Episode starts off with everyone asking where Chuck is . Shonna says “what part does he not understand about coming back here?” John is saying how many bodies there are in. Shonna replied “People seem to die in spurts, death comes in 3s, it’s either feast or famine. I don’t want people to die but if family calls us, we’ll do the best job we can. “

Rick is wondering where Chuck is. Shonna says he’s supposedly at the Medical Examiner’s. Meanwhile, Chuck has overslept and says he’s not a morning person. Shonna knows he takes advantage of the fact he’s her father. John says today will be a fun day. They’re standing around waiting and Chuck’s cat Sugar watches him leave.

Chuck says his first trip to the ME was hard for him. Rick says Chuck is like an ill behaving child when he doesn’t get attention. LOL!

Chuck says the first 6 months he was in the funeral business he quit every day. John calls for him while he’s in the ME. Chuck says John controls everyone else, and what can he do? Fire him? Shonna meanwhile is still looking for Chuck and hates the pressure. Rick is running a death certificate when Chuck finally gets back, and there’s a body needing to go to the airport. Shonna grills Chuck on what time he was at the ME.

Shonna is pulling food out of the hearse, saying “I so don’t need this, what is it, a carnival? We’re so gonna be late (to the airport.) “. She is worried they’ll be late to Northwest or they won’t accept the case (that the body is in.) Back at the mortuary, Rick is asked by Melissa who she should do first and David is bent out of shape. They say he’s compulsive and everyone calls him Rainman as he talks to himself all the time. He indeed is talking to himself as he shows where he stands to watch people pull up on one side and park on the other. Shonna calls him neurotic but then says she’s a lot like him.

David asks about the current case - is it eminent or has death already occurred. It’s has occurred, 94 year old female who died from pneumonia. David gets pissed over all the conversation. Chuck has a quick fight with Melissa over who will do what. Rick is frustrated. He says Chuck doesn’t do well with authority and it can ruin everyone’s day if he goes off. Shonna says her way of looking at it is the last guy they fired stole from them and dad will never do that. Meanwhile Chuck gets lost. Shonna says he was a former fighter and that screws up his memory. Indeed, he’s still lost. Makes another wrong turn. Others are getting pissed as he’s STILL gone. Rick is getting pissed as Dad is supposed to be taking care of the first 2 calls. Chuck arrives with a stretcher at the WRONG place, and now John has to go after the other body.

Chuck finally arrives at the right place. Shonna says to wear gloves for everything, as Chuck picks up the old dead woman. He says she was probably a very pretty woman at one time, and we see her. He says I’d want someone to be gentle as if she were my mother. The four cycles of life: born, childhood, adult, you pass. He says “When I remove someone who’s warm I get a funny feeling, like a spirit is standing over me.” He gets the body and says it’s disheartening. And that his feelings get hurt easily, trait of being an alcoholic.

Back at the home his family is getting steadily more frustrated. Chuck is on his way with the body, the daughter is coming to make arrangements. David says some people come in mad, everyone is different. The woman comes in and David talks to her about the service in which she decides to use the chapel as it will be a small service. He helps her choose prayers for the funeral as she cries. He says “I don’t know if you should choose one that makes you cry the most.. take your time “.

Chuck knows its going to be bad when he gets back with the body. He says again that he thinks of his mom when he looks at the elderly lady he has now. Shonna asks Chuck who the body is. She doesn’t have time for niceties as Chuck tries to talk with her, she says she’s busy. David is hugging the woman on the way out the door, which he does from time to time.

David says to people grieving all the time, “each day we’re here is a gift that we woke up”. Shonna says “I’m going to get rich and take kids to St. Croix”. She gets Chuck’s time card and he kisses her. He feels bad that she’s ignoring him but she says she’s tired of being the mediator. He says she’s more like him than anyone in the family.

Chuck is back home now talking to his white Persian, Sugar.

Next day, still looking for Chuck who is outside stretching sitting in the sun. Whole family and all workers are looking for him as the show ends.