Boardroom: Fireworks and Lies

Tonight’s epi as usual, began with a look back at last week’s epi, including a look into what happened in the War room after last week’s boardroom. It was very obvious that Brandy and Mahsa weren’t going to get along fact they each told each other to shut their mouths, in no uncertain terms........LOL.

Tonight’s task began at the Shubert Theatre.........The show Memphis, The Musical ............The task is a backers Auditon aimed at getting investors to put up money. The groups will be judged on the marketing materials they create and the overall presentation of the backers audition. The PM’s are Liza and Steuart.

The ladies are taking on the production of Darling re-set into 1929 Boston. It was decided that Poppy and Stephanie would take part in the musical selection.......In a PI, Poppy voiced that she is getting ticked of how much Stephanie wants to always be the best and most important of all tasks.

Meanwhile with the men, they take on the title of “Little Miss Fixet”.........about an 11 year old girl who is just plain well trying to grow up. Clint is immediately assigned the marketing materials, Steuart takes on the theatre part with David getting his in now and then. Just as the singers arrive to rehearse........David is sent to order lunch...........hmmmmmmm??

Back with Fortitude, all the ladies are deciding how to get the production together, then Liza starts with the marketing part of the project and what needs to be included in where is there mention of addresses/contact info.....Poppy comes up with a plan for their poster as being the lady sits in the window and that is how the poster will look. Meanwhile, Liza sends Stephanie and Mahsa out to take care of the marketing part considering that there seems to be a major tension building between Mahsa/Stephanie and all the other girls......Liza says it would be better for her if those two were gone.........I guess we will see how that brilliant plan works out.....LOL. As Stephanie and Mahsa get into their vehicle to get some stuff done, both of them begin to rant on about why they are doing that chore vs doing the chores that best suit them........hmmmm

Back at team Octane, David is finally finished ordering food for everyone and is now getting in on the conceptual part of the theatre process. David comes up with the plan that team octane shouldn’t be on stage other than to introduce the actors and thank the judges for showing up for the presentation. David seems to have some creative ideas happening, so Steuart lets him fly with it and concentrates onto the speeches and the marketing portion of the project.

Back with the ladies, the “creative juices” begin to flow between Poppy, Liza and Brandy as they are creating the presentation for the next day’s production, when Don JR. shows up.

Back with the guys, Clint and Anand are taking on the marketing part while David and Steuart keep on with the theatrical part.

Mahsa and Stephanie have gone through a lot of the marketing part and are now contacting Liza with the info that they have found out. When the poster got emailed to Liza, of course she wasn’t happy with it and in a PI states that if they don’t win the project, she might really be in trouble as she feels she is being set up to fail. As the ladies head off to their production, Liza runs her speech by the women.......needless to say, Mahsa wants to get her in on it. In a PI, Mahsa states that Liza hadn’t gotten anything right and Mahsa had to dictate the three sentences that needed to be said during the presentation.......good grief, give me a break Mahsa......quit singing your own tune here......LOL. As the ladies arrive at the theatre and look at their marketing materials, Liza was noticeably upset and stated later in a PI that she gave the girls clear goals of what she wanted and they didn’t carry them out.

Fortitude’s turn to impress the judges.........As Liza makes her speech, it seems like the judges are impressed with her. Yet when it came to the marketing materials.......they were lacking the contact info as well as other impressive materials to let them know more about the show and the presenters. The good comments that they had were about the music(which Stephanie picked) and the poster that Stephanie set up.

Team Octane now arrives at the theatre and get ready to do their production and see their printed materials......The judges seem to be impressed with the actors and how their performance went off, but were a little put off by Steuart’s little mess up during his speech.

Up next..............the Boardroom

Trump first asks the ladies how their presentation went. After Donald asked Brandy how Liza did as the project manager, Brandy replied that she did great and the only place that would of been better is if the musical part of it would of been better........Brandy called out Stephanie for it and Steph responded by stating that Liza pulled her off the musical to go to the printers. Then Trump asked Steuart how the guys did and he stated that David did great. Then Clint was approached about if he would take back his words from the last board meeting, and Clint said that he wouldn’t, but would state that David did great this time.

