7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Gael tells Kim she shouldn't have walked into this. He needs to ask her questions and reminds her that the room is soundproof so all she will do if she screams is make him angry. She asks what is he doing with her father. He says he is asking the question. Gael duct tapes her feet. He asks how long they are expecting her to be in there. She answers about 10 minutes. He duct tapes her hands to the chair arms and her mouth shut. Gael goes to the terminal and shuts down the file. It will take 11 minutes and 23 seconds to complete the process.

Michelle asks Adam to send all her files to Gael. Adam rolls his eyes and agrees. Adam tells her that he thinks they are going about this the wrong way. They should saturate the media. Michelle says that the president doesn't want this made public. Gael talks to Michelle on the phone. Gael makes an excuse about helping Kim. Michelle wants him in the briefing. Gael tells Kim that he is watching. He turns her to face the corner and leaves for the briefing that Michelle ordered him to go to. He sets the security keypad.

Chappelle comes into the meeting room. He says there is no outbreak threat for Los Angeles. Kyle doesn't have the virus. They are focused on one thing only finding Salazar. Gael comes in late and is reprimanded by Chappelle. Michelle assumes that Chase is coming back to CTU. Chappelle tells her not to assume anything.

Jack is unconscious on the plane. Ramon eyes him when a guard opens a door. He keeps staring at the door. Ramon grabs a Champagne bottle and goes in to Jack. He dumps the champagne on Jack and tells him that the party is going well. And that for some reason his brother wants him alive but he isn't sure he can wait that long.

Chase gets a call from Chappelle. Chappelle asks what Chase is doing. Chase is looking for Jack - searching through back pocket contacts. Chappelle wants Chase back because he knows about Jack using heroin and thinks Chase was covering. Chappelle tells him to get back so he can be debriefed.

Adam calls Chloe to find out if her logs are still backdating six hours. Adam thought Kim was doing that. Adam runs into Gael. Gael tells him the Kim is running an errand for Chappelle. Adam thinks that Kim can help them find Jack because they are dead-ending. While Gael talks to Michelle Adam calls the computer room. Kim tries to get to the phone. She wheels the chair over but can't answer the phone. Adam gives up. Michelle is transferring files to Gael. Adam walks away and toward the computer room. Gael asks if Tony is out of surgery. Adam tries to get into the room but the keypad won't work. He calls Michelle and asks if the code was changed. Gael says he knows nothing. Michelle overrides the door. Gael sneaks away from Michelle. Adam gets in the room and finds Kim duct taped. He takes the tape off her mouth. She tells Adam it was Gael. A guard spots Gael. Gael leaps off the stairs he is on and hides. The guard gives chase. Gael takes the guard down. He runs. He pulls a gun on a guard at a desk. He is cornered. Michelle comes down the corridor and tells him that he is going nowhere. She says that if he steps outside he knows what will happen. They push him against the wall.

Palmer is in a motorcade. Wayne gets off the phone. He tells palmer that they haven't found "Jack Bauer" yet. Palmer says that he is taking Salazar back to his brother to prevent the outbreak. Wayne says CTU is handling it let them do their job. We have other fires to put out. The motorcade arrives at the hotel. Anne tells Palmer that she is sorry about Ted and the debate. He says don't say you're sorry. She says maybe she should have let him pay him off. Maybe she was wrong. Palmer says she wasn't wrong. Wayne prompts him that they have a lot of work to do.

Michelle says she can't believe Gael is a traitor. Chappelle says that he is sweating him out right now. Chappelle wants Michelle there. Michelle wants to be at the hospital with Tony. Michelle says that Chloe can handle it. Chappelle says the Chloe is a pain. Michelle convinces him that she can handle it. Chappelle tells her that if she thinks Chloe can handle it to go. Michelle leaves. Chappelle goes in to Gael. He asks Gael where the plane is going? Kim saw "Jack Bauer" taken onto a plane. Gael plays dump. Chappelle says if it is the last thing he does he will tell Chappelle about that plane.

Ramon dances with a woman on the plane. Another comes out only in her undies. Ramon dances with her too the other dances with his backside. The guard looks on. Ramon asks him what is wrong. The guard says that Bauer being alive is an insult. Ramon wants to kill him. The guard says he was told to keep Bauer alive. He can get his revenge on Bauer later. Ramon hands the gun back to the man and says to pour him another drink.

Jack struggles. He tells Pedro that he risked his life getting Ramon out of prison. Pedro tells Jack that he put him in. Jack wants to talk to Ramon before he gets too drunk. They talk about what Ramon is like when he is drunk. Jack begins to convulse. Pedro checks it out, gets to close and Jack takes him down with his feet. Jack gets the keys to the handcuffs and frees himself then takes Pedro's gun.

