. The man passes out. Syd gets the blood sample after the man passes out. Jack finishes with the computer system. The pair makes a getaway. A pair of docs find the drugged staff at the desk and call for security. Syd and Jack are trapped. Jack wants ammonia and iodine. Dixon is in a helicopter on the roof waiting for them. Security finds Syd and Jack. And explosion occurs of the result of Jack's chemical tampering. Jack and Syd fight their way free. Syd races down a corridor. Jack is in an elevator. He needs more time to rig the elevator. Syd gives it to him via a shootout. Jack gets the elevator rigged, Syd jumps into it. They make a getaway via the chopper on the roof.

Jack tells Syd the man mistook Syd for her mother because he worked for her. Jack reveals that Irina had Sark expose some of her own people to the virus so she could study it. He asks if that is a person worth studying.

And we break again. Sloan says he had toxicolicy analyze the glass found at his house. Its an antidote to the sodium moriphate he gave to Emily. Jack theorizes that either Emily anticipated his drugging her, or someone wants him to think Emily is alive.

Syd discusses her mother with Vaughn. Vaughn tells Syd good work with the blood sample. Syd learns that Vaughn hired Will to research the old Soviet IQ test. Will doesn't know exactly what he is researching.

On the street, Sloan sees something. Jack asks him what is wrong. Sloan asks if Jack saw that, then heads across the street. Sloan seems possessed. He makes his way to a church and looks up at the altar. A priest asks Sloan if he can help him. Sloan asks if a woman came in here. The priest says no. Jack tells Sloan he might be suffering from posttraumatic stress syndrome. . Sloan says she's alive. She knew the alarm code and could have come into the house undetected. Jack points out the Sloan came to a place where he could confess.

Syd talks to the boss at the CIA. She says her mother didn't know anything about the house in Madagascar. The boss tells Syd they know. They are investigating - her father. Her intent was not to punish her father. Syd is paged downstairs to medical. She was exposed to something in Taipei as the result of the Rambaldi device. She and Vaughn have to be tested and monitored. Syd joins Vaughn in a medical room. Syd lays her head on Vaughn's shoulder and we break for ABC to pay bills.

We return and find Syd and Vaughn sleeping in separate beds in the same room. Vaughn tells Syd she talks in her sleep. Syd asks if he thinks they're sick. Vaughn doesn't know. Syd is allowed to go. Vaughn has to stay. He has a heightened level of antibodies but could just be fighting a cold. They want to monitor him longer. They are told that patient zero was bleeding from the fingernails. Vaughn tells Syd to go, Jack's hearing is soon.

Senator Douglas questions Jack Bristow. He tells the Senator that he maintains Irina's guilt. Douglas wants to know if that is how he justifies lying to his superiors. Jack says his daughter convinced him that he was out of line. Douglas thinks that Jack only confessed to obtain leniency. Syd watches the proceedings via closed circuit. Syd hears Jack testify that despite his limited abilities as a father, he loves her more than he can say.

At a restaurant, Syd receives a drink from the gentleman at the bar. It turns out to be Vaughn. He tells her he has a clean bill of health. They talk to each other on cell phones. Vaughn tells her that they are sending Jack to prison. They are going to carry out Irina's death sentence because they have determined her immunity bargain was never binding.

We break for yet more commercials. Senator Douglas is being driven through Washington DC. He notices that the driver missed the exit. The Senator is trapped in his limo. The limo stops. Syd gets in the back. She wants a moment with the Senator. She wants her father released from jail and her mother not to die. The Senator tells her no - on both counts. He tells Syd that considering what she's been through he'll overlook her actions and asks to be dropped by his home.

In the pouring rain, a casket is being exhumed. Sloan dismisses the workers and opens the casket. The casket is empty. Sloan looks up into the rain.

Syd approaches Jack. Jack wants to know how Syd got Douglas to reveal Jack. Syd told Douglas that one of his fellow Senators was on the payroll for the alliance and she needs Jack and Irina to complete the investigation. Jack tells her she was lying. Irina is again brought out of a truck and through the rain into the operations center. Syd watches Irina sleep in her cell.

Vaughn shaves. He looks into the sink. He is bleeding from his fingernails.

And we break and are told to stay tuned for scenes from next week's alias.

Next time: The only way she can save Vaughn is to kill the most dangerous man in the world.