BB11 Daily Recap July 13, 2009

Fighting, yelling, and name calling oh my!

8:44 AM: Russell and Casey are the first hgs to wake up. They discuss who they think should be voted out this week, talking about who they like and dislike sounds like they are agreeing that Braden is the stronger player and should be voted out week 1.

9:02 AM: Russell and Casey move to the backyard to continue talking. Casey mentions that he can’t trust Lydia because she is too much of a gossip. They tell each other that they trust each other to a degree. Russell says that Ronnie is the rat of the house, and that he has never heard someone talk game so much.

10:07 AM: We get fish as Big Brother is waking up the sleeping hgs.

10:25 AM: The other hgs are slowly waking up and Jordan, Michelle, Kevin, Jeff and Laura are now awake.

11:36 AM: Braden is talking about Lydia. He says she made up a lie about him to save herself. He says he's not going to say anything to her. "What am I gonna do? Call her a snatch?" He is talking to Russell and Chima and tells them that she Lydia will "cut your head off while you this game anyway. Get her out sooner rather than later."

11:43 AM: Russell tells Jessie that he's been talking to Braden and that Braden is really mad at Lydia. They say it's because of Lydia saying one thing and he's out the door the 1st week. Russell and Jessie agree that Braden is a great guy and they like him. Jessie says that Braden still didn't spend enough time trying to get to know him. Jessie says that Braden said he was going to use POV and lied about it. Jessie seems happy with nominating Braden. He says it's a good decision. Russell interjects that Lydia is still #1 on his list of people that he wants out. Both agree that they like Braden but feel good about him leaving the game this week.

11:52 AM: Braden and Jeff discuss Lydia. Braden is saying that Lydia talked to Russell about him and threw him under the best. Braden saying Lydia's game wasn't the safest way to go in the 1st week and will backfire on her.

12:04 PM: Braden says he wants to call Lydia out on the live show. Jeff says he'll only have 20 seconds and Braden says that's enough.

12:59 PM: A huge fight breaks out! Braden is really calling out Lydia and he tells her thanks for getting me put up on the block. Kevin was sitting next to Lydia when Braden started yelling at Lydia. Kevin tells Braden that it was actually his idea to put Braden up on the block after the veto competition. Braden is yelling at Lydia and telling her to get more tattoos.
Once Kevin says that it was his idea to put Braden on the block he tells Kevin to go get a tattoo on his c*ck, followed by Braden telling him to stick a banana up his ass. Kevin stood up and told Braden that he is full of sh*t. Braden tells Kevin “what do you know, you are a Mexican from San Diego, you are a f*cking beaner!” This gets Lydia up and she starts yelling at Braden, "WHAT? Do not even disrespect a certain culture that way!” A string of f*ck yous and motherf*uckers follows as they yell back and forth at each other.

1:02 PM: Braden tells Lydia that she is a liar and that she will be voted out before the jury. Lydia screams at Braden and calls him a racist. Jeff is in the pool and is trying to calm things down. Lydia starts yelling at Jordan and Jordan is defending herself. Lydia was mad about Jeff not defending her, and Jordan responds by telling her she needs to talk to Jeff, not her. Jordan says that she gets dragged into things. Lydia goes on and is still trashing Jeff, Jordan keeps trying to defend herself.

1:10 PM: Jordan complains that Lydia says she doesn't talk to her, but it's the other way around. Jeff says Lydia is nuts.

1:13 PM: Braden tells Natalie and Russell that he knew before the POV that he was going up. They ask him if it was Ronnie who told him. Braden isn't answering and won’t say who it was, that it was ESP and that he heard it from 4 or 5 people.

1:18 PM: Jeff says he didn't know he had a chance to defend Lydia. He swears that he didn't know he was missing a chance. This went back and forth for a while between Jeff, Lydia, and Kevin. Kevin and Lydia keep saying that Jeff knew she was going to be nominated and didn’t care. Jeff keeps saying that he didn’t know who was going up.

1:22 PM: Lydia and Kevin now have a problem that Jeff is still hanging out with and being friendly with Braden. Lydia tells Jeff that she hates him.

1:40 PM: Braden comes into HOH and tries to apologize for the beaner comment. Kevin and Lydia refuse to listen and walk out of HOH. Lydia goes downstairs and starts screaming at Jordan. Jordan is upset and says she hasn't done anything. Lydia leaves, Jordan runs after her and screams at her not to say she doesn't talk to her that she always talks to her.
They are loudly screaming at each other. Jordan says she should not be thrown in the middle just because she talks to Jeff! Lydia suddenly stops yelling and tells Jordan to stop "I'm talking, you're yelling." Lydia says this is a very sarcastic voice. Kevin says if she goes and hangs out with Braden that it means she condones that type of action (racist remarks).

1:49 PM: Jordan is in the hammock alone, crying.

1:54 PM: Jeff and Kevin talk, and Kevin apologizes for blowing up on him.

3:50 PM: Chima and Braden talk in the bathroom. They say that the game started hard this year.

4:06 PM: Laura and Kevin have a non-game conversation. She talks about getting into commercial real estate after she gets out. She's not sure, just knows that whatever she chooses to do, she wants to love it because you have to do it for the rest of your life. Kevin says he's doing what he always wanted to do working in an ad agency. Laura says she does easy work that pays well, and wants to expand that. "You know, having my own girls." She says she wants to be her own boss.

