A chopper heads to a facility of some sort. Military men are aboard as is a hooded figure. The chopper lands. The hooded figure is removed and taken inside. The figure is clad in some sort of olive jumpsuit. The hood is removed. It is Sidney. She is taken to a cell. Other inmates watch from their cells. She is shackled. The shackles are removed and she is pushed inside.

Lindsey arrives at HQ. He wants all access to all communication that has gone through the office in the last 2 years. Lauren is working on it. Lindsey tells Dixon that he wants full cooperation. Dixon refuses. He says that his staff will remain on duty. He is taking responsibility. Dixon has to surrender all clearances and access cards. He hands them over. Lindsey says that he expects full cooperation. Vaughn says don't expect it.

Lauren and Vaughn argue over Sid being in Lindsey's custody because of her. Lauren argues that she was doing her job. He covered up what she was looking for. She accuses Vaughn of being the one who got her out of the country. She asks if he knows what will happen to him if they find out he was the one. Lauren asks if Vaughn is right, that Lindsey is going to have surgery performed in Sid that will render her brain dead why would he have Lauren write the brief for the president and go with him as an observer of the interrogation. She says he has nothing to hide and says that he is overreacting. She doesn't know how long she'll be gone. She'll see him.

Jack watches Lindsey. Lindsey spots Jack. The looks from both men are cold. Vaughn talks to Jack and says that Lindsey has to be shut down. Jack asked if Vaughn has thought of how many laws that would break. Vaughn says that his stating that indicates that he's thought a plan up. Jack says to meet him in the parking lot.

Sid looks for a way out of her cell or something that will help her. She finds nothing. A prisoner in the next cell asks what she's doing? Is she looking for something? Sid says maybe. He says if she finds something, he'll have some. If it's candy, he loves candy. He introduces himself as Campbell. He says she is Sidney. He repeats her name. Then says for her not to leave. It's been a long time since he's had someone to talk to.

Vaughn asks who they're waiting on. Jack tells him Sloane. A car pulls up. Jack explains that breaking Sid out - they'll be the prime suspects. But Sloane can make it look like the Covenant did it. Sloane gets out and tells them that Sid is being held a Camp Williams. Vaughn asks why there? Jack explains that it is naval detention center for suspected terrorists. Sloane says that they need eight men and the equipment. Vaughn says that the FEMA office should have blueprints. Sloane taunts that he told Jack they'd work together again.

Sid is wheeled down a corridor. Lauren and Lindsey arrive vie chopper. Lindsey says that everyone on the hill needs to understand their motives and their morals. That she needs to document every move they have made to date in the investigation. Lauren says that Sid doesn't remember anything. Lindsey says that a coded message was found taped to the bottom of her desk in the Rome apartment. All she has to do is decode it for them. Lauren asks what if she doesn't know how. Lindsey says all she has to show is a willingness to cooperate and the surgery will only be a threat. They want the message decoded to help them infiltrate the Covenant.

We see Sid who is being given shock treatment. She is shown the message. A doctor says that they know she knows what the code is. Sid won't answer. She says don't bother negotiating with her. And he'd better make sure she's a vegetable when he's done. Lindsey tells him to do it again.

Shackles are removed from Sid's wrists. She is told that in a few hours she'll feel fine. That she has a strong heart and that another five or six sessions she'll be a new record. Lindsey leaves. Lauren asks why she isn't observing. How can she write a briefing if she didn't see it? Lindsey says he'll tell her what he can. Lauren doesn't buy it. Lindsey threatens her with investigating how Sid got out of the country and false identification. Lauren realizes that he asked for her because he needed a witness. He tells her to go write her report.

In her cell, Campbell gives Sid a blanket because they didn't give her one. He says this isn't the best place. He says they wanted to know about when he was in Iran, assigned. He asks what they wanted to know about her. She doesn't answer. He says not to give it to them. Sid lies on her bunk. She opens her hand and takes out the paperclip she'd grabbed earlier.

A black man and a young man play chess in the park. Jack and Vaughn come up. Jack and this man worked together in Chile in 73. He knew Vaughn's father. Jack tells him they need his help. Jack gives him the run down. He says that Sloane is setting it up. The man gives his demands. Jack agrees and gives him the address. Vaughn says you just agreed to pay him $2 million. Jack replies $3. Jack takes him to a building. It is storage. Vaughn states that the fact that Jack is showing him this means it isn't the only one. Jack says you're smarter than he looks.

Sid is brought in again. The doc talks about Sid getting to know her cell mate. A guard goes to release her. Sid belts him. A gun drops. Sid grabs it. She shoots the doc with a tranquilizer dart. Sid runs. They announce that a prisoner is loose. Lauren watches Sid race by. The guards catch her. They use a stun gun on her. Lauren watches this.

