2:00 to 3:00 pm

The truck arrives at the airport. Jack tells Nina to move. Nina tells one of the waiting men that Jack drugged Wilson to get her alone - tells Mason. Jack and Nina board a waiting jet. Rick Phillips, FBI is on the plane waiting for Jack. Jack cuffs Nina to her seat. Jack tells Rick to stay out of it. Rick says he's there to keep Nina safe.

Reza sees off his parents. Kate watches. Marie congratulates Kate on breaking Reza's parents hearts. Kate and Marie bicker over what the government is asking their father. What did they find? Kate confronts Reza over what he told Tony. Reza tells Kate that it's Bob's company. If anyone did anything wrong it's her father. Marie steps between them. Reza tells Kate nice work.

Sherry makes phone calls. Someone walks in, surprised to see her. He asks if Palmer asked her to come. She says she came on her own. Sherry tells the man he's waiting for him and to go on in. In Palmer's office, Lynn tells someone not to speculate. Apparently the reporter's film crew is becoming suspicious. They still have him sequestered. They decide to leak a story that he had to go to court for the rest of the day.

Michelle tells Mason that she just got off the phone with Miller. Miller was drugged and Jack and Nina got on the plane without him. Mason isn't surprised. He says to let them go. They need results and Jack gets pretty big results. Upstairs Mason unbuttons his shirt and reveals a big red welt of sorts.

Back in Oregon - Palmer is warned that Sherry may not be on the up and up regarding the conspiracy story. She has her own agenda. The man (who is this guy? What is his name? And better yet - why don't I know it?) says he'll look into it. They need Palmer focused on the bomb threat. Palmer wants the Man to check on Stanton. Stanton was Rayburn's boss. And may know something or be in on it.

On the plane, Jack asks Nina how far Fahim is from the airport. Nina asks for water. Jack repeats the question. Nina doesn't answer. Rick says they need her to cooperate. Jack tosses clothes at Nina and tells Rick to get her changed. They need her to look like a civilian (and what they couldn't' do this on the ground?). Jack undoes the handcuffs. Nina takes off her top in front of the two men. We see scars on her back.


Mason tells someone to come on down. Michelle calls to let them know that Jack and Nina are on the ground. No location for Fahim yet. Morph to shaggy blonde dude in a "Juice 'n Go" stand. He receives a call - its Mason. Mason has called his son, John. John protests his father calling and wanting him to come now. Mason keeps repeating that he needs to see him. John hangs up. (John, Jack, Rick, Reza, Kim, Carla, Kate- someone beat the writers please!).

Jack, Nina, Rick get off the plane. Nina reveals that they are going to a thrift store. They are going to set up base at the airport. Rick wants to know what to do with Nina. Jack says Nina goes with him. They can use her for bait.

Back in Washington, the nameless man talks to Stanton. He offers to help Stanton play catch-up with some papers. Stanton agrees. Lynn briefs Palmer on the raid in which they found nuclear weapons. Palmer learns that Jack is still in the investigation/search. Palmer reacts to Jack/Nina.

Back at the airstrip, they prepare. Gas canisters won't work. Jack tells Nina she's going in. Nina points out that they won't believe she got out of prison on the day the bombs are to go off. Nina says he'll shoot me then turn the gun on himself.


Mason asks Michelle how it is looking. Tony calls in. Tony tells Mason that Reza blames Bob Warner. Warner says that he knows nothing. Mason tells Tony to bring them both in. They'll separate them and interrogate. Tony is told to bring them in on anything he can think of. Tony tells Reza he needs to come with him. The other CTU agent, goes to get Warner. Reza protests. Warner tells Reza to cooperate. Marie insists on going, is told that she can't. She says she'll follow. They ruined her wedding day she won't be separated from her fiancé. Kate is left to tell everyone the wedding is off.

Lynn is officially introduced to Sherry. Lynn wants to go over some things regarding Stanton - she looks pointedly at Sherry. Palmer tells her that he has granted Sherry a provisional security clearance. Sherry suggests that they bring her up to speed. Sherry tells Lynn that Stanton has been having secret meetings with the senate. Rayburn was in on it. Lynn knew about the meetings. They were in talks about base funding (or something). Lynn has detailed papers on the meetings. Nameless man gives Palmer a list of people who might be in on it from the hill. Sherry gets an odd look when she looks at the list.


Kate races to the computer. The Warner Logo pops up. She calls her investigator friend. Ralph (the investigator) isn't there. He's left for the day. The guy who answers the phone asks if he can help. Kate has to get into her father's private records. (Why do I feel a stupid woman thing coming on here?)

Lynn and Sherry "talk" (break out the meow mix). They don't like each other. And I miss most of the convo because my key tapping is too loud. Palmer tells Sherry to be careful. He needs Lynn. Sherry says that she needs Lynn to understand that she's not just some volunteer here. Palmer says he doesn't have many friends here. And every time he turns around, someone is advising him to send her away. Sherry asks why he doesn't. Palmer tells her that she can get info no one else can.

Jack tells Nina to get out of the SUV (Jeep Cherokee for those keeping track). Nina enters a building. The rest of the team moves into position. Nina asks for a "Mahmud." The clerk says she doesn't no anyone by that name. Nina tells the clerk that Nina is here to see him. The clerk goes to contact him. The clerk tells Nina to come with her. Nina is searched. Nina has a camera in a necklace. Nina tells them she escaped from prison. Michelle tracks Nina's progress. Jack has lost contact with her. Michelle relays the information. Nina finally meets a man. They speak in a foreign language without subtitles. Michelle can't tell whom she is talking to. He's in shadows. The audio goes dead. Jack and the team move in. Gunfire ensues (naturally). The Jeep Cherokee rams through the front window. The man is lying on the floor. Jack yells the Fahid is unconscious. They need medical help in the building.


Jack runs past a dead guy. Nina tries to get up a staircase but is blocked by a gate. She pulls a gun to try to shoot a lock off. Jack appears at the bottom of the steps and tells her to drop it. She does. Jack has his weapon drawn to the back of Nina's head (and we all know he's not gonna pull the trigger so move on already). He hold it there. Then drops it (told ya).

Kim, Miguel, and Megan in the stolen car drive. Kim is on the phone with Aunt Carol. We hear the whoop of a siren. (What do you expect when they're driving a stolen car). Miguel asks what he did wrong. Speeding is the answer. The CHP asks for license and registration. Kim tells him that it's her boss's car. CHP takes the license and registration back to his car. (And I'm betting dumb and dumber freak out and take off before this is all over).

John arrives at CTU and talks to Mason. John doesn't understand. Mason begins mumbling about a bank account he and how he'll transfer the funds to him. John doesn't want the money. Mason says he won't be needing it. John starts to catch on. Mason tells John he's dying. John asks if it's cancer. Mason says something like that. He tells John that something bad is going to happen in LA and to leave town now. Mason hugs John. John tears up. Mason tells John to get out of here. Mason cries after his son leaves.

Back in the desert. Kim says they'll take them back to LA. Miguel agrees. CHP comes back to the car. (Hey what do you know they didn't bolt) The CHP asks if that is her boss's car. Then asks who the little girl is. Miguel says that Kim is the Au Pair. The cop is ready to leave but notices blood dripping from the tail pipe. He tells Miguel to get out and open up the trunk (betcha Carla's in there). Miguel opens the trunk. Yup - dead Carla in the trunk. Kim begins yelling. Kim and Miguel are face down on the ground. Megan wakes up. Kim tells her to stay in the car. (I knew stealing that car was a baaaaad idea).