4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

We open to the reporters news conference. Sherry is working to find his source inside the administration. Palmer comes in and asks her what is up. Whelan was let go shortly after Sherry talked to him. Sherry swears that she didn't do it. The chief of staff comes in to get Palmer. He shows Palmer the video feed of Whelan being let out. It was Armiss - the man who was working the potential leak.

Off to the crashing jet. Jack says the pilots think they found a safe place to crash land. Jack gets on the horn to CTU with the coordinates of where they expect to crash. Jack then asks Nina for the location of the bomb because they may not make it. Mason gets on the speakerphone with Nina. She has her deal. Nina is worried about being protected from Jack. Rick - the FBI agent - pulls a gun and holds it to Nina asking where the bomb is. Jack tells him to put his weapon up. Jack continues talking to Mason as the plane goes down. CTU loses contact with the plane.

Palmer tells Sherry that he owes Sherry an apology. Armiss let Whelan go. Sherry tells him she doesn't expect him to change his feelings about her overnight and accepts his apology. Palmer says he has to go talk to the press. He wants to discredit the reporter. Blame it on hating the administration. Sherry urges him to tell the truth instead. The chief of staff tells Palmer that the plane with Nina and Jack on it went down.

Jack rolls out of the crashed plane. (Hmmmm how many left?). Jack has a stick through his leg. I gross out as he tries to remove it (ewwwwwwwwww). Jack finds Rick - still belted into his seat. His alive and moans Myers (aka Nina). Jack urges him to hang in there. We find another seat - this one overturned. Nina is belted in it. Jack undoes the shackles. Nina is unconscious - and apparently not breathing because Jack does mouth to mouth. A couple of quick blows and Nina's alive and awake.


Michelle studies /images taken at the time the pilot reported the explosion. It appears that a ground to air missile shot down the plane. Mason says to find a list of anyone who knew their flight plan. Somebody didn't want them to find the nuke. Tony asks Mason why he put Warner and Reza in the same room. Mason says because keeping them separate isn't working. Tony asks why the switch in Mason who was looking to safe his own tush. Mason admits his plutonium exposure to Tony.

Mason goes in to see Reza and Warner. Mason yells at them. He tells them about the plutonium shipment, and the nuclear bomb. He lays a piece of paper on the table and asks why they found this. It is a bill of lading from their company. Mason offers them immunity - but the offer expires in 10 minutes.

Kim and Miguel are at the police station. They are about to be sent to central booking - in downtown LA. The officer checked - no alerts have been issued - so he doesn't believe them. The chief overruled the call to Mason because it's out of their jurisdiction. Kim waxes poetic about how she thought her dad caused her mom's death and she was wrong and everything turned out wrong.

Reza asks Warner what they are going to do. Warner says that they aren't going to do anything. No matter what they'll make it look like they did it. Reza asks Warner what he has to hide. Did Warner authorize the shipment? Warner says that he let the CIA pass information through his company a few times - that's it. Reza doesn't buy it. Warner tells Reza to sit down and shut up before he says something he'll regret. Reza tells Warner he lied to him. He eyes the camera in the corner. Reza begins babbling about how Warner authorized it. CTU agents rush in. They take Reza off. Reza says he's not taking the fall for Warner.


Tony and Michelle talk. Michelle asks him to tell Mason that search and rescue is about 12 minutes away. Michelle asks Tony if Mason has radiation poisoning. She put it together from the warehouse being a hot location, Mason's nose bleeding and someone seeing him throwing up. Michelle questions Mason's being on the job. Tony says he wants to do the job like he's never seen before. Tony says he'll watch him.

Sherry gives Lynne notes from the president's speech. Lynn is shocked - The president hasn't even seen the speech. Jenny showed it to her. Lynn gets territorial and accuses Lynn of horning in. Sherry tells Lynn that if the speech isn't letter perfect - the press won't believe it.

Jack and Nina at the crash site. Nina is in cuffs. Jack leads her away. Men arrive at the crash site. Jack says they don't look like search and rescue. Someone opens fire on Jack and Nina. They run. Gunfight ensues. Jack and Nina run more. They take cover in a dry creek bed. Jack uncuffs Nina. He needs her to run recon for him. Nina goes to higher ground.

Kate Warner is passed out on a rug. A Middle Eastern man is in the room. He pops open smelling salts to wake her. Then offers her tea. Kate tries not to throw up as the man rattles off vital statistics about her. The man is Sayad Ali (that's right the dude Reza was alleged to have associations with). He asks what Kate was doing looking in her father's file and what she found. He grabs her and hauls her down the hall. They are torturing the PI she was with. The both swear they didn't see anything. The files were self-deleting. They start a saw up. Kate if forced to watch and screams stop it. (ewwwwwwwwwwww)


Nina and Jack running through a grassy field again. More gunfire from Jack. Nina tosses him a new clip. Nina tells Jack where they are. Jack fires. Nina digs for something in her pocket. Tosses him a new clip. Gunfire. Out of ammo on the rifle. Jack pulls his handgun. The CTU chopper flies overhead. They make a sweep. Jack tells Nina to stay down. Nina's going for the pocket again. She grabs rifle and inserts a clip she had hidden. She tells Jack to drop his weapon. CTU shows up. They tell her to drop their weapon. Jack tells them to stand down - she's the only one who can take them to the bomb. Nina wants to talk to the President.

Kim spots Megan. Megan runs to Kim. Megan doesn't want to go. They're taking Megan to her aunts (her mother's sister) in Santa Barbara. Kim thinks that's great. Tears ensue for both. Megan doesn't want to go.

Marie frets at CTU. Reza is escorted through the building. Michelle briefs Mason and Tony on Jack and Nina. Reza wants to talk to Marie. Tony gives him one minute. Reza assures her that everything is fine. Marie says a top criminal lawyer is on his way. Reza says that he won't need a lawyer - but her father will. Reza says that her father is part of a terrorist group connected to Ali. They have proof. And Reza didn't write it. Reza professes his love for her. He tells her something bad will happen if he doesn't help them. Marie walks away from Reza because he turned his back on her father.


The President receives the call from Nina. He has the Chief of Staff - Mike Novic speak to her first. Nina demands the President. Novic says he's authorized to negotiate for him. She wants immunity. They are confused. She wants immunity for the murder of Jack Bauer. Jack urges him to do it. They have no option. The President talks to CTU on a secure line. Mason says they have to do it. Nina is their best option to find the bomb. Mason says she may be their only chance. (Prediction - she's not gonna kill Jack - but she wants the option to be able to - ya know to get that warm fuzzy feeling). Palmer talks to Nina and says she has the immunity if she'll help them. Nina agrees. Ali will detonate the bomb. Ali is at a house. The house is on 18 Starling Court in Chadsworth. CTU sends agents out. Palmer wants to know if there is anything Jack wants him to do. Jack gives a message to his daughter. Jack says there is only one right choice and you made it. Palmer has tears. Lynn comes in to tell him that the press is waiting. Palmer dries his tears. Palmer notices the changes. He says its better. Lynn says thank you. Sherry sees the whole thing.

Kate is still watching the PI be tortured. She continues to scream that they don't know anything. Ali says he believes her. Then he takes out a gun and shoots the PI. Kate is now a hysterical mess.

Jack is still on his knees in the field with his hands behind his neck. Nina says that it won't take them long for find Ali. Then taunts Jack with this isn't the way you thought you'd die.

Next Time: Nina never meant for it to be personal. Kim is going to start a fire in the police car she and Miguel are in at Miguel's urging (OMG - a whole week to look forward to stupid Kim).