Sloane is in a van with Jack, Vaughn joins them. He brings a device that will help them. Sloane got them into the trunk exchange of the FEMA building. The security monitors go. Vaughn pretends he is with the security company. Jack goes in tells them the regular guy is sick. They scan Jack down as part of procedure. He is escorted into the building and back to the computer. Jack suggests that they make up their data is backed up. Sloane tells Vaughn he's spent a lot of time with his wife in the last year and that he's a lucky man. He imagines this has all put a strain on their relationship. Sloane makes a call asking why they are dark. Vaughn works on a wire while Sloane talks. Jack's escort leaves Jack alone. Jack uses the opportunity to look for the blueprints. Vaughn gets the camera in. The guard is sent to check on the security guy. Jack finds the blueprints. He holds them up while Vaughn takes pictures of them. Sloane continues working the phone. Vaughn nods. Sloane gets off the phone. Jack puts the blueprints away and tells them they should be back online. They call the director and learn he is out of the country. Jack races out of the building. They yell at Jack. Jack races to the van when it pulls up. The guard shoots and hits SLOANE! Jack pulls Sloane into the van and they drive off.

Jack cuts Sloane's shirt off. They are in Jack's emergency building. Jack goes to give Sloane morphine. Sloane says no he'll go into anaphylactic shock he'll be dead before they get the bullet out. Sloane passes out from the pain as Jack digs for the bullet. He gets it and drops it in a pan.

Sid wakes. Campbell tells her good morning. He says to think about the ocean. He says his son liked boats. He was six. Maybe he's still six. He thinks he's older. Sid asks what his son's name is. He says Benjamin.

Jack stitches Sloane up. Vaughn asks if he'll be okay. Jack says it nearly pierced an artery. They need information. Jack suggests that they use Marshall. Vaughn goes off to get the codes when Jack reminds him that he is a well-trained CIA operative.

Lauren goes to talk to Lindsey. He tells her to take out any references to other prisoners. Only Sidney. He tells her to meet him back in a couple of hours with a new version.

Vaughn goes to see Marshall - whose device of the week is a pair of glasses that do something. Vaughn asks if he can get into the NSC system. Marshall says he doesn't have clearance. Vaughn knows. Marshall says the forensic guys are monitoring. Vaughn says well there's a way around it, right. Marshall says of course I'm me. He makes the leap that if he gets the codes for Vaughn they're going to bust her out. He then babbles about love.

Jack and Sloane talk. Jack says that there will be no feeling of debt on his part. Sloane says that he is outsmarting himself. The US government thinks of him as a humanitarian and Jack still thinks that he is working a secret agenda. If he were it would be easier if he and Sid were dead. Jack says unless they need them for something. Sloane says that no humanitarian efforts absolve him from the death of his wife and his crimes. Jack and Sid are his penance. His absolution.

Marshall looks for the codes. He says that the file has been deleted. Lauren comes in. Marshall leaves. She says that Lindsey just wanted her to white wash the whole thing. She knows he is working on something. She wants to help.

Guards come to get Campbell. They beat him. Sid asks what are they doing to him. Lindsey says it depends on her. They continue to beat him. She says to stop and she'll tell them what it is. She says it is coordinates. She doesn't know what to. She recites them. Campbell moans no. Lindsey sends the guards away. He nods to Campbell and says well done. Campbell gets up (I KNEW IT). He says to her that her one major weakness is that apathetic suffering is harder for her than physical torture. He thanks her for caring. Lindsey tells her that the neuro stimulation will be ready soon. And they'll finally know what happened to her.

The doctor holds up a device and tells Sid what it is and how he's going to proceed. Jack briefs the team as they head for the facility. Lauren arrives at the base. She is their man inside. She sets a timer on a control panel. Jack says that it has to be placed within 5 inches of the control panel. When it goes off it locks the internal doors and opens the gate. The timer goes off. The gates open. The team races in. The doors lock. "Campbell" asks Lauren what she did. She says nothing. He punches her. They don't find Sid in her cell. The doc begins to apply the anesthesia. They burst through the door and get her off the table. They dart the doctor who falls back. They race Sid out but encounter "Campbell" now dressed in a suit and carrying a gun. Lauren shoots "Campbell" in the back as her fires at the others. Sloane is waiting with a chopper. They get in the chopper and it takes off.

Sid says they wanted a code deciphered. That's what this was about. A code. Jack asks what it was. She says coordinates. She gave him the wrong ones. She didn't know what else to do. She rests her head on her father's shoulder and he says you made it.