Syd wakes up. She looks around. Then gets up. She is in a warehouse on a cot. She leaves the building. She hears people talking. Lauren, Vaughn, Sloane and Jack are at a table talking. Syd comes in. Conversation stops. Jack goes to his daughter and asks if she is okay. She nods. Vaughn asks how she feels. She says better, thanks. She asks what is going on. Jack tells her that Sloane was instrumental in breaking her out. She thanks all of them for being selfless and brave. The coordinates Lindsey found in Rome point to an area of the San Andreas Fault. Sloane talks about a noninvasive therapy for regaining memory. Syd asks why he didn’t mention it before. He says that he didn’t think that she would accept it. Lauren apologizes for being an idiot and not listening to her husband. Syd tells Jack that she pointed Lindsey somewhere in Simi Valley. Cops descend on a liquor store. They’ve been played. Lindsey says to check again.

Jack and Syd arrive at a desert location. Syd asks what if there is nothing there. Jack says then they’re screwed – nothing new. Syd uses a metal detector. Jack reminds Syd that Sloane took a bullet for him. That he’s given them all sorts of evidence to prove that he violated his agreement.

Dixon is in the park with his kids. Lindsey and his crew arrest Dixon – while his children are present!

Jack asks Syd if the box they found is familiar. Syd says no. EWWWWWWWWWW – it’s a hand with a tattoo (WAIT WAIT WAIT is it me or is that a tattoo like the one Syd’s old nemesis Anna Espinosa from the first season had??? Sorry folks I’ve been watching season one on DVD this weekend and that stood out!) Bugs and icky things crawl on the hand (UGH!)

Syd says she doesn’t know if she buried it or someone left for her to find. Lauren asks about the tattoo. Sloane explains that it belongs to someone who is from the order of Rambaldi – sworn to protect his legacy (and I swear I’ve seen that tattoo on this show before and never knew what it signified). Lauren says that she will tell Lindsey that she was kidnapped by the covenant. Syd and Sloane argue over the device. Jack says that after the exchange it will be destroyed - no one will have it. Vaughn says he will be checking Syd’s disappearance. Lauren says that she has to go back she is the only one with the NSC. The only one they will believe. They need a paper trail.

Syd and Lauren head off to have a catfight. Lauren starts to say she knows this is difficult. Syd belts her and says that is for turning her into Lindsey. Then helps her up and says that is for helping me escape.

Lindsey goes to get information on where Sydney is from Dixon. Dixon gives his lawyer’s name. Lindsey says that he will be in prison for 10 years. Dixon says that it was low arresting him in front of his children. The interrogation is interrupted by news that Lauren was dumped off by a van in front of the building. Lauren tells Lindsey that the Covenant wants to exchange Syd for the Rambaldi device. Lindsey doesn’t buy Lauren and Syd being kidnapped, her being released and Jack and Vaughn being MIA. Lauren says to protect Syd’s life or she will report his lies. He retaliates with a threat to turn in Vaughn for helping Syd escape the country. He is given a phone and told to hit redial at a certain time. The call goes to Jack who gives Lindsey their demands.

Jack and Syd are on a plane. Jack thanks Vaughn for helping him extract Syd. Jack says that he used to think that Vaughn didn’t have much of a spine. Vaughn asks if that has changed at all. Jack says no. The trio goes into a building. A girl wearing a man’s shirt comes out. They tell her that the doctor is expecting them. She runs in and says that people are here. The doctor says that he wasn’t expecting them until Tuesday but it is Tuesday and they caught him at an awkward moment. The girl whispers she wants to hug people. The doctor says he is starving – anyone else. Syd says she can’t do this. Jack says they are out of options. The doctor offers them facon a simulated pig flesh. He babbles about how the world is full of illusions.

Jack tells him that his daughter is accused of a crime but needs to recover her memory. The doctor gives his background. One night he became a head trauma patient. He was in traction for a year and a half. He found the experience liberating. It occurred to him that our dreams contain our memories. There is a shared reservoir. He began to come up with ways to convince the brain that it was experiencing a dream state. And that is where his experience came in. Drugs. Drug cocktails. Depending on how you react it works on you subconscious. Syd is sent with the girl, Kya, to change.

Syd is told that she has to learn to become lucid in her dream state. He will wait until she is in a REM state and give her a verbal cue. He tells her that her goal is to pick up as much of what happened from the time she passed out as she can. He tells her that eventually she will become conscious of what happened next. He warns her that new memories may be traumatic. He puts headphones on her. A drug is injected into her system. Electrodes monitor her vitals. The doctor tells her he will begin counting. By the time he reaches one she will be asleep.

Syd’s dreams begin. Syd is in an ambulance with Vaughn. (This is the scenario in the poiler I posted – lol). An EMT treats Syd. Vaughn tells her will is going to be okay. The EMT thinks she is having gaps in memory. Vaughn tells her that the woman she shot was Alison Doren. Syd says the second double they never found. Syd asks about the covenant. Vaughn says they were listed as an emerging threat. She asks about Sloane being pardoned. Vaughn tells her no he’s on the Interpol most wanted list. Syd notices that he is not wearing a wedding ring. He cracks that he thought he’d see how Santa Barbara went first. Syd says you’re not married. He says she really did hit her head. She babbles. He says when he saw her laying there he said god please let me be able to tell her how much I love her. She kisses Vaughn but when she pulls back it is Sloane. She rears back and says get away from me. Sloane says with an odd voice Sydney you are dreaming.

