Big Brother Recap August 26, 2009
Fights, Bashing and More Bashing

The houseguests were first woken up at 9:00 am. They got up, changed their batteries and went back to bed. Jordan was the first one to really get up, she got up at 12:00 and headed outside to sun herself. Michelle who at 9:00 got up, changed her batteries then went and slept in the HOH with Jeff for the next 3+ hours. When she woke up she told Jeff that Russ told her that Kevin was going to vote to keep him so she needed to vote that way too. Jeff said he did the same thing to him the last time he was on the block. Michelle said she was going to talk to Kevin.

Jeff heads downstairs and outside and Russ immediately starts taunting him with saying things as he walks by. Russ keeps telling Jeff that he knows that Jeff is afraid of him. Jeff ignores him for a while.
Russ starts freaking out. Everyone goes to the backyard to see what was happening. HE starts putting Jeff down, calling Jordan flat and calling out Jeff on telling Kevin and Nat that they were safe when they were put on the block. He was ranting and raving about everything, and very hard to understand on the feeds. Jordan butted in and actually went face to face with him and he kept calling her fat and slow. Russ ranting that nobody can make an F2 deal in the house, that those are Jeff’s rules blah, blah blah! He was screaming that everyone is afraid to put him up.

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Part 2 - 1:00pm [Big Brother time] Jeff asks Russell if he wants to have sex with him
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Here is one poster’s take on what happened: (Backyard fight) Jeff told Russell he would never be his friend outside of this house he hopes he never sees him again

Russ: Everyone's to afraid to say something because they are afraid you will come after them

Jeff : Nobody’s' afraid Russell, this is not a f'n boxing match, its a game

Russ: So why are they so afraid

Jeff: Afraid of what, they know you aren't gonna do *****, I'm not gonna do *****, nobody's afraid..its a game. there are f'n cameras in here

Russ: You sitting on the fridge smoking a f'n cigarette acting all tough...remember you've never done *****(?)

Jeff: You're right, I'm not gonna do *****...I just threw the knockout punch when you get f'n evicted tomorrow how’s that for a punch

Russ: There ya go, some more genius material for you

Jeff: I don't know about genius but its the truth. I don't know why everything turns into a boxing match with aren't even a good (figher?)
I come in that jury house and you make a move, you lose all your cash, so make a move

Russ: what was that
(Jeff repeats his last statement about making a move at jury house)

Jeff: It was a great move, Kevin’s on my side now

Russ: Oh you got everyone in the bag

Jeff: I know Kevin as a person

Russ: now we are trying to nip the nice salesman because you know Kevin as a person

Russ: I didn't come here to be friends

Jeff: Good, that’s why you're going home, that’s why you lost. Who the f' wants to be y our friend...come to san fran, come to Chicago...I was like uhh yeah dude, I never want to see you again in my life. I told you I don't want to be friends w/someone like you

Russ: Yup yup it shows "Kevin is under my wing now"

Jeff: What the f are you talking about

Russ: Chima said it best, you both are two peas in a that uses Gucci as a catchphrase and one that thinks technotronics is a word. Life can only go up from here Jeff...can only go up from here

Jeff: Apparently, so I have things to look forward to

Russ: Yeah, only up from here

Jeff: You're gonna be really classy when you get out of here, I'll tell you that man. People aren't gonna hire you because of security, thinking yo are so tough and you know everything in the whole world

Russ: how long have you been sitting on that one

Jeff: Obviously I don't even think about you...stop saying my stories, stop saying my words..stop using me. Do you wanna ***** me, do you wanna have sex w/ that your thing? Do you have a hard-on for me

Russ: that is the dumbest f'n thing I have ever heard

Jeff: Is it or is it real? Because all you ever do is put my sayings into your stories

