We open to images of wing and a statue. Then find Sid in an operating room on a table. She sits up then stumbles off the table. She tries to get out of the room but the door is locked. She bangs on the door. She touches her stomach. We see blood at the point her scar is at. She lifts the gown, puts her hand in the scar then begins pulling tubing out. She wakes screaming.

Sid arrives to see the shrink and apologizes at not being for group for a while. She asks about experimental therapies she's heard about and interested in. He tells her to give group a change. Sid tells him that a terrorist organization is trying to find out what she knows she doesn't have time to give it a chance. He shows her a man who was missing for 5 years. He volunteered for the surgery she is asking about. He found out he was subjected to horrible torture and unspeakable acts. The man is in a padded cell and a straight jacket. The doctor tells Sid that they consider him to be a successful case. He would consider death before this surgery.

We see children in the streets of Mexico then gun fire. A man runs. Police give pursuit. The apprehend him. Perez is questioned. He's been busy in Spain, France and Cuba. The police ponder where to send him. It is pointed out that Spain and France do not believe in the death penalty. If he gives them a bigger fish, they will let him choose where he goes. Perez says that a CIA agent killed a Russian diplomat.

Dixon tells everyone to lock all computers down. They have someone without clearance on the way in. Guards bring in a hooded man. Dixon goes to greet as everyone else watches. The hood is removed. It is Sloane. Sloane tells him he always knew he was destined for great things. Dixon says to come with him. He is led into the briefing room. He talks to Marshall who babbles. Dixon says that due to the sensitive nature of the information about to be presented, he decided to have Sloane share it there. Sloane asks if everyone is there. Dixon states the Vaughn and Reed (nice way to keep track of the Mr. & Mrs. there by having her use her maiden name - very clever) are preparing a separate mission under the NSC.

Sloane says that 10 hours ago he had a meeting with Mr. Sark who had an assignment for them. The Covenant are no longer satisfied using Sloane's business as a front for their legitimate business, they want him to do an operation for them. He asks if everyone knows what a Maser is. Marshall naturally responds yes a microwave laser. Marshall asks Sloane if he wants to explain. Dixon stops him and reminds Marshall that Sloane has no authority here. Marshall says he is sorry then asks Dixon if he wants him to explain. Dixon says yes. Marshall proceeds to explain that a Maser is a microwave laser with a pinpoint concentrated beam. Sloane is going to attend a charity function at a Chinese government location.

They believe that China has a maser. Weiss asks if it is operational. Jack says that a maser can cause tissue damage and even heart failure. It can make it appear that the victim died of natural causes and reminds them to think of what the Covenant could do if they had it. Dixon says he will send along an agent to the function with Sloane. Sloane wants Sid. Sloane says that he will not risk his life for this. Jack asks why Sid, given their history they won't possibly allow it. Sid says that she will do it. If they are caught they will both face a Chinese firing squad. This time their goals are in line. If he betrays her, she will just kill him herself.

Jack asks Vaughn about his being loaned out to the NSC. He proceeds to say that Perez has been apprehended. Vaughn remembers him he almost killed him. Jack urges Vaughn to get out of the investigation because Perez knows who Sid is. Jack refuses because he has been forced to lie to his wife because of a stunt Jack orchestrated. Jack says if the NSC finds out they will subject Sid to invasive surgery. Vaughn tells Jack that if they don't send him, they will send other agents and they will still find out. Jack says that they need time to plan their next move. Vaughn thinks that his wife is the best way to keep this information from the NSC. Jack says what if she isn't.

Marshall demonstrates his latest gizmo - a tiny radio controlled stealth car. It will help them turn off the security system. Then Sid will attach her phone and Marshall will render the maser useless while copying the computer technology to give to Sloane who will give it to the Covenant.

Sid and Sloane arrive at the function. Sid sets off the metal detector. Her purse is searched and she is passed through. Sloane tries to tell Sid how they should act while they are there. He wants Sid to take his arm. The Blue Danube Waltz is playing, and people are dancing. They are presented to the Minister. The minister says that Sloane's organization is the model of humanitarianism. Sid is dismissed. The minister comments on how lovely she is and he assumes that she does more than type. Sloane says their relationship is strictly professional. The minister says of course.

Sid goes to the ladies room. Waits for a moment when everything is clear and removes the car. She leaves the ladies room then heads out, gets a class of Champagne. She takes a seat and uses her cell phone to call Marshall as she puts the car on the ground. Marshall begins to maneuver the car. Dixon asks if the car is silent. Marshall states that a cockroach thinks louder than this car.

Sloane joins Sid. He asks if she is all right. She says as long as Marshall can deactivate the security system. Sloane tells her that the minister assumes they are sleeping together despite his protests. Sloane suggests that they dance so that they can have a fight on the dance floor allowing Sid enough time to get away. The pair dance. Marshall's car follows a guard into the security room. He activates the RF modem and takes the system down. He says that it should take them weeks or months to get back online. On the dance floor, Sid's phone rings. Marshall tells her the security system is down. Sid slaps Sloane and walks away.

Vaughn and the Mrs. drive a jeep through Mexico. They stop at a boy lying on the ground next to his bicycle. Men come out of the trees and capture the pair. One makes a call. Jack tells him to take them somewhere and hold them for at least two hours. The money will be in the confessional. The police give Jack the keys and heads outside. Jack goes back to pay Perez a visit.

