Finally.........David is sent packing

As usual, tonight began with a look back at last week, the boardroom drama and ultimately the firing of Mahsa.......finally!

After the teams went back to the suite, they started to unload as to their projects and the complications that each team had........immediately Anand got onto Steph about how there were lots of info left off of the printing that was done. Of course, this immediately started a shouting match between Anand and Steph as well as a PI from Steph letting us all know in no uncertain terms how she feels about the situation......LOL.

As the winning project manager, Steuart has the chance to meet up with Larry Young as the owner/CEO of Snapple.

Now that Steph and Anand have sorted out who has class and who doesn’t, guess they are on the same team.........YUP. Team switch day as Donald tells the group who is on what teams now. Team Octane is now: Clint, Steuart, Brandy and Liza.....Team Fortitude is now: Anand, David, Stephanie and Poppy.

Mr. Trump arrives at the task with Terry Lundgren, the President and Chairman of Macy’s....The task is to complete a four page advertisement regarding the Donald J. Trump Signature Series of shirts, ties and cufflinks. The task will be judged according to the criteria of creativity, brand integration, and overall quality of the presentation. Don Jr. and Eric are Donald’s advisors during this task. Once the task was explained and the teams decided on David for Fortitude and Brandy for Octane as the PM’s for the task, both teams headed off to their respective war rooms.

Over with Fortitude......... All team members were sorting out who was doing what tasks when David put Poppy and Anand in charge of looking after the models, dressing them, and taking pictures of the Trump Bar. This is where the concept was born regarding black and white for the background and the shirts, ties and cufflinks will be in color for the advertising pictures.

Over at Octane............ Brandy was brainstorming with the group when they came up with the concept that they will have an advertising plan that will be influenced by money, power, and sexiness(which they feel Trump is). Their concept includes having a female model dressed in a dress shirt on the bed, influenced by the morning after scenario. Of course Liza was completely against the concept..........
Brandy and Steuart were dropped at Trump Soho for the photo shoot, to find that there are no models coming for the shoot. Brandy comes up with the idea that Steuart and Brandy will be the models for the bedroom scene and see where it goes from there.

Back with Fortitude, the models arrive and Poppy and Anand get to work figuring out who is going to do what........Even though Dave put Poppy and Anand in charge of selecting the models, David immediately took over and decided which one he wanted. As Anand said in a PI, it seemed like David had a man crush on the very first model he saw and that was all there was to it.

Octane is setting up for their photoshoot including Steuart and Brandy getting their makeup done for it when Eric arrives to check out what is happening. He seems impressed that Brandy is taking the iniciative to do the modeling considering no models showed up, but is a bit concerned as to whether she will have enough time left to oversee everything else. As Steuart explains what their team concept is, Eric voices his concerns that the concept might be a bit too racey and they will have to be careful not to go over the edge with it.

Back with David’s crew, the model that David has chosen is beginning his photo shoot and of course David is thourally impressed with him, yet Poppy and Anand are talking in the background as to how skinny the model’s neck is and that the shirt isn’t fitting him right. There were lots of other models there that the shirts fit no problem, but David wasn’t going to listen to Anand and Poppy on the matter and was so determined to have the first model that he liked.

Meanwhile, both Brandy and Steuart were getting their photoshoot completed when Clint and Liza showed up with the clothes for the models to wear. In a PI, Liza voiced her concern as to how racey the photo’s would be and if they are going too far.......

Anand and Poppy arrive back at the suite to give David an update.........Poppy and Anand stated that they hadn’t ordered food yet for the models which about sent David overboard as he stated in a PI, he tasked them to complete a simple task of ordering food. As the crew is around figuring the food situation out, Don Jr. shows up to evaluate how they are doing on their task. During the time that Don was there, David proceeded to freak out on Poppy and Anand about the food situation, which didn’t seem to impress Don much at all.

As the group starts going through their photo’s, Liza still is feeling unsure of what they are doing for their concept as she feels they might be going overboard with it.

Now it is David’s turn to overtake the project and decide what photo’s are going to be used. Anand was trying to help with it, but David went out of control and started calling Anand names.......calling him a Muther F*cker in front of a computer person sitting there..........totally un professional.

Judgement time.................

Team Octane is up first and makes a very good presentation...........Brandy is taking the lead and describing the concept and the teams thoughts on the project. Next up was Fortitude with David making the presentation........a let the clothing speak for itself theme.

The judges comments included that for team octane, the creativity in the brochure really demonstrated the points that they wanted to make..........
Regarding team Fortitude: The black and white background allowed for the products to show better, the model’s shirt didn’t fit him properly, their product shots too small, missing important points.

Boardroom is up next.............

When everyone settled down, Donald first asked Brandy what she thought of being in front of and behind the she thought the task went and then he turned to Liza and asked her how Brandy was as a PM. Liza was fine with Brandy as the PM and Brandy thought the task went very well. Then Trump asked Clint if he missed David. Of course this puts Clint on the hot seat, but Clint diplomatically answered the question by saying that he thought that they had a good team now.

Then David was asked how he thought the project went. When asked who was the weakest player, David named Poppy. When Poppy was asked how she thought things went, she immediately stated that David spoke to her in a very demeaning way and treated her quite badly during the task........the fact that David hounded Poppy and Anand to get the lunch and to entertain the models came into the discussion once again. Trump immediately stated that it wasn’t their job to entertain the models, but was their job to do the task. This of course got David riled up and he tried to defend himself. Trump brought Anand into the conversation by asking him about who picked the models.....Anand stated how David was totally overboard on one of the models in particular, then brought it up of how Anand thought that David had a ridiculous man crush on this one model. This of course gets Donald asking if David is gay?

When all was said and done, the decision by the judges is that Team Octane was the winner. Their advertising will be used in the future ads with Macey’s, and as the winning PM, Brandy is going to meet up with Terry Lundgren as her reward.

When all was said and done, Trump basically asked all members of the team if Poppy should be fired........Steph and Anand stated that Poppy shouldn’t be fired as it was definitely David that made the decisions regarding the models and the pictures that would be used for the product line. Considering that David took over the task and basically didn’t take anyone’s advice on how things should be presented..........David was fired.

Tonight’s boardroom was pretty easy going and basically it was definitely an open and shut case regarding the winning team, as well as the fact that David would be fired.

Well, there's my for this week. Hope you all have a great week and I will be back next Thursday to do it all again.........hope to see you here!