Big Brother Recap August 7, 2009
Fights, threats and nominations make for a fun day in the compound!

BB woke the houseguests up at 9:30. Most got up and got going with their morning routines, all wanted to eat because they knew the have and have not competition was coming today. Lydia offers Jordan a dress to wear today and it looked really cute. Jeff walked into the room and whistled and said WOW. Kevin came into the room to remind Lydia to talk to Chima before nominations. Lydia agreed she would. Michelle went up to HOH and Chima asked her if she would vote out Russ, Michelle responded yes that she would vote the way the house wanted as long as she was not nominated. Of course Nat interrupts the conversation, she said everyone is nervous because nobody knows what she is going to do and because of the wizard powers lurking. Chima then chimes in and said she wants a girl to win this year. Nat took that as an invitation to trash Lydia and went on one of her rampages about how awful Lydia was and how she would never vote for her just because she was a girl. Chima then said to Michelle that if she did not put her up would she 100% not put her and Nat up next week if she was HOH.. Nat said of course and agreed to this. Chima then went off a bit with Michelle saying that she should have voted for Ronnie to stay that it was good for their group (why should Michelle not help herself???). Then Chima said she was surprised that Jeff and Jordan didn’t come up to discuss nominations with her, Michelle and Nat both said they wouldn’t. Chima said she did not like that strategy but it was theirs and they were not her target this week. Chima kept saying she wants to put up Russ and Lydia and wants Russ out this week. She keeps telling Michelle and Nat not to tell anyone.

After a brief FOTH, we hear that Jeremy Piven was in the house and the HG got to meet him,. That he was sticking around for the have and have not competition and the winners got to view his new movie. Lydia and Michelle loved meeting him and both gave him a hug. At 1:55 we got Trivia on the feeds so they have and have not competition was ready to begin. The feeds came back at 4:09 and we immediately hear that the have nots can eat liver and limes this week. After a bit we find out that Jeff, Michelle, Lydia and Kevin are have nots this week. We also learn that the HAVES get to view a movie and that Russ won $10,000 prize.
At 8:00 we find out that Russ and Lydia are nominated.

Jordan and Jeff discussed nominations. Jeff said that if they could save Russ he will be part of their team. That he won’t nominate them. Jordan thinks Russ will back stab them. Jeff told her that he has to make moves to win the game, that he does not want to be part of the Jessie alliance this week because he will just put him up next week, that he did not want to be part of a team of 5, just 2 people go to the end. Jordan keeps trying to convince Jeff that if he won VETO and took Russ off they would be pissed and come after him. HE tries to convince her that it is a game and people are going to be pissed off. Then Jeff said that Lydia just wanted to skate by until jury which she did, that he didn’t trust Michelle much. He then asked Jordan to casually ask Michelle who she would vote out if Jess and Nat were on the block. Jordan said she would do it later.

While playing chess, Jess casually mentioned to Nat that if Jeff and Jordan were smart that they would put him up. Nat made the comment that they are not that smart. Jess believes Jeff has the power. He believes he won’t use it. Nat does not think Jeff has it. After listening to Jessie she finally tells him that they should trick him into not using it. Jess and Nat talk to Chima, and Jess again said that Jeff has the power and he will be going home. Jessie has figured it out. Chima said that if he gets to change her nominations that she will freak out on the live show. She said if the power is to take two off and put two up t hen her HOH was useless and she might as well go home now. She said they will have to censor her on the live show, she will refuse to go to DR or to the next HOH. She said it will be a reality show moment, #1 on TMZ she will freak out so bad.
Jessie tells Lydia that Russ is the target. He also tells her that Michelle is going after Jeff next. Lydia loved that info and immediately went to Jeff to tell him. Jessie really gets paranoid about being put up by Jeff with the power. (As he should be). Jess then goes to Jeff and tells him that Michelle wants him up and how he heard it, that so and so heard it blah blah blah!

Michelle and Russ have a tiff outside about their tiff yesterday. Michelle actually apologized but Russ kept going on and on until Michelle told him to F%^k o%% and went inside. Jeff sat and watched the whole thing unfold.
Jeff and Lydia have a bit of a tiff too over who said they wanted him up. Chima and Michelle believe Jeff has the power. Nat does not think he does. She thinks Kevin or Michelle does. Jeff finally goes inside and finds Jordan in her usual spot under the covers and tells her all that went on. HE tells Jordan that Michelle has a chemical in balance and is bi-polar. Chima really wants all the guys out and wants an all girl alliance.
Jeff and Jordan have a long make out session. They finally stop because Jordan thought the sound was being picked up by their microphones.

Michelle confides in Nat and Chima. Tells them that she had a deal with Russ to go to F2 but now it is off. That he treats her so bad. Chima tells her that Russ had an F2 deal with everyone. They all speculate about the power and who would go up. Michelle stated a couple of times that she is not going after Jeff. After Michelle leaves HOH she and Russ fight again. Russ keeps giving it to her.

Chima again goes nuts up in HOH with Nat. She said she will freak out, swear, sing, lose her stipend etc if Jeff has power and replaces her nominations. (Thursday should be good TV). She said they can have her stipend if they fu&^ with her HOH. Michelle thinks Russ is influencing Jeff and he is like a cult leader, that once he is gone she might trust Jeff again. Then Chima zings in again, first she told her not to put up Nat and herself, and then she said that she would appreciate it if she didn’t put up Jessie, that he should be last man standing.
All houseguests were asleep by 4:45

Tomorrow should be a great day! Who will win the VETO?? Will Russ continue to burn bridges? Will Jessie figure out that America will have a say in his eviction if he leaves because of the power (like last year America got him out). Will Kevin and Jordan start playing the game? Will Jeff and Michelle have it out? Will they ever stop fighting? Who is cooking that liver anyway??????