Sid goes into a room, locks the door and changes clothes. Dixon advises her to keep her face covered she can't afford to be recognized. She locates the safe and cracks it. She opens it, checks for sensors and removes a large case. She removes the maser and attaches the phone to it. Marshall corrupts the code. The security system comes back on. Marshall takes it back down but not before the guards are alerted. Sid grabs the tieback from the curtain and uses it to fight off the guards who invade the room. One comes after her with a sword. She grabs knives off the floor and fights two guards with swords at once (interesting that they finally worked in her work with knives from the movie Daredevil there). She defeats them, then raises her hood (after she was told to keep face covered and she was talking to Marshall and Dixon just fine before with it on.) and asks Marshall if he is done. He is she removes the phone from the maser and leaves.

The police tell Reed and Vaughn that they are lucky crime on the roads has become an embarrassment. He asks if they want to file a report. They say they don't. They want to extradite Perez as soon as possible. He takes them back to his cell. They find Perez hanging in his cell. Vaughn asks who else has been to see Perez. The police says no one.

Sid gives Sloane the chip with the corrupted information. She says that they won't suspect they will trace it back to the Chinese maser. Sloane ponders how many times her handlers told her the same thing when he had sent her to steal something for SD-6. Sloane hands Sid an envelope with Sid's handwriting on it. It arrived just before Sid resurfaced. He hadn't seen the code before. He thought he should give it to her since it was once in her possession.

Vaughn confronts Jack about killing Perez. Jack replies that he has been through an emotional experience. Vaughn says that nameless rebels kidnap them then release them out of the goodness of their hearts. He can see through that. Jack says that Vaughn is making baseless accusations. Vaughn says that they had a gun to his wife's head. Vaughn doesn't believe Perez killed himself. Jack says that Perez knew he had a price on his head. Vaughn grabs Jack by the throat. Jack tells him perhaps he now understands the compromises one must go through when someone he loves is in danger.

Reed gets into her car and tries to start it. He doesn't work. She gets out and lifts the hood. One of the plugs has been pulled. She replaces it. Sark holds a gun to her and says to get in the car. She complies. Sark gets in the back seat. He tells her that he has jammed the feeds of the CCTV cameras (closed circuit TV) so they can speak freely. He asks if she knows who he is. She does. He knows her investigation into Lazary's murder has hit a dead end. She asks how he knows that. He tells her because Perez knew the identity and was being held and knew the Americans would want the information. She says this is the second time a gun has been held to her head. She assumes he would have killed her if he were going to do it. He hands her a wedding present. It contains photos from Lazary's murder. She asks how he got them. He doesn't tell. He says that the woman is Julia Thorne. And that she goes by another name. A name she knows well. He recently learned that Sidney Bristow killed a father he never had the chance to know. He tells her to notify the appropriate personnel. He prepares to leave and tells her he has rigged a weight sensitive charge under the car. Once he activates it, it will go off if she tries to leave within 30 minutes it will detonate. He tells her it has been a pleasure and gets out. He stands in front of the car and activates the device.

Sid is dreaming again. Her phone rings. It is Jack. They talk about the key and the code. The cyber text is in her writing as well. The code was once that Irina devised. He knows the code - he learned it from her. It is an apartment in Rome. It was purchased a year ago. The buyer chose to remain anonymous. Jack says that when she returns they will go to Rome together.

Vaughn rushes to his wife. He says they will find him. She tells him that Julie Thorne is really Sidney Bristow. She wasn't sure if he knew. Now she does. Vaughn explains that he was under orders not to tell him. She becomes angry that everyone in that office kept secrets from her. They kept her from doing her job. The one thing she was desperately tried to find out. She asks how long he knew. He tells her three weeks. This only upsets her more. Vaughn tries to tell her Sid doesn't remember. She accuses him of derailing her investigation to protect Sidney something she would never do. Vaughn says that if she tells Lindsey he will want to know everything she did over those two years. Reed says as well he should. Vaughn says that they will force invasive procedures on Sidney. Reed says she is aware of the procedures and they wouldn't do that to a US agent. Vaughn says that all Lindsey has to do is form an extradition agreement with the Russians. It is just like him to break the rules. Vaughn stops and looks at her then says you already reported it. She says you followed your orders I followed mine. Vaughn rushes off. She calls after him.

Sid's plane arrives. Her phone rings. Vaughn tells her the NSC knows everything not to go home. He meets her. He drives her around. She doesn't know what to do. If they want to find her they will. He says he will do anything he can to keep her safe. She says she wants to go to Rome. He tells her that where she can find new id papers and money. She says good thing she is already packed. She asks why she is doing this? Her life is in disarray now his is too. He tells her that everything the way it was, the way it is now. He isn't going to lose her twice. They hug. She thanks him. She heads to her plane.

Sid arrives at the apartment in Rome. She passes a man on the cell phone in the hall. He checks back after she passes. Dixon asks Jack and Vaughn if they know were Sid is she hasn't checked in. Reed comes in and says she needs to talk to him. They head to his office. Jack asks Vaughn if the NSC knows about Sid. He assumes that Vaughn is the one who helped her disappear then asks what more he would do. Vaughn asks what did you have in mind?

Lauren says what she is about to say gives her no pleasure. Under the authority of the NSC Lindsey has ordered her to remove him of command. Dixon asks what charges. She states obstruction of justice in the murder of Lazaray. She has photographic evidence that Sidney was the killer. Dixon says it is under his per review to compartmentalize information. If Lindsey has objection to that he can take it up with the director of central intelligence. He already has. His phone should be ringing any minute. Until such time as someone is here to take over they are in lockdown. Dixon assumes they have taken Sid into custody. She says not yet but they will. They know where she is.

Sid inserts the key into the lock. She looks around the apartment. She reaches the bedroom and takes off her coat. She lies back on the bed and looks up. There is a skylight from which she can see bats or birds and the statue from her dream. She washes her face then checks the medicine cabinet. There is a prescription bottle for Julia Thorne in it. Italian police grab her and place her under arrest.