The promotional materials was then brought out and the guy’s materials far out did the ladies. The comments regarding the ladies materials according to the guys, were that it was cheap and really didn’t have much to do with the production........ Mr. Trump then went into who was in charge of the marketing materials for the ladies. Liza states that it was a collaborative effort from everyone in the group.......Liza then calls out Mahsa and Steph......who immediately rebuttled that stating that it was Liza who stated exactly what to put into the printers. Steph stated that it was Liza who told them to take the 4 pages to the printers, then email the info to Liza to okay it.........then they would be given the go ahead to get the materials printed. When asked by Trump, Liza stated that she would bring back Mahsa and Steph if the ladies lost. Mr. Trump then states that the guys have won the task and Steuart as his reward, will see Larry Young, the President and CEO of Snapple.

As Trump began the process of trying to figure out where the ladies went wrong in their task, the part of the contact info being excluded was the biggest issue as far as he was concerned. When Donald asked Mahsa why Kristen liked Liza so much, Mahsa stated that the only thing that Liza did was recite the 3 sentences that Mahsa wrote for Liza to say during the presentation.........immediately that didn’t go over well as Trump stated that not everything is about you Mahsa......which immediately shut her up for once........LOL. This of course gets Brandy on the war path regarding the Mahsa show........LOL. Brandy and Mahsa enter a battle and by the looks on Trump Sr. and Jr., as well as, they are definitely in for a battle royal with regards to Mahsa...........LOL. As soon as Mahsa got going, of course she has to get that finger waving......the guys upstairs are howling with laughter at the finger coming out........and Don Jr. in the boardroom is snickering when Brandy asks him how long that would last........a finger constantly getting waved in his face.........Jr. says that it definitely wouldn’t last long......maybe a little longer because it was a woman doing it. At that point, when Brandy asked him about the finger waving, Mahsa chimed in with her comment that it is a habit from her DA days when she always had to point to the defendant or jury.......Don Jr. immediately stated that it is something that should be turned off depending on the circumstances that she was in. Then Don Jr. pipes in and says that when something is asked about someone else, Mahsa turns it around and makes it a positive about herself and a detriment to everyone else.......not a good thing. Meanwhile it looks like Trump Sr. and Ivanka’s heads are spinning trying to keep up with all the back talk happening.......LOL.

Oh we the truth comes out regarding why the ladies were so riled up considering Mahsa............apparently Mahsa told the men what the ladies made in the last task BEFORE going to the boardroom. Then Mahsa stated that Clint told her about what the guys made........again this was all before going to the boardroom for the last task, last week. Immediately the camera pans to the guys sitting in the war room..........WOW, Clint completely burst out with “She’s lying”........with a mouth full of food of course.........LOL. Now all of this is coming out and Mahsa immediately says that she doesn’t know why all of this is coming up now.........Oh, Oh........ caught, right Mahsa............I think I see her ship sinking fast............but not before Clint gets more riled up........LOL. Ivanka chimes in with her regarding how Mahsa has altered the whole dynamic of this process by giving the guys information, BEFORE, the boardroom even happens. It is really obvious that neither Ivanka nor Trump’s Sr. and Jr. are happy with Mahsa right now............but wait...........the fireworks are just beginning. Trump Sr. asked Mahsa why she would even tell the guys the sales amount......Mahsa responded by saying that it was a lapse in judgement........Trump agreed and followed it up by saying that there are lots more lapses in judgement with Mahsa. After Mahsa throws Clint under the bus, he immediately gets really pi$$ed off and marches down to the boardroom to confront Mahsa on it. And shall we say, this is when the real fireworks starts..........LOL.

The look on Clint’s face as he marches back into the boardroom is pure pi$$ed off!! Then the look on Mahsa’s face when she realized this lie wasn’t going to go away anytime soon.....she gets her finger waving again, which immediately riles Clint up enough to tell her to stick that finger back into her pocket. Then Clint describes the process of how things went down.....they were in the lobby of the hotel when Mahsa told Clint how much money they made during the task. Clint remarked to Mahsa that he thinks the guys made a whole heck of a lot more than that(knowing that he, himself brought in $370.00, compared to the woman’s team of 360.00). Ivanka tries to find out if the whole scenario is a complete fabrication by Mahsa........Clint carries on to tell them all that he never told Mahsa what the guys earned. Immediately Mahsa tries to defend herself once more by throwing the bruised Clint under those bus wheels once again, and states that Clint is the one who is lying now.........LOL. Clint tells the group that he is a straight shooter and not a liar........he just thought that Mahsa was setting him up for a major crash in the boardroom........Clint also thought that it all was a big joke. Steuart immediately pipes in with how he had heard this and that with regards to the numbers and that Mahsa definitely told all of them the dollar amount that the ladies made during the task. Trump Jr. states that Clint wanted to come back in there to clear his name and risk being hauled back into the board room makes a bigger statement. Clint responds saying that he would rather be fired tonight in the process of clearing his name than let this slide. At this point Steuart chimes in once again trying to clear Clint’s name as he states that he never once heard Clint give a number, make a statement of how much the group earned or anything like that........which of course brought Mahsa out of hiding and she now states that Steuart was no where near Clint or herself when they were having the conversation of the money. When things started to settle down, Trump Sr. asked Brandy for her opinion on the matter.........Brandy stated that she never once raised her voice in the boardroom but she feels very passionate about it and the fact that the lying adds another level to things but Mahsa is definitely disloyal to the group for sure..........Donald Sr. then asks Brandy if she thinks Mahsa is lying.........of which Brandy whole-heartedly agreed. This of course sends Mahsa over the edge and into another screaming match as to whether she is lying. After Sr. asked Mahsa if she thinks she made a mistake and she agreed, he immediately fired her and sent the whole group out of the room as quickly as he could..........don’t really blame him as he probably had a major migrane happening with Mahsa’s yelling in there......LOL.

