Vaughn is alerted to the necklace being evacuated. The satellite detects combat. Something is detonated. Vaughn is told it's over. Vaughn wants to send in a team. He's told no - this was a clandestine op. The only thing his boss wants to know is how to clean it up and keep it quite. Alive or dead - the Bristows are on their own.

The Bristows hike through hilly terrain. Syd scrapes her leg. Both parents jump to help. Irina uses some berries to help the wound heal before Jack bandages the wound. Jack declares that he's using people he knows and trusts. Irina says this is not a power play. The facility they are headed for has top security. Other than the NSA it's pointless (or something to that effect).

They reach a hill that overlooks a valley with a train. They hop the train and hide in a boxcar. Jack and Irina pass a bottle back and forth. Jack says he knows what she's thinking - toaster. Irina laughs. Syd asks what is so funny. Jack started a fire with a broken toaster they had one night when they had been drinking. Syd was about 4 at the time. Jack tells them to get some sleep. Syd appears to be confused.

Sringar (sp?) Jack meets someone in an Indian market. The man tells Jack he can't be seen dressed like this. Jack says that's why they're here. The man recognizes Syd. Jack tells the man the equipment they'll need. The man tells the yes, but no. Someone (who apparently handled this before) is dead. Irina rattles off more equipment. Jack says they'll take what they can get.

Syd contacts Vaughn. Vaughn tells her that the rebels will be activating the Nukes tomorrow. The CIA intercepted a communication. The rebels got the codes from SD-6. Syd got the codes for SD-6 so she can deactivate them. Syd walks in on Jack and Irina arguing. She tells them to end it. They have a mission. She tells them that Jack will get them to the base. Irina takes control in the base. Jack gets them back home. There will be no deviation in the plan. Irina is hidden in a box. Jack declares that Irina is the most recognizable. And they are looking for three people so they need to change their configuration.

Jack and Syd drive. They stop. Syd tells him they need to get moving. Jack is preparing himself to let Irina out. Jack tells Syd he's proud of her. The box is opened. Irina gets out. She drinks water. Then realizes that they are not at the drop. They have 10 miles from the base. They are using a back entrance that is not as heavily patrolled - but there is a minefield to cross. Jack protests over crossing a minefield she hasn't seen in 19 years.

Commercial Break

Los Angeles - Sark chats with Sloan. Sark tells Sloan that the nuclear codes download at 1300 hours. A call comes through - it is the man calling regarding Emily. He wants bearer bonds (he named a figure in the millions).

Irina leads the trio through the minefield. Syd asks where they got the mines from. Irina cracks that "You Americans have the worst inventory controls in the world." Jack tells them to stop. Someone opens fire. The Bristows return fire. Jack is hit. He starts to get up. Irina tells him not to move - he's on a mine. Syd starts to come. Irina stops her and gives her directions around a mine. Jack isn't hurt. Irina moves dirt and leaves from the mine. Syd removes something. She starts to cut a wire - but her knife isn't coated - it could set it off. Irina cuts it. Jack gets up. They set off through the minefield.

The boss tells Vaughn to get the Bristows out. India is mad that they knew about it but didn't tell them. Vaughn asks to go. And is surprised when the boss says go - this is totally back channels. Vaughn was stationed in India for a couple of years and has contacts.

Irina tells them there are two places - the vault and the lab. If they raise the temp in the lab to 98.6 degrees it won't be able to distinguish them. Syd will go to the temp controls. Jack is to erase the voice command and substitute his own. Irina starts to take off on her part of the mission. Jack doesn't want to let them separate - if she wants to steal the nukes - she could do it now. Irina tells him that when she was here - it was a prison. And she wasn't an officer - she was a prisoner. They used it to interrogate suspected traitors. That is why she memorized the minefield and the floor plans.

Commercial Break

Jack gains entry by choking the guard while the guard's hand is pressed against the reader. Another guard pulls a gun on Syd. She talks her way out of it. Jack is in the computer system. He erases the voice code and records his own.

Sloan admits to the council/board that Emily is alive despite his own efforts. A Blood coagulation test says the finger was cut off when alive. A flight manifest showed Emily on it last week. Someone wants money for it. One of the board members says that Sloan thinks one of them did it. Sloan says no - but that their communications have been compromised. They will put tracking devices on the bonds when they are delivered. Sloan is told if they find Emily - she will still have to be killed.

Syd opens a suitcase. The core is gone. Men rush in. Irina is with them. And And commercial break

Irina talks to the head guy. She tells him about how she duped them (hard to type and read subtitles sowwy).

Marshall tracks the tracer and informs Sloan that it's working. Sloan turns off his COM. Sloan receives a cell phone call. He is to leave the suitcase with the bonds and walk away. They need to authenticate the bonds. Marshall is so excited he's about to dance. Sloan opens an envelope - they are pics of Emily with apparently a bullet through her head. Marshall loses the signal.

Syd is behind bars. She sees her mother and Irina's boss questioning Jack. The man brags that he is responsible for Irina and Jack getting together. Jack kicks him. The man starts to draw. Irina wants what she came for. She wants to know what Sark's double cross is. Who is he working with? She holds a gun to Jack. Someone comes in and says that Sark is on the phone. The man leaves. Irina tells Jack that she was caught and had to do this.

The man talks to Sark. He tells Sark they had problems. But he doesn't go into details, just says that things are under control. To make it look authentic - Irina shoves Jack and leaves. Jack looks in his hand after Irina leaves to find handcuff keys.

Commercial Break

Vaughn meets with a General. The general tells Vaughn he came a long way for nothing. His government knew about the risk and didn't tell them. Vaughn begs to let him get their people out. The general says that the strike will go as planned. As the general leaves - he tells Vaughn he looks more like his father. Vaughn says that his father trusted the general. The general will give Vaughn a head start - a chopper and a pilot.

Jack lets Syd out and tells her that Irina helped him and was only putting on a show. Vaughn is in the air. Syd calls Vaughn he isn't available. She's transferred to Kendall. Kendall tells her to abort. India is going to launch a strike. Jack takes the phone. They aren't leaving without Irina - that was their assignment.

Jack and Syd make it to the room with the nukes. They watch as power is brought up. They break the core open. Inside the core is flowers?! The man reaches into the core. Missiles hit the building. The man pulls the flowers out. Jack jumps him. Syd picks up the flowers. Jack tells her to get out. More planes bomb the building. The Bristows run out of the building as Vaughn's chopper arrives. Vaughn radios to abort the air strikes.

Back at the CIA - US Marshalls escort Irina to her cell. A mattress, pillow and blanket are there - as she requested. Irina tells Syd that she shot her in Taipei because the rebel leader was in the next room watching to see if she would betray Syd or them. The only way to give Syd time to escape was to shoot her. Syd tells her mom to get some rest.

Syd finds Vaughn. Preliminary tests say that the flower is 400 -600 years old. Vaughn gives Syd something. We morph. She miniature golfs with Will and Francie. Vaughn watches. And End.

Next Time:

Faye Dunaway as the mission takes Syd to the heart of London. Spy, Counterspy. Double Oh Yeah!