Sark drives up a hilly winding road, with and Syd in an SUV on his tail. They both stop and get out. Syd wants to remind him that if he burns her, she burns him. Sark says that if he reveals her killing Sloan, he reveals himself. Sark tells her that there is no reason to worry - they are colleagues now. Syd talks to Jack about why Sark is partnering with Sloan. Jack points out that if Irina knew they were double agents before she turned herself in, she might have told Sark.

Sloan briefs Dixon, Jack, Syd, and Sark. Dixon protests Sark's involvement with them - he's killed a lot of people. Syd agrees. Jack says that a security detail will escort Sark when he leaves (or something to that effect). Marshall arrives, late as usual.

Syd asks Irina if she ever told Sark she was a double agent. Irina says no. Syd thanks Irina for saving Vaughn's life. Syd isn't sure if she trusts Irina yet. Irina reiterates that she didn't tell Sark they were double agents.

Sark tells the team that Sokolov has codes somewhere. Syd and Dixon need to steal the codes and offer to sell them. Syd questions Irina, she wants to know what they codes are for. Irina won't tell her - because she doesn't trust the CIA - they tried to kill her two weeks ago. She'll tell Syd what she needs to know, when she needs to get it. Syd tries to get Irina a pass. The CIA balks. Syd says that Irina will wear a tracking device - she won't get away. Jack finally chimes in that maybe letting Irina out will prove once and for all if they can trust him. Kimball says no, not until Irina gives up more information. Vaughn tells Syd that her counter-mission is to dead drop the codes when she returns so they can figure out what the codes are for.

Sloan tells Sark that their working together does not mean that he can insult their people. Sark says that he had a run in with Syd - and that she is the one person who doesn't believe that Sark turned himself in. Sloan says that he's known Syd since birth - and she'll believe what he tells her. Sloan receives a call about his wife and dismisses Sark. A voice says, "We have your wife." He is instructed to provide them with all SD6 account codes for investments or she will be killed. Sloan says to provide proof she is alive or he will find out who they are.

Syd is in Uzbekistan. Sokolov is insulted that Sark didn't come himself. They ask for the codes. Sokolov asks for the money. Sokolov reveals that the codes are on a computer belonging to an Uzbek colonel. Without his fingerprints, they cannot access the computer without blowing the case it is in up. Sokolov has arranged for them to get the man's fingerprints. He had the colonel assassinated. Sokolov arrives in a room. Syd is in a body bag. Dixon is posing as a member of the army (wait, a black man in the Uzbek army???? Okaaaaaaay). Dixon drives off. Syd is left along in the morgue. Dixon directs Syd to the correct body. We are given a lovely view of body parts. Some army guy is coming down the hall to the morgue. Syd finds the correct body, and gets the prints. The army guy comes in to find the empty body bag. He radios for help annnnnnd commercial.

We return to find Syd hiding and Uzbek army guy pulling a gun. Syd shoves a gurney at him, they fight. Syd gets past him, walking right past guards - she is in Uzbek army gear. She meets Sokolov and Dixon.

Back in Los Angeles, Will and Vaughn talk in a parking garage. Will tells Vaughn that there is something to Vaughn's theory. Will tells him that 5 million children received the test in 1982. Vaughn tells Will that his boss told him he couldn't use Will any longer - Will is journalist trained to report what he finds and therefore a security risk. Vaughn pays will. Will says it is too much and gives the extra money back to Vaughn.

Will finds Syd at home. Syd tells Will that Sark is in town. Francie comes in asking about their spa date. Syd has to reschedule. Will can't believe the guy is there. She asks about his work with Vaughn. Will tells him that Vaughn sort of fired him. Syd questions Vaughn. Vaughn tells her that when Kimball learned 5 million children received the test - he sent the data off to the FBI. They are still waiting to hear back. Vaughn shows Syd a watch he got from his father. His father said you could set your heart by it. Beepers go off.

They learn that the Uzbek codes are for nuclear weapons that went missing a few months ago. Sark has sent the codes to someone else. Syd says that this is what her mother was talking about. Kimball and Syd talk to Irina. Kimball asks if she knows where the weapons are. Irina asks for a pillow and a blanket. Kimball agrees and Irina tells him where the weapons are. Kimball says they can bomb the facility where they were. Irina says no - they have the codes now and can detonate them. Kimball orders Irina to go with them on a mission. Irina says her offer expired when they acquired the codes. Syd questions Irina about wanting to protect her. Syd will be part of the team. Someone has 6 nuclear weapons. Syd tells her that she needs her help.

Commercial Break 2

Jack approaches Syd. Syd convinced Irina to go with them to Kashmir. Syd tells him that either Irina leads it or Syd does. Jack won't let Irina go off with only Syd to supervise. Syd tells him that the plane leaves in an hour. Jack goes into Irina's cell. She can't be shackled. Jack provides her with a necklace. If at anytime Jack feels like Irina is going to escape - Jack will detonate the necklace - and Irina with it. Kimball and Vaughn brief the trio. Syd asks how they took care of Sloan. Jack says he took care of Sloan (which is happening all to often lately in my opinion).

Enroute to Kashmir - Irina babbles about Vaughn having trouble sleeping. Syd doubts that Vaughn told her that. Irina says he didn't have to. She can see it in Syd too. Syd says they are colleagues. Jack snaps about Irina being gone for twenty years and knowing everything. Syd tells them to calm down.

Back in Los Angeles, Vaughn and Will watch a bocchi ball game. Will gives Vaughn a list of children who received perfect scores. Vaughn asks how he got the information. Will says some study by Carnegie Mellon University. Vaughn says the FBI hasn't discovered that yet. Will tells him that the results are missing from the testing service, but he doesn't know who took them yet.

In Kashmir - the Bristows appear as a family on vacation. Syd is a daughter not enthused with going along. Vaughn makes a call to "information" and gets someone in Kashmir on a cell phone.

Commercial Break 3

The Bristows arrive on the train - which looks like something out of Murder on the Orient Express. The Bristows are in side-by-side sleeper cars. Syd in one, Irina and Jack the other. Irina gets undressed. Jack turns around to find her in a bra. They look at each other for a moment, and then resume dressing. Syd is in the baggage car. Jack and Irina arrive. The trio put on parachutes. Jack insists that Irina and him go together. The bridge is the point of no return. Jack and Irina bicker. Syd tells them to shut up and jump out of the baggage car. On the ground, Jack snaps at Syd for jumping before they did. She tells him they were going to miss their window. A man meets the trio. He has worked with Jack before. He introduces Irina as someone who is working with them. The local takes them to their equipment. Everybody gets weapons except Irina.

Dixon brings Sloan a box. The box was scanned for biological contaminates. Dixon leaves. Sloan opens the box. Emily's finger complete with wedding ring is inside.

Commercial Break 4

The local drives a jeep down a narrow road. A tree blocks the path. Jack says to back up. It's an ambush. Armed men appear and take the trio captive. They are lined up on their knees with hands up. The local says that they are aid workers. The leader puts a bullet in his head. He mutters something about it being shameful when the locals work with the CIA. The men look at the "supplies" in the jeep. Syd dives to the ground. Irina takes off her incredible explosive necklace and tosses it. Jack detonates it. The Bristows take down the ambushers. Syd has a scratch. Jack orders Irina to drop the weapon. Irina tells him they are in enemy territory. The PRF (Peoples Revolutionary Front) knows they are there. They need to trust each other. Jack says Irina will not carry a weapon. Jack says they need to get to the location where they can call for pickup.

Next Time: The family that spies together - dies together. Only a father and daughter can stop a mother's ultimate betrayal. Operation Countdown.