Get the end when they have the Rockport’s Next Steps segment.........Mahsa was hoping that she had enough face time to get her into a position of being an on camera personality and interviewer.........surprise, surprise...........

Sorry for the long boardroom segment of this blog, but I think that there were definitely enough fireworks that happened tonight that needed to be covered. Hope you all enjoyed this and until next Thursday, have a great week everyone!!!

Of course some might remember this little tidbit about Mahsa that came out during the season of the Apprentice:

'Apprentice' Contestant Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy Quits Real Job

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Sep 30th 2010 3:00PM
Filed under: TV News
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Tough-as-nails 'Apprentice' contestant Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy has put the nails in her own coffin, killing her career as a Brooklyn assistant district attorney. But could this mean good things for down the road on 'The Apprentice'?

In a situation more fitting for an episode of 'Law and Order,' Saeidi-Azcuy resigned after being recognized during her real-life job as an assistant district attorney in Brooklyn, N.Y.

This season of 'The Apprentice' purported to feature workers suffering from the effects of a down economy; the contestants were assumed to be unemployed. So, it was surprising when viewers were introduced to a gainfully-employed ADA vying for a job at the Trump Organization.

Apparently, none were more surprised than her own boss, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes.

Saiedi-Azcuy had requested and received a two-month unpaid leave of absence from her responsibilities as an ADA to tape 'The Apprentice' in New York City over the summer. She ultimately returned in the fall to her courtroom duties.

However, according to Jerry Schmetter, a spokesperson from the Brooklyn DA's office, Saeidi-Azcuy's participation on the national reality show was a total surprise to her boss and colleagues.

"If we had known [about her participation] we would not have granted her leave," Schmetter told TV Squad in a phone interview. "The DA has a trust in people, that an unpaid absence must be something that wouldn't put the office in a bad spot and are usually taken for medical and personal reasons."

"We didn't know," Schmetter said. "There was a story in the New York Daily News on Aug. 27, and it was only then it became general knowledge."

Saeidi-Azcuy was quickly reassigned to the Early Case Assessment Bureau, a department outside of the courtroom. Unhappy with the change, Saeidi-Azcuy submitted her resignation this week. Her last day will be Friday.

Although 'The Apprentice's' season is only a few weeks old, Saeidi-Azcuy was immediately recognized by jurors after the season's first two episodes had aired. Mahsa has already become known as the new Omarosa, proving to be an unpopular contestant with Ivanka Trump, her project first manager Nicole and pretty much anyone who gets in her way.

On her notoriety, Shmetter said, "It's not necessarily a good thing, it's not necessarily a bad thing. No problem has come out of this. We thought that it would present some conflicts and it is our responsibility is to prevent [any problems]."

Her resignation leads us to wonder if Saeidi-Azcuy's may be an 'Apprentice' contestant for many more weeks -- and possibly even a finalist. (Though if she had won 'the Apprentice,' would she bother going back to work at all?)

In an interview today in the New York Law Journal, Saeidi-Azcuy denied winning the show. "I left my job because I couldn't really be in a courtroom any more. Absolutely, I did not quit my job because I won the show. [People] will have to tune in and see," she said. "I can say for the first time in my life that I don't have a plan. I think I will be fine. I'm an incredibly hard worker. I'm incredibly driven. There's nothing but good things in my future."

Having every opportunity to crib Trump's signature "You're Fired," the Brooklyn DA's office instead accepted her resignation.

"We wish her luck,' said Schmetter. Link