By Any Means Necessary, And a Lesson About Lying

As per usual, the episode began with a look back at last week and the teams switch up......and a look back at what happened after they came back from the boardroom. This is when Anand and Clint got into it claiming that there was no creative force on team Fortitude, well, all that did was get Anand really ticked off. Anand then said that he and Steuart were the creative force behind Clint when Clint was the winning project manager.........Anand then claimed that if Steuart and Anand weren’t on the team, Clint wouldn’t of won because he just isn’t creative enough. In a PI, Clint said that Anand keeps telling him that he will see him in the finals........then Clint says that he didn’t expect to see Anand there..........shall we say, maybe Clint knows something and will use that against Anand????

All of the above was before the crew got called down to the boardroom by Mr. Trump.......wonder how bad that will go??

Donald brought everyone back into the boardroom as he “just heard of something very disturbing” and that Anand has been texting people to bring money of which Anand denyed....even after being told by Trump that it was a clear violation of the rules, he still denyed it. After denying twice that he had been texting people for money, Trump sternly looked at him and asked him if Trump could read it aloud.........of which Anand agreed. The message said: “Come to Trump Tower, from 10:00 to 1:30pm, bring at least 50.00 cash, pretend like you don’t know me, need you to buy a pedicab ride from me or one of my teammates, I am project manager so my ass is on the line. I am getting close to the top, I won’t have my phone with me, so just come by and pretend like we don’t know each other”. All through the speech, Poppy was sitting there with her mouth hanging open........Clint said oh *****, Steuart was rolling his eyes around in his head........None of them looked impressed at all. When Anand said that nobody came, Trump immediately said that the reason why they didn’t come is probably because no one respected him and didn’t know if Anand was breaking the rules or not. When Donald gave the rest of the people a chance to respond, Clint remarked that he is flabbergasted, Brandy said that it was unacceptable.........
Donald then asked Anand why he denied it, and then remarked of how Anand lied to Trump. Anand’s only “excuse” is that being a project manager, you want to win. Trump then remarked: “Anand I am all about......all about taking every advantage you can, but you crossed the line. Wouldn’t you say you crossed the line”? Anand’s response, albeit very hesitantly, he agreed that he crossed the line. Trump then remarked that this is why the country is in so much trouble....this is the kind of thinking that we have been witnessing on Wall Street for the last 5 years. Anand was summarily fired at that point.

After the crew goes back to the suite to talk, Clint apologizes to the womens team on behalf of the men’s team for how Anand did that during that task. The men’s team won that task and might of out of default. Then in a PI, Steuart makes a comment that if you lie to Mr. Trump, it is the kiss of death.

Up Next..............Team and task assignments

Donald, Steve Nussford(the head of Perfume Mania), Don Jr. and Ivanka enter the room and then Trump reassign’s the teams as: Octane.....Brandy, Clint and Steuart.............. Fortitude....Liza, Stephanie and Poppy. In a PI, Liza states that she thinks that she didn’t want to be back with Stephanie as there is something about her that ruins the team dynamic, so maybe her role in this task is to kick Stephanie off the competition. Hmmmm, that can only be a bad dynamic if you ask for my on it. So the task for this week is to design and construct an in store display for Kim Kardashian’s perfume. Then the displays will be put to work in two of the Perfume Mania locations. Clint is the PM of Octane and Poppy is the PM of Fortitude.

Fortitude heads off to their war room to come up with a plan..........they decide that it needs to be glam and very hot advertising/display concept. Stephanie comes up with the concept to have the picture of Kim as a handout to give to customers with regards to the perfume. They come up with a lifesize Kim Kardashian hanging on her swing display.

Back with Octane, they head down to their location to figure out the design and display area. Steuart comes up with the idea for the acrylic old style dressing room table that use to be in Hollywood with boxes cut out that you can put the perfume on to display. As Clint puts it, he is the furthest thing from feminine and low and behold, Brandy has gone AWOL on him in the creative department..........LOL. Then Clint comes up with another one.......he says that Brandy thinks she isn’t as feminine as the other ladies, give me a break, she is the one the week before in an oolaala shot with Donald Trumps shirt on. They are all deciding on what the display will look like when we leave them and carry on with.........

Team Fortitude is heading off to the warehouse to construct their display and as they are driving there, the ladies, excluding Liza, come up with a plan to include sequins, pink and purple colours, and even Poppy remarked, they are going to bedazzle their project. After Poppy and Stephanie tell the construction crew what they want in the design, they leave Liza behind to supervise and Poppy and Steph head off to do chores and shopping. While they are on their shopping spree, the two of them are discussing that they really need to keep a list of who thought of what as Liza seems to have a habit of taking credit for ideas that actually weren’t hers.

Meanwhile at Octane, the guys head over to the warehouse to meet up with the construction crew while Brandy is at the Graphics Designer working on the project. The guys explain the construction plans and idea behind the finished project to the carpenters there and then they both roll up their sleeves and dig in to help..........meanwhile Brandy is back at the Trump Towers explaining the graphics needed to finish the project off and get the pamphlets/brochures printed, and the scent strips that will be available. Ivanka stops by to talk with Brandy.........As Brandy lets Ivanka know that she feels like the odd man out on this project because of her being the only woman and women are suppose to “know” what to do with perfume displays........LOL. In a PI, Ivanka expresses concern regarding Brandy’s feelings of pressure and the fact that Clint and Steuart have had more time to bond and with Brandy being the new kid on the block, it will be interesting to see if she acclimates.