Russ: That’s the best you can come up with

Jeff: Do you have a crush on me...what’s your you wanna have sex w/me

Russ: that’s the best you can do

Jeff" Because I'll show ya a lil ass on your way out the door

Russ: Oh no your even more manly wanna have sex w/me

Jeff: For real man you must have a one else is doing this

Russ: Do you wanna have sex with me (mocking Jeff) that’s a sure fire way, knockdown punch (cant make out) (Thanks Cindy)

After a few minutes of front of the house (production must have interfered with fight) we get the feeds back to Jordan crying and Nat telling Kevin that if she gets HOH next week she is getting Jeff out. Jordan cried to Kevin, Kevin told her that Russ always calls people out on their insecurities and that is what he did to her He said he also did it to him during the egg competition.

Nat corners Russ and tells him that he was played by Michelle, that she was Jeff’s mole and told him everything he told her. Russ said he figured!

Everyone but Russ had fun taking the HOH pictures, they posed in the dryer, with each other and Jordan even held Russ’s key in front of the door they exit out of.

Jeff and Jordan finally talk in the HOH room. (They had been no talking since the night before during a card game). Jeff was really angry with her because she talks to much., She said too much to Russ during the confrontation and she talks to much to Michelle and Nat. He then tried to explain to her that they need each other right now. HE told her that her stomping off during the card came the night before was just like a high school kid. They work it out and agree to disagree on some stuff but to trust each other.

Russ keeps on Nat and Kevin, trying to tell them to tell Jeff how they feel. That it does not matter anymore. They sit and listen but realize that Russ is just trying to get Jeff mad.

Michelle interrupts them in HOH and starts talking and making good with them. She tells them that she only cried once in the DR and like 5 times in the house. One of those times was when Jeff and Jordan told her they did not trust her. She was defiantly doing damage control. She did some Russ bashing and making fun of other players. Michelle tells Jeff and Jordan that Nat told her that if she goes on the block that there is a bigger target then her, so not to worry. This gets Jordan thinking (out loud of course) saying Nat is good with numbers and cards. Nat visits and tries to tell Jeff that Michelle is not voting Russ out. Jeff took it lightly and said that Russ said the same thing to him the last time he was on the block too, not to worry about it. Nat talks about who she will put up she told them Jordan and Michelle, with Jordan as the pawn (this we know is untrue, that she wants Jeff out and out). They do some Michelle bashing. They then started talking about the good bye message they had to leave earlier today for Lydia. Jeff ,Nat, Kevin and Jordan bash Michelle about everything, then move on to Russ. Finally Jeff said that here we sit bashing these two and that he hates the person he has become.

Kevin, Nat and Russ play poker. They bash Jeff. Russ said that he was never allowed to talk to them (Kevin and Nat) because Jeff wouldn’t allow it, Nat again said that if she got HOH she would put up Michelle and Jeff with Jeff as the target. (Yet, we all know how many competitions she has won). They make fun of Jeff saying he actually believed that they would put each other up before putting him up.

Later while in bed, Nat told Kevin that Russ would vote for them if they made it to the F2 because they spent such nice time with him tonight. They talk about how the competition will probably be endurance since they have been on lock down all day and night. Nat said she can’t find her gloves so she is going to take Michelle’s and tell her they are Chima’s. They discuss Jeff being a God and how America will vote for him and how they have to get rid of Jeff now. They search through Michelle’s stuff and can’t find her gloves. She interrupts them and Nat is pissed that they couldn’t find them.

Jeff and Jordan in bed and Jordan telling Jeff that she is afraid that Nat or Kevin will backdoor him. Jeff and Jordan cuddle under the covers, kiss and Jeff advisers her not to say anything to Russ, to ignore him. Jordan also said that she does not want Kevin or Nat to win HOH. Jeff said her or Michelle will win.
All were asleep by 2:30.

Who will win the HOH tomorrow? Will Russ explode on live TV? Will Nat finally get caught in a lie? Will Michelle ever gain Jeff and Jordan’s trust? Only tomorrow will tell! Till then……..