I’m aware this article is late, but I just got back to Tennessee, and I’ve been so very busy. I had a great deal of business to take care of in LA, as I’m sure you know. All went very well indeed.

So, the wrap party! It really wasn’t a place for in depth interviews. It was a rambunctious party atmosphere. Everyone had worked hard through this season, and it was time to let their hair down.

Starting from the beginning. We immediately saw Dan. He was right in front of the bar at the entrance to the party, so that everyone could meet him. What a sweetheart he is. When I say us, my best friend Susan was doing all the video, and just learned the camera that night. Dan told us how difficult it was to get on the show, and how much he appreciated all his fans at Jokers. He agreed to do a BTR radio chat with us, as did all the other HGs. Watch Jokers for times and dates.

George came running up yelling “Cat!” And there he was He’s an old friend, and it was wonderful to see him. He’s put his girl through private school via Ebay auctions of BB memorabilia. He indeed had the BB restroom sign (with the BB logo on it) presented to him. He looks great, and everyone loves him, as usual. He’s the life of any party, he was sure the life of ours, last year. He said that during Will’s season, remember the Nicole thing with the toes in the hottub? George was working for the banner dude, who sent the planes. Nicole and her husband had names for their private parts. He sent a banner, from Fernando to Maria (I can’t remember the actual names. ROFL!!)

We spoke to Keesha briefly. She said she had heard of Jokers, and she’d love to visit us and do a chat. So many fans were crowded around her, it was hard to talk to her. Libra was with her. Man, that is one BIG girl. Big as in Amazonian. I bet she’s six feet tall. I had no idea.

Jerry was standing with Ollie and April. His wife was present in a wheelchair. She made an obvious effort to be there. She’s just so proud of all he’s accomplished. Jerry said he was so pleased that since he’d been out, he’d gotten all kinds of good remarks from young people who came up and talked to him. Like twelve years old. He was totally delighted with this. He couldn’t believe how interested they were, in him. Ollie was very pleasant, and quite funny. April was quiet, but had a huge grin on her pretty face. They were obviously together.

We ran into Jessie briefly. Since he’d been out of the house, he’d been doing volunteer work with some sports league. Helping underprivileged children. He looked his usual muscley self!

Winding our way to the food bar, we found Memphis and his pretty girlfriend. He was open and sweet. He was happy to meet us. Asked how he was received in the internet world. Would people send him a load of unions? I reassured him that all was well, and that he has quite a few fans on Jokers. All is mellow, I told him. He then said he worried when he heard that Michelle was called Manchelle. He said he didn’t know whether to laugh or flip out. ROFL

About that time, we spotted the food table. At the end of it was a bucket of something that looked like it had been eaten already. It was, as we soon learned, slop. Memphis talked me into a quick bite. If he did it for a week, the reasoning went, I could try a bite. It tasted like ground rocks with lumps of dirt in it, it really did. Not even sugar would help it. (All this is on the video here: http://forums.jokersupdates.com/ubbthreads/gotothread.php?gotopost=10463700 ) It got stuck in my teeth. I spent ten minutes sucking it off my teeth, so as not to pick my teeth in front of everyone!

Everywhere we went, there was Zach. He was really working that party. It was the night of a thousand Zachs. The funniest Zach meeting was...

I met Allison Grodner. She told me how much they appreciated Jokers, how much JU did for the show. I told her how wonderful we thought she was, and how great her show is. With that, Zach showed up (again!!) and told us he was getting married. He was looking for a ring. Then he hinted to Allison that he wanted a job in production. She didn’t bite, and he said he was going to talk to Rich about it.

We went to the bathroom, and there was Danielle. Her haircut is cute. Much shorter. Very happy and bubbly. I asked was her dad there, and she said yes.

We talked to Marcellas, briefly. He told me about a list of shows that he’s doing. I don’t remember it all now, but he followed up with an email, which Missy will post tomorrow in News and Rumors. Suffice to say he has at least three reality shows going on right now. Very popular, is doing very well indeed. One of the shows is How Do I Look. Very popular show! Look for Missy’s upcoming post.

We found Dick. He remembered me from phone conversations we’d had. “I’ve talked to YOU!” Then, to Susan, he said “What are you doing with that camera?” She said “Just for a minute, okay?” heheheh! He looked really good, too. And, he wasn’t smoking. I know this, because I, of course, was.

Crazy James was fairly loaded. He spoke about his upcoming trip to Paris, and being sponsored by friends. One Life One Love, I think he called it. James, when you read this, correct me! He said he had fun in the radio chat we did with him. He wants to write. He’s going to put a camera on his bike, and bicycle through Europe, starting in France.

Sheila was looking amazing. She said she’d do the show again next year. For sure she’d do All Stars. I asked everyone we met if they’d do the show again, and to a man, except for Jerry, they said they would. Jerry didn’t want to leave his wife again. Bless his heart.

Susan had talked to Rennie at length at the hotel. She was surprised that she had so many fans and so many people loved her. She hadn’t heard about the hurricane in New Orleans, until she’d spoken to her family. She was in shock. She was on her way out to buy something to wear at the wrap party. Very kind and warm.

We ran into Matty and Adam. Adam was laughing and carrying on. He’s just so HIM. They both shouted out to Jokers on cam. What a pair of characters!

Dustin was warm and friendly and happy to see us. Nice guy. He was with a cutie that might have been his bf, we didn’t know.

There were sitcom stars from other shows. We don’t watch those shows, so we can’t tell you who they were. Dammit. LOL

We saw the ever cute James BB6 He’s doing very well. We also saw Erika, who is now engaged to someone (Adam?) from Survivor. She’s doing casting for a reality show, about luvvvv. As usual, I don’t remember the name! I’m doing remarkably well so far, you have to admit. Yet I’m probably leaving people out.

We met TheRealDeal, a talented photographer who shoots all the BB folks. He wouldn’t let me get him on camera, funnily enough! And lord knows, I tried.

All in all, twas a very fun (very busy) night. I walked until I had blisters on my blisters. (One was bleeding so badly it bled through my bandaid and right into my shoe!) The party was winding down, most of the celebs were leaving. I hobbled with Susan across CBS to where we’d been able to park our car. (Don’t ask how I was able to park on the lot: I told Don’s secretary how dead I was, she said to say we were handicapped. And I was!) It was a funny ending to a perfect night.

Ette reporting, over and out.