1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Jack watches Nina via closed circuit TV. Mason comes down. Palmer just signed the pardon. Michelle brings Nina's file. Jack doesn't need it.

President Palmer arrives at a press conference with Lynn in tow. Palmer tells the media that they cannot disclose any details of the crash until the families of the victims are notified. There will be a full investigation. Palmer tells Lynn that Jenny is the only one to release information regarding the press to the media. Palmer enters to find his ex in the office. He asks how she got in. Sherry says many people still respect me. He tells her she is no longer his wife. She tells him that she needs to be with him. It's about his administration. Palmer tries to walk away. She asks if he has ordered an evacuation of military personnel from Los Angeles. Palmer is stunned. He and Lynn enter his office. He tells Lynn to follow up on it.

Tony is still interrogating Reza. Reza says he was raised in London, and is marrying a protestant American Girl. Tony asks Reza if he knows about a mosque where people are trained to blend in. That mosque is located in London.

Palmer, Lynn and Roger discuss the crash. Palmer mentions that "we" could have done it to stop an enemy from taking sensitive documents away. Palmer points out that both of them didn't agree with the decision. And that Washington was probably questioning it too.

Back at CTU - Jack and Mason go in to interrogate Nina. Mason is nervous because the last guy that Jack interrogated - Jack shot through the heart. Jack goes in alone. He lays the pardon papers on the table in front of her. She watches the clock. She tells Jack that if they want to stop the bomb - she needs to be on a plane to Viseliev (sp?) now. Her contact is there and he is the only one who can tell them where the bomb is. Jack doesn't trust her. Nina tells Jack that she only gets a pardon if they stop the bomb so why would she get in the way. Jack wants a name. Nina refused. Jack tosses the table across the room. Nina counters with if you touch me they'll remove you from the case. Jack lunges at Nina and gets her in a chokehold. Mason runs for the room. He pulls Jack out. Mason tells Jack he's off the case. Jack tells Mason that Nina needs to be in control. She needs to think that he's out for revenge. Mason asks what the next move is. Jack says go in and let her think I can do anything I want to her. Jack says give me 5 minutes, nobody comes to the room and raise the temperature 10 degrees. Mason agrees.

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Marie waits for Reza's questioning to stop. Kate tries to talk to her sister. Marie wants her to leave. Kate persists; they have to figure out what to do about the wedding. Kate mentions that they may have to cancel. Marie thinks that would make Kate happy. Kate says not the marriage, just the wedding. Kate brings up that she dropped out of college to help raise Marie. Marie says to get her own life and stay out of hers.

At the hospital Kim (the dingbat) and boyfriend Miguel sneak around inside the hospital. The doctor tells Gary that they won't release Megan unless test results improve. Gary starts to use his cell phone. The doctor tells him no cell phones in the hospital - they interfere with the equipment. Gary uses his cell phone anyway. He gives instructions to book 2 seats on a flight.

Jack goes into the interrogation room. He asks who someone is. Jack fires a gun into the wall. Nina flinches. Jack gets her to reveal that this guy and Viseliev have plans to do something in LA. Jack holds the gun to Nina's temple. Nina talks. Jack backs off.

Lynn tells Palmer that Sherry is right - there is an evacuation of military personnel in action. Roger Stanton gave the order. Palmer says to counterman the orders. He wants to talk to Stanton. Stanton says he was following orders - he thought Palmer had approved them. Stanton mumbles that he should have double-checked what Rayburn told him. Palmer says he'll meet with Sherry in 20 minutes.

Gary ties Megan's shoes and babbles that he's sorry his little angel ever got hurt. He tells Megan to not talk to anyone on the way out. A nurse enters the room and tells Gary he has a call at the nurse's station. Gary tells Megan not to move and goes to take the call. (What do you bet Kim's lurking somewhere around). Gary's call if from Accounts Payable (laaaaaame) and they've lost all information. Miguel is the caller (what an idiot). I guessed right - Kim enters Megan's room and convinces Megan to go with her. Gary balks at the giving the information and cuts the call short. He goes back to Megan's room. No Megan. Naturally Gary tells the nurse that his daughter is not in her room. He orders the nurse to find his daughter. The nurse gives him a bit of a snide "of course."


