3:00 - 4:00 pm
The cop talks to Kim and Miguel. Kim tells him that the car belongs to Megan's father. Miguel tells him that Gary was beating his wife and starting to beat Megan. They were trying to get her away. The cop asks why they didn't go to the police.

Tony leads Bob Warner, Reza and Warner's daughters into CTU. Michelle tells Tony that they final count is 30 some dead. Tony asks about Paula. Michelle doesn't answer. Tony talks to Mason about what Reza and Warner knows. Mason tells him to do whatever he has to get the information.

Lynne tells Stanton that Sherry has special clearance from the President. Lynne assures him that she'll tell the President if she thinks it is becoming a problem. Sherry asks Palmer about Weiland (the journalist they sequestered). Sherry heard about it from someone. Sherry questions this. Palmer tells her that it's not her business. Sherry points out that word is getting out. She advises Palmer to give Weiland an on air exclusive. Sherry offers to talk to Weiland. Palmer refuses. Sherry points out that she has a talent for talking to the media.

The Police lead Megan to a squad car. Kim begs him not to take Megan back to LA. Miguel tells Kim to tell the police. Kim says she's not supposed to talk about it. Her father said so. In the car, Kim asks the officer to call her father at CTU - he can explain why it isn't safe in LA. The officer says they can call after she's been processed.

In Vasalia, they question Faheen. He won't talk to Nina. Jack says they can take him back to LA. Nina says it's the wrong move. Jack shoves Nina in the car. She screams that he can't do this; she has a signed Presidential order. Rick stops Jack. Another FBI agent pulls a gun on Jack. Jack is forced to back off.


Koplin - the PI's boss arrives at the Warner house. Kate is going to have him access her father's computer files. He apologizes to Kate and explains that by law they are required to report any terrorist activity to Homeland Security.

Stanton passed Sherry in a restricted area. Stanton questions her presence in the area. She tells him she has clearance. And that the President knows. Stanton says he's just being careful. Sherry enters a room. Weiland is in the room. Stanton is left outside. Weiland can't believe she's there. He says that if he survives this - he'll have the story of the year. Sherry tells him that they have historical president for this type of thing. Weiland says he's still leaving with a story. Sherry takes a seat. She tells him that they are willing to release him, but with assurances and he'll get an exclusive. He balks about it being watered down. Sherry tells him that it won't be. That no journalist will ever get anything like this. Weiland scoffs and asks why she's even in Palmer's circle again. Sherry tells him in a few hours he'll be briefed and know even more than she does. She gives him "a look" before we morph off.

Foreign speaking men are aboard a delivery truck. A tire blows. The truck loses control for a while. They have to change a tire. They speak in the foreign language. Some guy pulls up and offers help. They accept. (Why do I suspect Mr. Good Samaritan is toast?)

Michelle advises Faheen via Nina that they only way is for him to cooperate. They tell him it is the only way. He says he's not afraid to die. Nina opens her palm. There is a torn card in it that she received from the clerk at the store. She tucks it up her shirtsleeve. Michelle asks how big the bomb is. She says he betrayed them all. Jack pulls Nina aside. He asks when it was planned. She says 6 months before she was arrested. She didn't know what the end game was. Just that it was something big. Jack asks if he's really unafraid to die. Nina says yes. Nina asks what are they going to do? Jack says for Nina to be taken back to her seat.


Back to the foreigners and the Good Samaritan. He finishes the tire change and asks if they want to follow him to a nearby place to buy tires. They decline. One of the foreigners watches kids playing basketball. They take off. (dang Samaritan didn't get it - I'm disappointed)

The police officer transporting Kim (who is in the front seat by the way and that is soooooo wrong they transport in the back seat - hellllllooooo) hears from the other cars that Miguel told them that the reason they can't go to LA is because a nuke is going off. Kim begs him to contact CTU. The officer tries to contact the FBI - but they haven't' been able to get through all day.