4:09 PM: Ronnie and Jessie were just in the exercise room with the door shut. The conversation breaks up suddenly and they leave the room. Ronnie was apparently saying something negative about Michele.

4:12 PM: Jordan was laying on the couch in the living room when Ronnie comes through. They go into the doom room and Ronnie tells Jordan what he was telling Jessie in the exercise room. He says Michele can't do anything to me since we are on the same clique and he says Michele can't beat me. They are whispering so it's hard to hear. The conversation breaks up.

4:17 PM: Ronnie is still talking smack about Michele, saying that Michele could not beat him in the finals.

5:47 PM: Jeff and Casey are outside talking. Casey tells Jeff that he was on Jeff’s side of the argument.
Casey says yesterday he told Kevin and Lydia to shut up and don't talk so much to people. They both agree that people should talk less and not tell everyone everything, and Casey says that he doesn’t want to know everything, that way he doesn’t have to lie when people ask him things. Jordan joins them, wearing a blue dress.

7:17 PM: Ronnie and Chima in the living room talking about the "have nots" stuff. Chima says if I knew I would be sleeping on a steel bed and cold showers I wouldn’t have signed up. Ronnie is laughing, but Chima says no really, this is like waterboarding.

8:20 PM: All the Hgs are in the kitchen/dining area chatting, laughing, and hanging out. The only exception is Lydia. She is in the backyard on the hammock.

9:00 PM: The hgs get alcohol. Laura is pouring wine, and Casey and Ronnie are in the storage room talking about how well the brains handled being have nots. Laura found a bottle of wine and says there is lots of beer too.

9:51 PM: Hgs outside are discussing one night stands and Michele is the only girl outside that had one.

10:14 PM: Lots of sex talk in the backyard. Michele is sharing a lot of her sex life and Jordan is asking lots of questions. Jeff talks about Jordan and says, “I love it. She's so innocent and yet so filthy!” Jordan says that Michele is like the "one time at band camp" girl. Michele says she is. Everyone is having a good time laughing and hanging out. Jessie is asleep in the HOH on the other feed.

10:22 PM: The hgs in the backyard are still talking and laughing. They're talking about masturbation now. Hgs wishing they had more alcohol, Jordan wants tequila. Jordan now wondering why they don't have alcohol and they're telling her about previous hgs ruining it for them by getting drunk and acting bad.

10:38 PM: Russell and Laura try to get Jordan to flash Jessie to get him to give them wine. Jordan and Laura go up to HOH to do it. Jessie comes to the door, seems annoyed, say no to the offer and the girls go back down stairs.

11:27 PM: Russell asks Jordan if she and Lydia have made up. Jordan says she thought things were fine, but that she is being ignored. She says she doesn't understand it because she didn't do anything. Russell agrees.

12:20 AM: Braden comes to the spa room and is talking to Jessie, Laura and Lydia. Lydia has her back to him. Jessie laughs. Braden leaves and Jessie says that Braden is cool and he hates the way things turned out.

12:43 AM: Russell and Casey talk about Ronnie and Lydia, saying Ronnie is sneaky and talks game nonstop and that Casey called him on it. Russell asks if he thinks Lydia is a bit over the top, Casey agrees and says she is trying to milk this sympathy.

12:47 AM: Russell and Casey talk about Braden, and Casey tells Russell that he spoke to Braden a lot and Braden never once talked game. (Russell looks a little shocked because he was told Braden was the mastermind)

12:49 AM: Jessie and Casey in the Storage room talking strategy about how desperate Ronnie is playing the game. They reconfirm there alliance and Jessie says he thinks Russell will win HOH.

12:53 AM: Casey says a lot of week minded people in the house like Lydia and Kevin, and Jessie agrees. Casey says Jordan is also weak minded, Jessie says Jeff is too, but Casey disagrees with that and says he is smarter than Jessie gives him credit for.

1:41 AM: Jeff says he's not going to play a power struggle game over Jordan with Russell. He says he'd be annoyed if she leaves the bed and goes to hang with Russell. Jeff says that if Jordan starts overtly flirting with Russell, it will make Jeff look like a fool, and he wouldn't appreciate it. He's not sure if Jordan understands.

2:20 AM: Ronnie & Laura join the rest in the backyard on couches. Chima & Michele keep chatting in bathroom. Chima likes Braden and will miss him. They agree that they screwed up the last have/have not competition. Michele agrees she should have stepped up when it became obvious that Ronnie wasn't doing a good leadership job.

2:37 AM: Backyard crew cracking up about Ronnie's scheming. Casey is making fun of Ronnie pretending that he's not talking game with everybody. Laura says Ronnie is treating this like one of his video games and is observing little details. She thinks that Ronnie had the feeds since he knows so much about the other seasons. They're thinking he might be a threat in memory competitions, but that he'd probably screw them up by over thinking things.

3:14 AM: Ronnie, Chima, Michele talking about who would put them up, and Ronnie says the only way to get rid of Russell is to back door him. If Casey wins HOH they might be able to get him to do it. Michele says that it should be someone else to do it. Michele worried she is a target for Russell because she didn't accept the deal he was feeling her out for the other day.

4:28 AM: Laura, Natalie, and Kevin just left the HOH and seem to be heading to bed.

4:29 AM: With that a long and eventful day in the Big Brother House comes to an end.