An advisor tells Palmer that he thinks they can explain what pulled him offstage but explaining Anne is going to be harder. It's dirty laundry and people want to know about it. The advisor leaves. Wayne tells Palmer that he used up his goodwill explaining Sherry. He has to respect the people who voted for him.

Anne receives a phone call from Ted. He says they need to talk. She can't believe he has the audacity to call. He wants to make it right. He says to come up to his office. He will make it right. He has documents - letters and memos. She says she will send someone over. He yells no this is done his way or he burns them. She agrees to go to his office but says he'd better not be bluffing.

Chase walks up to a house. He hesitates outside, looking in a window. He rings the bell. A man comes to the door. Chase tells the man that they need to talk. The man says that he's eating dinner. Chase shoves his way into the house. The man is the Salazar's accountant. Chase demands to know where Hector is. The man says that he is a legitimate accountant. Chase presses the issue. The accountant says he doesn't know where Hector is right now. He gets on his computer to try to find out.

Ramon eyes the door again. He picks up the gun. He gets up. The guard says that Hector is meeting them. Ramon goes through the door saying are you prepared to die Jack. Jack comes out holding a gun to Ramon. He forces Ramon to sit down. Ramon tells the women that everything is all right.

Hector is issuing orders and people are bustling around. Claudia asks why so many people to pick up Ramon. Hector tells her that they haven't checked in. Gael gets in a car.

Gael is given an injection. He cries. Chappelle asks who else is working with him. He tells Gael that he would like nothing more than to let him hang but he is a realist and knows he is working with someone. The phone rings. Chappelle asks if it is Hector. Gael stares. Chappelle runs out and asks Adam for a tracking node. Adam and Kim run in with equipment. They hook it up to the phone. Chappelle tells him not one wrong word. Gael talks to Hector. They don't know where Bauer is. He can't find out. They have him on something else. They are watching him. Chappelle asks if they got it. Adam says no.

Michelle arrives at Tony's side. He smiles at her. They kiss. She tells him he scared the hell out of her. She asks the doctor how he is doing. The doc says that he'll be on his feet in a couple of days. And can go home tomorrow. They want to keep an eye on him. Michelle tells Tony that Jack broke Salazar out of prison. Tony says he needs to talk to Gael. Michelle tells him that Gael was working for the Salazars. Tony tries to get out of bed. He has to get back to CTU. Tony says to sign him over to CTU medical the doctor won't do it. Tony says if you are worried about liability have his wife sign him out. Tony tells Michelle if ever there was a time to trust him it was now.

The accountant tells Chase that he has followed the money. There is a bank account in LA - David Gomez. He finds an account he hasn't seen before. Las Nieves. They locate it on a map. Chase says that must be it. Chase asks the accountant if he has a plane. The man says yes. Chase says to clear it for take off.

Chloe finds Kim in the bathroom. She asks Kim if she is okay. She ponders how someone can work there for so long and be corrupt. Chloe leaves. Kim gets a call from Chase. She leaves the bathroom and talks to him. Kim tells Chase that Chappelle wants him back and that Salazar took her father on the plane. She tells him that Gael is working for the Salazars. Chase tells Kim that CTU has been compromised. She can't tell anyone, not even Chappelle that she has talked to him. He pleads with her. He says he has to go black. She tells him to stay safe and hangs up.

Ramon asks Jack if he thinks he can land the plane, take on everyone on the ground and turn the plane back around. Not even the great "Jack Bauer" can do that. Ramon babbles that his own country doesn't want him. And would a third world country take him. Jack tells him to shut up. The plane lands. Hector and his men arrive.

Tony arrives at CTU. He asks Adam where Gael is. Adam tells him in interrogation with Chappelle. Tony heads to the room. Gael is given another injection. Chappelle says to talk to him. Tony goes in and tells the tech to leave. He tells Chappelle to leave to. Chappelle says he doesn't care what is going on between the two of them he's staying right there.

The plane door opens. Hector shouts Ramon. The crew and the girls get off then Hector's man. He asks where Ramon is. Ramon gets off with Jack behind him. Hector says to kill Jack. Jack tells him that Ramon tried to kill him on the plane. Ramon and Hector embrace. Hector goes to Jack. Jack hands over the gun. Hector tells him "good job Jack" (by the way I'm wigging out here and had to stop my tivo to collect myself). Hector and Jack embrace. Hector has a big ole tattoo on his arm that we see. Hector returns to his brother. Ramon asks Hector what he is doing. Hector says he will explain later. Jack pulls his shirtsleeve down. And does something to his watch.

Back at CTU we hear a signal of some sort. Tony says he's back in. He explains to Chappelle that he and Gael were trying to get Jack back in undercover with the Salazars. That signal means he's back in. Tony says he'll explain everything but they have to call the president.