8:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Chappelle says to Tony that Bauer has been playing a game all this time. Tony tells him it isn't a game. Chappelle says that he's his boss he should have been told. Tony says he will explain everything once he explains it to the President. Tony is handed the phone. Wayne is listening in on the call. Tony says that everything from the body at health services to Ramon being broken out of prison was a ruse to get Jack into the Salazar's again. Tony directs him to a video link. Jack is on video explaining that viewing this means that he has completed the first stage of a mission to go undercover with the Salazar's. Contrary to what he may believe the Salazar's are not in possession of the virus. The idea that they are, was a lie he perpetuated to further a goal. Russians were selling a bioweapon on the open market. Jack convinced them that the Salazar's would be good buyers. The goal was to remove the bioweapon from the marketplace. Because it is without a doubt the most lethal threat they have faced. He had to have the trust of the Salazar's. And the only way to do that was the break Ramon Salazar out of prison. He is sorry he lied. It was a benign deception. The only way to avoid the risk of Palmer being personally liable was the deception. He wants Palmer to authorize CTU director Almeda to use the military to get the virus and keep it from their enemies.

Palmer tells Tony that keeping him in the dark was inexcusable. He and his colleagues will take responsibility for this when this is over. Palmer asks where Bauer is now. Tony tells him in Northern Mexico setting up a meeting between the Russians and the Salazars. Palmer tells Tony that even if the plan works flawlessly he hasn't heard the last of this.

Palmer tells Wayne that he doesn't like decisions like this being taken out of his hands. Wayne doesn't agree. He says that he will have to punish Jack Bauer but that he did the right thing.

Tony tells Michelle that they need an extended network using protocol 4. Chappelle tells Tony that this won't work out well for him. Tony and Chappelle bicker over who is in charge. Tony tells him that Palmer put him in charge of this. He hands Chappelle the phone and says that Palmer didn't seem in the mood for bureaucratic squabbling. Chappelle says he will be watching and walks away.

Ramon asks Hector how the man who betrayed them is now their friend. Hector tells him that Bauer came to them with an opportunity to make a lot of money. They are asking $100 MILLION. But Hector has buyers lined up willing to pay billions. Ramon asks where the scientists are. Jack says not far from here. They are expecting his call in the next hour. Ramon asks what is in this for Jack. Jack tells him that he needs his capital. Ramon doesn't believe Jack. Jack tells him that his wife was killed due to his job. His daughter hasn't been the same. In the last year he knows what he went through to bring him in. What did he get, a pat on the back, a demotion and a heroin addiction? He's tired of putting his ass on the line. Hector hands Ramon a gun and says if you don't believe him blow him away but you are blowing away billions of dollars. Ramon picks up the gun and fires - missing Jack. Hector asks Ramon if he is crazy and takes the gun away. Jack says that he needs to make the call in the next hour but they need to make a decision quickly.

Tony says that Jack's transponder puts him east of Los Nieves just south of the border. It is some sort of ranch. They will hold their positions. Chloe and Chase will provide support. Michelle says they don't know where Chase is. Chappelle ordered him back over and hour ago. Kim goes to Tony. She says that she spoke to Chase over an hour ago. He isn't coming back to CTU. He thinks that the Salazar's held Jack captive. Tony starts to go off to contact Chase. Kim tells him that Chase has gone dark.

Jack sweats on a mattress. Claudia brings him a tray and says that she thought he might be hungry. The door closes and she slaps him. She says he is pathetic junkie. She tells him that he said that he would take her away from there. He forgot to tell her he was a cop. But she could over look that if he had lived up to his promises. He tells her he meant them. She says she betrayed them. He betrayed his people. Jack asks if Hector knows about them. Claudia says do you think I would be alive right now if he know. She says right now Hector is with Ramon. She offers him a fix. Says he needs it. Is that what he wants? He says no. She touches his face. She leaves the room. Jack doubles over in pain.

Tony sends Miguel a photo. He is told that this guy is acting on his own authority. Tony collapses on the floor and grabs his head. He gets up and goes downstairs. He tells Michelle and Kim that his contact can get someone there. Contacting the local police would be useless. They find an airfield but it is too exposed and Kim doesn't think he'd use it. Tony tells them to find a topical overlay and find another landing spot.

Palmer asks where Anne is. Wayne tells him to be evasive about Anne. The reporters will start asking questions. Palmer tells him to find Anne. Wayne says he will. Meanwhile Anne arrives at Ted's. He lets her in and thanks her for coming. He says he just wanted the chance to apologize for what he did face to face. She asks where the letters are. He gets them for her. She stares at a gun that he accidentally uncovers. He tells her it isn't meant for her. She asks for whom then? She asks if he is thinking of killing himself. He tells her know. She says to talk to someone. She knows good people. He says high priced phonies who will talk him out of doing something he should have done 5 years ago. He tells her to just go. She tries to grab the gun. He wrestles it away from her and holds it to his temple and says don't come any closer. He tells her to get out of there. She hesitates. He says to go. She says what he did was wrong but he made it right that means something. He can start again. He lowers the gun. He says she is really something. He believed that if she gave him a few more minutes she might really be able to talk him out of it. They fight over the gun again. He gets it and shoots himself.