Back with Team Fortitude, Poppy and Steph are at the graphics designers giving instructions as to what they want when Don Jr. steps in to see how they are doing. After Don gets the update on how things are going, he seems satisfied.

Over at Team Octane, Brandy is bringing the materials from the Graphics place to where the guys are........they have just about finished the construction of the display. Clint and Steuart are extremely impressed with how it turned out, but Brandy is still she says, it is extremely hard to compete with three women on a feminine task. If they win this one, it will be very impressive.

Meanwhile, Poppy and Steph arrive back at the warehouse to find Liza and the construction crew almost done with the construction of the display. As Poppy begins hot glueing her sequins to the ribbon to form the name of Kim Kardashian, Steph brings out her strings of “gems”...........Liza is definitely not impressed!! She states that it looks tacky, crafty, and just not what she thought they would come up with.

Up next............judgement day

Kim Kardashian and Steven Nussdorf were the ones that came to judge each team on the criteria that was set up in the beginning of the task. As Poppy expressed that Team Fortitude wanted to capture the tag line set by the company, a voluptuous new fragrance which they think they captured it through the rhinestones, the boas and gems........then Steph pointed out the life size picture of Kim that customers can get their picture taken with it.

Over with Octane, Clint is really proud of their display and can’t wait to show it off. Clint was the first to greet Kim and Steven......he told them of their concept and how it came to life, then Steuart and Brandy both had a chance to speak up and explain their insights on the project.

After Kim and Steven left, they went to meet up with Mr. Trump to give him their decision. Donald asked how each team did, beginning with Clint’s team.......Kim thought that Clint’s team was very organized, the display was great, it made the bottles stand out, the display was very clean looking. Now with Poppy’s team, Steven said that he liked the life size display as it was very important to be able to take a picture of a person standing next to Kim.

Up next..............boardroom drama

As everyone filed into the boardroom and settled down, Trump first asked Clint how it went as Donald couldn’t imagine Clint working with Kim or fragrance for that matter. Clint remarked how the one thing of the project that made it was the display idea that Steuart came up with. When asked about the weakest person, Clint remarked that he was disappointed with Brandy as being the only female on the team. Ivanka immediately chimed in asking Clint what he expected of Brandy that she didn’t deliver on. Clint said that he asked Brandy numerous times to help him as he didn’t know what women would like and Brandy didn’t step up. Actually Ivanka actually stepped in and explained to Clint and Steuart how and where Brandy was coming on this as Ivanka and Brandy previously discussed that since there was such a commodores between Clint and Steuart, Brandy felt like she was going to be blamed for the task if they lost. Trump then asked Poppy how things went and she didn’t say a negative thing about either of Steph or Liza with regards to the task. Then both teams exchanged the pamphlets and designs for the display. When each team was asked what they thought of the other team’s display, Brandy said that she thought it looked crafty like and cheap.......But......Liza really liked Octane’s display. Don Jr. said that Kim and Steven thought that Poppy’s team’s display looked cheap and kitchy, the sequins and white boas looked juvenile and conflicted with the brand – the sophisticated look that they were trying to obtain considering the perfume and celebrity....Ivanka went on to express Kim’s and Steven’s thoughts on Clint’s team’s display......they loved the clean lines on the display, it looked elegant and fit the space very well, Kim loved the pink and lavender background which excentuated the bottles and made the whole display very becoming. The words that Kim and Steven kept using to describe their display were sophisticated and understated of which they both thought resonated with the fragrance itself.

Clint’s team won so for his reward, the head of Starwood Hotels, Barry Sternley will be meeting with Clint to give him advice.

Mr. Trump said that he looked at both design concepts and totally thought that Clint’s team was definitely the leader with contest as he states. He thought that Poppy’s was very cheap and tacky looking. Then Trump asked Poppy why Steph should be fired over her....and Poppy gave a lame excuse saying that Steph backed Poppy’s plan and da,da,da........come on, give me a break. Even Trump wasn’t falling for that excuse.......
Right after that, Poppy expressed that she had to separate both Steph and Liza in order to get the project done so Liza was exiled to the production purgatory while Steph and Poppy went out shopping and did their errands as well as the marketing materials. While both Steph and Liza were arguing about who came up with what ideas, Trump interrupted and asked Don Jr. what idea of the display did Kim and Steven like and it was the stand up picture of Kim. Steph said that it was her idea, immediately Liza stepped in and said that it was Poppy’s, meanwhile, Poppy is just sitting there not saying a word. Once most of the bickering and fighting was done, Donald asked Poppy if all the sequins and boas was her idea, Poppy owned it and said yes...........and was fired.

So tonight we had one fired, Anand, immediately at the beginning of the night for cheating on the task and for lying about it, and then Poppy was fired in the end as she was the loosing project manager.

Well, I guess that is all for tonight...........hope you all enjoyed my on the matter. Until next Thursday, have a great week everyone!!