The doctor tells her she is in a dream state and she needs to get back to the last memory she has. It was in her apartment. He tells her she is in control of her environment to go there now. She propels tot hat moment. Sid hits the way. Alison approaches. Syd grabs the gun. She shoots Alison then passes out. She looks down on herself, kneels next to herself. She sees red.

The doctor explains that she is out of REM and in control. Vaughn asks how she can remember if she was unconscious. Jack says that her other senses were working. The doctor asks for barbeque chips. He takes a bite. Syd hears the crunch. She is in a red environment. They are taking her away. They have no faces. She is talking to them (the doctor, Jack and Vaughn). WE hear mumbled voices. Syd rolls over in the back of a van. She is injected with something. She says don’t. She is then in a white room, then is a child in a park. She heads to tables with balloons and other little girls. They wave and say happy birthday to her. They run to her. Little Syd heads to the cake.

The doctor says she is on a tangent. She has a memory gap. We see a younger Jack tell her to make a wish. Adult Syd blows out the candles. He hands her the knife. She cuts the cake. Blood pours out of it. Another man takes Jack’s place. The hand shows up. The doctor tells her to focus on the last detail. She spots a white van and runs to it. When she opens it she is in a corridor. Men are rolling a gurney away. She runs after it but looses them. She runs into a room. Then sees her being rolled away. She propels down the staircase after them. She again runs in pursuit of them. They turn another corridor and she looses them. Lauren whispers Sydney and walks away. Syd follows her. Lauren keeps walking away. Syd has to push aside sheets of plastic to follow.

The doctor says this is unusual. She is in beta but is dreaming this is very unusual.

Syd is still in pursuit of Lauren. Lauren again whispers Sydney. Syd says you were part of this. They have a fight. Lauren tries to suffocate Syd with plastic.

Syd goes into Vtac and they have to try to resuscitate her. They use the paddles to try to bring her back. Two charges and no results.

Syd wakes in a bed. Vaughn is watching her. He says Hey. She gives that goofy grin and says help me up. He does. They kiss. He says Syd. She says she can’t help it she misses him. He says they can’t do this. She says it is a dream she can do whatever she wants. Jack bursts in and says your vitals are normal. I assume he told you. She says sorry. He says it is okay.

Marshall runs after Lauren. Marshall didn’t find a match of the DNA sample. But he did find something else. Jack says Lauren says no match on the DNA from the hand.

Syd tells them about the dream and finding the hand. The man in the dream was Lazaray. Marshall says that the person the hand belongs to was alive as of 4 months ago. Syd says then it couldn’t be Lazaray. Jack says unless Lazary didn’t die. Syd says how can that be I was on the videotape. Jack tells her it could be a set up. The doctor comes in and says whatever she experienced – this was real. He begins babbling about her going into tacacardia. Syd tells them about men getting her after the fight with Alison but she lost them before she could see where they took her next. She pauses and says Lauren strangled her. Vaughn insists that it was a dream. The doctor isn’t sure. He says that this may be a figure, a shape shifter. It could be a manifestation of someone else. Syd says that she wants to go back. She says they were holding her in room 47. That is where she was. Jack protests. Kya says you are the best. The doctor gives her instructions again to concentrate on details. She is looking for a track back to the memory she had before.

Lindsey meets with a man in the parking garage. The man is Sloane. Sloane says that when he received the notice of the meeting he assumed it would be a low level agent. They talk about confirmation. Lindsey says he is looking for someone trained in wet work. Someone trained in long distance work. Sloane asks why set up the exchange. Why not call the covenant and have her killed. Lindsey wants to make sure she is dead. Sloane asks how what if this is an entrapment. Lindsey says I know what you are up to. I know you’re endgame. He hands him an envelope. He says he even knows the details (THIS was the other part of the POILER – it was TRUE!!!!!!!!)

Marshall tells Lauren that the DNA she got from the Kremlin was Lazaray. Lauren calls Jack. This means Syd didn’t kill Lazaray. Lindsey has nothing on her. She can come home.

Syd is being driven in a St. Aiden (car) by Dixon. They are wearing 50’s clothes. Syd goes into a bar. Marshall and Weiss are playing cards and smoking cigars. She asks them where that building is. They tell her to check the kitchen. She goes back into plastic.

The doctor says she is in. She is alpha. She’s in for another vivid one.

Syd encounters Lauren again. Syd says you aren’t Lauren. Syd tells her to get the hell out of her way. They fight again. Lauren tries to get suffocate her again. This time Syd is facing herself – but the voice is Alison. Alison’s voice tells her of course this was the covenant. She is told the trust Lazaray. Syd asks what he has to do with this. Syd asks what is in room 47.

Jack demands she be pulled out. The doctor says no her heart rate is fine.

The Sydney’s fight again. Good Sydney gets the gun and shoots bad Sydney. Syd is back in the corridor. She stops at room 47. She enters the room. She says Oh My God when she goes in.

And THIS is where they stop – with a stay tuned for scenes from the next new Alias. (And wow they’ve gone back to Season 1 style cliffhangers – that makes me soooo happy!)