Where can you meet Don Wollman, Marcellas, Erika, James BB6? At the Big Brother Finale, of course. Ette reporting in. I was there with Lydia, respresenting Jokers.

LONG walk to the studio from the parking garage. Past funny little storefronts, very Hollywood looking. Tons of people, but we had VIP passes, thanks to Don. He walked all the way out front to find me What a sweetie. Thatís the first thing we did, pick up a blue armband for the pass. Then they walked us all for miles to the BB Studio.

First off, itís TINY. The door to the house was behind where we were all sitting. I was on the top row at the very back, to the right of a doofus with a sign. Julie came out, and OMG is SHE tiny! Little bitty thing in a black dress. There was this one dude whose whole life was to make us clap. Harder and harder. ďShow the LOVEĒ he kept on saying.

We got to watch the clips, some without audio. The hgs all trotted in, with the dude exhorting us to clap clap CLAP and smile in Julieís direction. Donít look at the monitors, and donít read Julieís lines. ROFL

OK The hgs were all laughing and carrying on during the show. Funny! Lydia and I were grinning like a pair of sharks, where we sat, all the way up in the back. Then it ended, and it was time to go to the VIP lounge.

Straight away I met Marcellas. ďJokerette? Really, is it you?Ē No, itís the ghost of Ette past. Thatís what EVERYONE said. We saw James, and Erika, both of whom Iíd met before. We saw Bunky. All the new hgs were still doing interviews. My feet were KILLIN me. Yes, I met Adam. Was looking for Sheila, but didnít find her. Joe from bb 9 is Jameís roommate. James is living in LA now. Erika is engaged, to a Survivior dude I canít recall his name. Her ring is lovely. She is casting director for a reality love show, I canít remember the name. Shitty reporting. ROFL

Janelle has a wonderful apt in New York, where she is doing nothing. Taking the summer off, she is. Didnít come to the finale. Doubt sheíll make it to the wrap.

We met Dustin, really nice, and his ex boyfriend. Great folks. I stood outside smoking with Erika, you know me! Allison Grodner looked stunning tonight, and Don Wollman is indeed a fox. He gives great hugs too It was worth it, finally meeting him. Missed meeting John Platt. Maybe at the wrap party.

My next reporting job will be the wrap party. See you there!