9:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Palmer makes a statement to the press. They are told no questions at this time. Palmer tells the public that he had to stop the debate. He cannot tell them why. The danger has passed. The country and its people are safe. He apologizes to Senator Hewitt and the public. A reporter asks about Anne. Palmer stops and says that the allegations are false. The information comes directly from her husband. Keillor will owe her an apology.

Gael, Tony and Michelle brainstorm. They contemplate the transponder being broken or in a location it can't transmit. Kim is asked to do a signature trace on her father's transponder. Kim asks for the signature code. Tony tells her and says he already told her. She says he didn't. He tells her he needs her to focus.

The Salazars, Jack and Chase arrive at the safe house. Ramon says maybe he came to rescue you. He asks Jack how it will feel for him to die saving you. Ramon asks why the contact hasn't called. The call comes. Jack receives directions on the locations. The meeting is 15 minutes north of there. Ramon asks for the phone back. They offer Jack a fix. He won't take it. They give Jack pills and tell him to take them, he'll feel better. He does then asks to go to the bathroom. They tell him around back.

Claudia tucks her little brother in. She hears the door. Jack rushes in and tells Claudia to come in. He tells her that they are trying to buy a virus. That he is still with CTU. She asks if he betrayed them once and is back to do it again. Jack tells her them not you. He tells her he wanted to come back to get her but heard this and waited. He will get her, her brother and father out. He has nothing to gain by telling her. She asks what he needs. He wants a cell phone. He has to let CTU know where he is and that he is alive. He tells her that Chase is his partner and he has to keep them alive. They kiss. She tells him that if he is lying to her again she will kill him herself. Jack tells her to help Chase.

Chase is tortured. He is asked when and where they are coming. He is bashed in the face with a shovel. We hear Chase scream. Ramon says that he must be feeling something. Jack says that he has a $15 Million payday coming. Chase is on his own. We continue to hear Chase scream.

Hector prepares to leave. Claudia kisses him and manages to nab his cell phone. He tells her that Ramon is waiting. They pair head outside. Claudia shows the phone to Jack and starts to give it to him, but Hector tells her that he left something inside. She goes to get it. We hear Chase scream again.

Chloe comes downstairs. Kim asks if she heard from Chase. Kim asks if there is another frequency Chase might contact them on. Chloe says yes and they are being auto scanned. Kim asks about satellite. And Chloe says rather sarcastically Gee I hadn't thought of that. She assures Kim that they are working on it. Kim says that this is someone she cares about very much. Chloe tells her to get a grip. Kim gets a code from Tony - he had given her an invalid code. Adam says 8 minutes wasted on an invalid code. That could have been a disaster they can't track the rescue teams without it.

Wayne tells Palmer that CTU lost track of Jack Bauer. Palmer receives a call from Alan Milken. Alan says this is the first time Palmer's been in LA in 3 years and he hasn't called. Alan wants to see him. Palmer says that he is president in large part because of him. He will go to Alan - who is in a wheelchair. Alan tells him not to bring Wayne as a personal favor to him.

Chappelle asks where Bauer is. Tony admits they don't know yet. Chappelle says that the operation which hinges on Jack being there when the deal goes down is coming unhinged. Chappelle tells Tony that he will take the fall for everything that happened today. Gael asks what happens if Jack goes to the meeting without backup. Tony doesn't know.

The Salazars and Jack arrive at the meeting. A domed tent is in the background. Jack introduces the dealer to them. The dealer tells them that another buyer has surfaced. The virus will go to the highest bidder. The Salazars get angry. A scuffle breaks out. Jack tells Hector that he can still make a big profit on the virus if he has to pay more. The other buyer arrives. Jack stares. Ramon asks if he knows her. It is NINA. She asks what the hell he is doing there. She says he is a federal agent. Kill him. The dealer knows he is a federal agent and it is okay. Nina insists that they are being set up. Jack tells her that he isn't working for CTU anymore. Nina walks away. Jack tells the dealer to honor the original agreement. The dealer tells Nina that her client won't be happy. He assures Nina that he has everything in control. Both sides agree.