Tony says that the president can Expect updates from him every 15 minutes. He winces in pain. Michelle tells him that he should be in the hospital. She brings him a briefing package on Los Nieves. He thanks her. He asks if something is wrong. She says that she is worried about him. He asks what else. She says it isn't the time. He asks what it is. She says this whole thing he was planning with Jack. Tony says that Jack wanted absolute secrecy. He trusts her with his life but this job is what it is. She walks away from him. She says that Jack came up with the plan a month ago. Tony says yes. She thought he was hiding something from her, but that is her problem. She leaves him.

Wayne tells Palmer that Bauer is at a place called Los Nieves. Palmer asks when they expect to intercept the virus. Wayne says that they will let him know. The phone rings. It is Anne. She tells him that Ted just committed suicide. He asks if she is okay. She says no she was with him when he did it. He asks why. She says that he wanted to apologize. He asks if she called the police. She says yes. She needs to give him something. She has letters that exonerate her. He tells her, her well-being is what is important. She hangs up and holds the file. Palmer tells Wayne. Wayne says he is so sorry. They discuss the letters that apparently prove that she is innocent. She will bring them over. Wayne says he guesses that it some sort of silver lining. Wayne says that he knows he was hard on Anne but she cleaned up her own mess. Maybe she has what it takes for this game after all.

Hector and Ramon argue over if they still need Bauer or not. Hector says that he has no family and a habit he can't beat. He isn't the same man that came to them. Hector says that Bauer is a fugitive from his own country. Ramon asks what they do when the deal is over. Hector says no they can't forget them man who betrayed them. They will deal with him after. Hector says he will earn his respect when they earn more money in one day than they have in their lifetimes. Ramon orders Bauer brought in. Hector asks what Ramon has decided. Ramon says he isn't sure yet. Jack comes in. Ramon goes to him and says I don't trust you and never will. What I want to do right now is spill your blood. But out of respect for my little brother I will let you live for now. He tells Jack to make the call. Jack goes to the phone.

Tony receives a call from Raphael in Los Nieves. There is no sign of incoming craft. Raphael's team is himself. Miguel wanted him to handle it himself. This is a corrupt area. Tony tells him to make sure that Chase knows that he is with CTU. A plane approaches. Tony tells him to make sure it is him and be careful. The plane lands. Raphael gets out of his vehicle and moves in. Tony tells him to be careful he isn't expecting company. Raphael says Edmonds I'm here to help. He opens the plane and climbs in. There doesn't appear to be anyone there. Raphael says that no body is there. Tony thinks that he spotted him. Raphael goes off to search, calling Edmonds. He returns to his vehicle. Chase tackles him. He asks who he is. Raphael tells him. His credentials are in his pocket. He gives Tony Alameda's access code. Chase asks what he wants. Raphael says to call him. He hands Chase a phone and tells him it is about Jack Bauer. Chase makes the call. Chase says if you are talking me into coming back you are wasting your. Raphael is shot. Chase scrambles into the truck and drives off. He tells Tony that he is being pursued. The truck crashes. Kim gets nervous. Tony calls to Chase over the phone. Men close in on the truck. They drag Chase out.

Anne arrives. She is taken to see the president. She looks pained. She enters his office. He asks how she is holding up and kisses her. Wayne comes in and asks if those are the letters. She hands them over. He looks them over and says that these are good. They clear up everything. Once they are authenticated they can show it to Keeler and the press. Anne says that she thought he would be pleased. He says he is sorry and if there is anything he can do to let him know. She thanks him. Wayne leaves them alone. Anne tells Palmer that she is going to be all right. She says that something was suddenly clear to him. She says she thinks they need to end things. Palmer says that after what just happened. What has happened all day he understands. She says it isn't that. This day was awful but she can't live in this world. The things that people do to each other. Palmer says that is why he needs her. She says that he doesn't need someone who stands by and watches while things happen. She says that he is the finest man she has ever known. She says this isn't for her. They kiss. She leaves. He calls out to her.

Jack is on a satellite phone. He talks to Michael. Jack asks where to meet them. Michael says he will call back in a few minutes. Jack gives him the number. The men bring in Chase. They tell Ramon that he was with a federale that they killed. Ramon says I know this man. He is this man's partner. Ramon says they need to get out of here there will be more. Jack says he didn't know he would be here. He pleads with Hector to go through with the deal. Chase asks what is going on. Is he with them? Jack says yes. Chase punches Jack. The men haul Chase back. Ramon says if he is telling the truth kill him. Jack agrees. He takes the gun and goes to Chase. Jack tells Chase that he shouldn't have come down. Jack holds the gun to Chases head. He pauses. Then pulls the trigger. The gun clicks but does not go off. Ramon applauds and says very good. Ramon says they will go to a safe house and take Chase with them. Jack gets in the vehicle. Chase starts to talk. Jack tells him that if he wants to get through this to shut up.

Gael comes in and says that Jack's transponder is dead. Tony curses and says that they have no way to track him.