Sherry comes in and says something to Palmer that I totally miss. Sherry asks why he's treating her this way? Palmer says he's sorry it's nothing personal. Sherry gets a tad indignant and says that he says everybody gets a second chance but her. She says she came today to tell him he was right. That he should have fired her from the campaign. She says now she is aware of what she can and can't handle. Palmer asks what she wants. Sherry says to let her help. It can be the beginning. He can learn what she can handle. Palmer promises nothing in return. She gives him a long odd look.

Back to the foreign dudes in the delivery truck, the drives begins to almost cry. He starts to say he can't do this and pulls over. The dude in the passenger seat shoots him. Dude from the back gets upset. Passenger side dude is shot in the back when he tries to get driver out. Dude from the back puts them both on ground. Looks really nervous. Then gets in the drivers seat.


Koplin pulls up the transaction records for Kate. There are withdrawals from the accounts. Almost $500,000. Made out to Ali, who has terrorist activities. The transactions appear to have come from Reza. Kate wants to know what he was doing. Why they question his father. Koplin pulls up Bob's calendar. There is nothing. Koplin clicks on a tab - that has a government tie. He clicks on it and an auto delete sequence begin. The files are encoded. Koplin points out that only high-tech government personnel would have this type of encryption - he points out coordinates.

Tony goes in to question Warner. Warner tells Tony that he is a consultant for the CIA. He hands over a contact name. Tony asks why he didn't tell him. Warner tells him he wasn't supposed to talk. Warner was recruited 5 years ago because of the international financing his company does. He wanted to help his country. Warner says he knows nothing about Ali or why there is a connection.

Michelle receives a call about Kim. She tells them Jack isn't here and asks what it is about. Tony tells Mason that Warner is with the CIA. Mason tells Tony to push on Reza harder. Michelle tells Mason that Kim was arrested for murder. Mason takes the phone. Michelle calls Jack. Mason talks to Jack. Tells him to get her out of this. Jack talks to Kim. Kim blubbers to her dad. Jack tells her that CTU is going to send someone over to get her out. She doesn't want someone else. She wants him there now. Nina uses the distraction to talk to Faheen. Jack has Michelle interpret. Nina is telling Faheen that his family is being rounded up. Michelle can't hear what is being said. Nina gets free. She slits Faheen's throat. Jack pins Nina to a seat. Rick tries to stop Faheen from dying. Nina yells that she knows where the bomb is. She demands to go to San Diego. They'll she'll tell him on the ground. Jack tells her that she tells him where the bomb is. They hold her until they find it.


Michelle tells Mason that she thinks she found something in the Faheen report. A name. The name is cross-referenced to Ali. Mason storms across the room, grabs Reza and starts to choke him and pin him against the wall. Tony has to pull Mason off. Mason begins to choke and cough.

Kim and Miguel are being transferred. Someone from CTU is coming to get them. Kim asks about Megan. Where is she going. She says Megan can't go back to LA. The cop asks Kim what is going on. Kim gives in and tells him that there is a nuclear bomb. They didn't want anything said so a panic wouldn't start. The cop says okay and walks away (bet a panic starts!)

Tony and Michelle chat. He tells her to go get something to eat. There is blood on her neck. She says its somebody else's. Tony tells her they are going to survive this thing. He tells her to go upstairs and get changed.

Lynne goes in to see Palmer. Lynne brings him the guidelines sent to law enforcement by Stanton. Palmer asks if Stanton said anything about Sherry. Someone comes in get Palmer. Weiland is on the tube spouting off about "eminent danger." Palmer asks who was controlling that room. Palmer wants to see him down.

Kate can't believe that her father was working for the government. And if he were - wouldn't her father know about what Reza was doing. If he were monitoring him - why would he let Marie marry him? Kate and Koplin go outside. Thugs approach and conk Koplin over the head, and drag them both to a waiting truck.

Jack waxes poetic about his wife to Nina. Jack tells Nina that she took his wife away from the world, him his daughter. Jack just wanted her to know that. An explosion happens. Alarms go off. The plane begins a sharp descent.

In 3 weeks: Rick asks Nina where the bomb is. Warner tells Reza to shut up. Reza says he's not taking the fall. Kate appears to be tortured.

Reminder - we have a 3-week break before the next new episode!
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