Chuck is pissed about a cheap punk. There was a lunch Rick put in for expenses, he feels that’s wrong.

Shonna is looking for Rick, who is late. This is Monday. She says the mood is usually bad on Mondays. Shonna worries about the relationship between Melissa and Rick.

Melissa walks in, Rick says he loves her. Other woman asks if Melissa is there. She says Rick and Melissa are engaged and Rick wants marry now but Melissa doesn’t. She says Rick attractive because… really… he… and then Shonna says she doesn’t understand why they don’t just get married.

Rick says the relationship is rough. Chuck is pissed when he kisses her in front of him. Mel says she tries to mediate to keep a pleasant working environment. Shonna says two cases need to be completely prepared by 2:30, so no break from here on out and other cases need to be embalmed.

Chuck says he has never done this before, for free, and Rick owes him for lunch. He tries to collect but Rick says “I’m not paying for your lunch. I don’t pay for lunches.” Chuck says “I was out of town.” Rick says “I never paid for it before”. Chuck says “That’s it?” “That’s it” Now he says he’s not going to do extra dropping and picking it up body.

Shonna says a man named Douglas is due in. Melissa has to see him, and she’s not a licensed funeral director. Shonna says Mel doesn’t usually see families but she’s been talking to this guy. When he shows up, she hugs him. She says it’s emotional but you learn to separate it. Douglas is talking about how his dead mom used to hold a cup, and she’s very good with him. She says that someone else will take over.

Emily says John isn’t available so Shonna takes over and meets Douglas. Mel leaves. Mel says they all have to pitch in cause of the # of cases. Douglas wants them to cut off a lock of her hair. Mel says Shonna sees the dead in a way no one ever will, as she’s enblaming them. She gives him a lock of hair for his daughter. Douglas leaves and all hell breaks loose.

John won’t answer his phone, Chuck gets evil about it. Very stressful, Mel says. The hearse pulls in, people are running about with caskets. “Mel and Rick are in bad moods”, Shonna says. Emily says it’s been tense. Chuck says “How she got hooked up with him is beyond my wildest dreams.. he ain’t happy.”

Rick says that ladies from Garden of Innocence are there: They bury abonded babies, and we see a tiny casket for baby that was abandoned. They put a blanket and toy in there and Rick is breaking down in tears. He says it’s an emotional thing to think this baby was abandoned by it’s parents. Mel says he’s just human. The tiny wood casket is heartbreaking and Rick says his emotions are raw in that he just lost his son. Mel says Randy was special young boy, and dear to all of them. Shonna says he had a kidney ailment. Rick says Randy was in bed with his wife, and he knew the kid was in trouble. 20 surgeries later 15 yrs he had a transplant and lived for 3 years.

Mel says when someone we know passes, you think it would be easier, but its not. Shonna says Rick called her and says he had no one else to talk to, she said what do you need? Randy is dead. All are in tears. Rick says his one true regret is this business cost me my family, I was never there for birthdays or Christmas, nothing.

Shonna is still working. She’s under the gun for a funeral and Dad is going to help her out. John is working with a woman picking photos for a montage of her father. Rick says John is empathetic and that’s good but taxing. John says its worth it to make them smile at this time in their lives. The woman who has lost her grandfather is there and heart broken, wants to put jewelry in his pocket. Shonna is setting up the casket for the visitation. She says it’s a risk, you don’t know how people will respond. The young woman is delighted.

Rick says his style could improve, as manager. Chuck leaves, and finally gets his money. Rick says he’s a pitbull, gave him the money so as not to have to listen to him. Pretty girl shows up, Chuck is drooling. It’s the family for the viewing and they’re in tears. Shonna is nervous, she says. Something has gone wrong: they put eyebrows on the corpse and dad didn’t have them.

Mel asks if she can wipe off the brows, Shonna says yes. She runs out and carefull wipes the brows off. It’s 6:15 and Sho is still there working, embalming. Mel has the visitiation. She checks the casket for the young girl to ensure the heart jewel is still in the pocket. Rick is saying how much he loves her. He has spent so much time on other families, at the end of the day, the only thing that means anything is love.

Next day it’s hectic as usual. They’re discussing lunch and receipts as the show ends.