The motorcade heads to Alan's house. He goes into a mansion. Alan gets up from his wheelchair and greets Palmer then sits again. He tells Palmer that he wants his brother off the team. Palmer is curious because Alan has always been supportive of Wayne. Alan asks his wife to come in. Julia is asked to explain to Palmer. She tells Palmer that three years ago when he was president of Alan's company they had an affair while Alan was recuperating from a stroke. The affair lasted for a year then when Wayne joined Palmer's cabinet they broke it off. Alan declares he only just learned. Alan dismisses his wife. Alan tells Palmer that he waited until he came to LA to do this in person. He took his wife and now he's taking his job. Palmer says that Wayne is his chief of staff. Alan says that Wayne is a liar. He isn't trustworthy. Palmer refuses. Alan tells him that there will be repercussions. Palmer asks if that is a threat. Alan says he just tells it like it is. Alan is taken from the room.

Kim consults Michelle about Tony. She says she doesn't know if he is well enough to do his job. Michelle says that Tony was shot a few hours ago he won't be working at full capacity. Kim tells him about Tony's misses. She says that Michelle is second in command and if Tony can't do his job someone needs to and that person is her.

Claudia goes to the man who was torturing Chase and tells him to go fix Hector's truck before he gets back. The man complies. Claudia gives Chase water and gives him a message about Jack not being with them about Jack trying to get the virus. She tells Chase that if she helps him Jack will get her and her family out. Chase begs her to help him then. She says she can't because there are too many men around. She will think of something.

Jack and the Salazars debate numbers. Hector is sent off to check for the funds. Ramon asks who she is. Jack tells him that they used to work together. Ramon says there is something more. Jack says she killed his wife. Ramon asks if this will be a problem. He says no problem.

Claudia tells her brother Sergio to be ready to leave. He asks about Hector. She yells at him just to be ready to leave. He searches the kitchen drawers. Her father asks what is going on. She tells him that Jack promised to get them out if he helped. He tells her that they can't trust any of them. She says Jack is different. He tells her to go then. They hug and she says they are all going. She won't leave without him.

Tony and Michelle talk about checking flight paths. Michelle says she will check something else just in case. Tony asks just in case what. Michelle tells him that there have been mistakes today. She says that if he isn't 100% he should step down. Tony leaves in a huff. Michelle goes to Chappelle and says that Tony shouldn't be here. Chappelle says that he isn't any imminent danger. Michelle says that he is making mistakes. Forgetting key information that is slowing them down. Chappelle says that they will be set back without Tony because Tony, Gael and Jack have worked this from the beginning. Chappelle asks if Tony's mistakes are significant. She says yes.

Palmer discusses his earlier conversation with Wayne. Wayne says he will step down. Palmer tells him that he will leave only if he tells him to. Wayne says that Alan is a dirty fighter is Palmer sure he wants to take him on. Palmer says that Wayne hasn't given him much choice.

Chappelle talks to Tony and says that his competency has been questioned. Michelle says that she is the one questioning. Kim came to them with concerns. Michelle says that she tried to talk to him. Tony passes a test given to him by Chappelle. They confront him with the mistakes from earlier. He sent Kim the codes electronically 15 minutes before she needed them. And the key codes were on the shared volume. Chappelle checks and finds them. Chappelle tells them that she has wasted time they don't have after Tony leaves.

Everyone is searched as they enter the tent. Nina and Jack glare at each other. Both sides are ready with their bids. They are handed to the dealer. The dealer asks if the banks will verify the presence of the funds. They say yes. The dealer reveals that The Salazar's bid is $225 million, hers was $240 million. Nina wins. Hector tells the dealer that he is a dead man. The Salazars and Jack leave. The dealer says that the transfer will take place in 2 hours. He will contact her with the details. Jack and the Salazar's leave. Jack says that they can't let Nina get away. They need to put a man on her. Ramon says you had your chance Jack. Hector says all right. This is good enough. They stop and tell Jack to get out. Ramon says that Jack is no use to them anymore. They failed. Jack says what about their buyers around the world. They will know that they were double crossed and did nothing about it. He says that he broker Ramon out of prison. He says that he can find Nina. She is the key. If he fails they can kill him but if he finds her the deal will be back on track. Ramon says to Hector to let this play out a little longer. He comments that Jack has more lives than a cat. They get back in the SUV.