Kim and Megan race down the stairs. Miguel enters the stairwell and scares them. Megan begins crying that she's scared and her daddy's going to help them. Kim tells Megan that her daddy's been hurting her and the only way he's going to stop is if they get away from him. Upstairs Gary is throwing a fit and demanding they find his daughter. Megan cries that she wants her mother. Kim settles Megan enough to get down the rest of the stairs. Kim, Miguel and Megan arrive in the lobby just in time for the security warning to reach a guard in the lobby. They hop into a room to hide.

Jack asks Mason if he'd sentence millions of people to death just to kill Nina. Nina is brought out. Mason begins coughing. Jack tells him to go be with him family. Mason tells Jack to go get on the plane.

Palmer meets with Sherry. Sherry found out above the troop movements by making phone calls but can't tell him more than that. Sherry says that she's his wife. Palmer shouts ex. Sherry wants a second play for his heart. She can't help him by helping where she's at her best. She didn't have to warn him, but she did. Palmer reveals the nuclear threat. Sherry is shocked. She got the information from someone inside the defense department. He also told Sherry that there are people in his own administration who are aligning against him. They don't agree with his policies. They want to control the company. There were backroom deals. Sherry says she can keep digging if he wants her help. Palmer asks for her help - but says it's for the best of the country. He'll give Sherry a phone line and a room to make her calls. He warns her that this better not be one of her manipulations.

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Reza's parents arrive at the Warner house. Warner is on the phone with Kate's grandmother. The other CTU agent is still outside the dining room door. Kate tries to steer Reza's parents out of the way. The parents ask for Reza. Kate tells them that some men from the government are talking to him. Reza's father asks what this is about. Kate says they think he is involved with terrorists. Reza's father goes ballistic. He shouts about how this country treats people.

Back at the hospital, Miguel tells Kim to meet him in the parking lot. If he doesn't come back it means they caught him. Miguel leaves the room, and then grabs a computer monitor. The guard takes off after him. Kim and Megan use the diversion to get away. Miguel hides. He tosses the monitor in a dumpster. Gary looks out the window upstairs and sees Kim and Megan leaving the hospital. (I scream Idiots!) He runs out of the room.

Nina, Jack and a pair of guards ride to the airplane in the back of a truck. Nina babbles to one of the guards about him being here to keep Jack from killing her. The guard gets irritated. He asks Jack if he knows a way to shut up. Nina begins babbling about Jack's daughter.

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Reza denies transferring the money into the account. Tony tells him that if he didn't transfer the money he'd better be telling him who did. Reza denies knowing anything else. From the window he can see his parents. In particular his upset father. Tony places Reza in custody. He cuffs Reza while Reza watches his parents. Tony babbles about having to take him right past his parents. Reza admits that he confirmed the transfers. He covered the paperwork. Tony asks who he's covering for. Reza says Bob Warner

At the hospital Kim and Mega cross the parking lot. Mega says she doesn't feel well. Megan begins to scream. Gary comes up from behind. Gary grabs Kim by the hair (fighting like a girl are we). Miguel comes to the rescue (hey those strong women victims need the cavalry to come save them you know). Kim mumbles to get his car keys.

Kate comes inside to find Reza with his parents. Marie runs into his arms. Kate is stunned. Tony comes out and asks for Mr. Warner. Kate asks Reza what he told them. Reza says the truth. Reza says please, my parents are very upset.

Kim, Miguel and Megan get into Gary's car and leave (okay Gary's been yelling kidnapping, boyfriend took a computer monitor - one of those expensive flat screens - and we can now add Grand Theft Auto to the charges - lovely).

In the truck, the guard collapses after drinking a bottle of water. Jack smiles.

Next time - Jack and Nina take a plane ride. Palmer is told Sherry can't be trusted. Mason's son learns the truth.