9:30 AM
The houseguests get the wakeup call and start their day. Well, kinda.

Frank gives us a rundown of the plan. Today is the veto meeting. Dan is supposed to be using it on Jenn. Joe is supposed to be going up in her place. He got a little panicky last night, but says “you have to take some gambles and this is the time to gamble as there is no downside.” He realizes with him and Joe both on the block, they would be stupid to keep Frank.

11:30 AM
Without much fanfare we find the Veto was used on Jenn and Joe was the replacement. Activity picks up dramatically for a short while.

Dan proposes a final three with Jenn and wants her to talk to Danielle to see if she agreeable (he already knows).

At that same moment Frank and Shane discuss getting together with Jenn and Danielle to rally the votes for Frank.

Shortly after Joe expresses to Frank his extreme displeasure at Dan for using the Veto and lying.

Five minutes later Joe tells Danielle that Dan was campaigning to split her and Shane up. Danielle told Joe that she and Shane plan to vote to evict Frank on Thursday.

Next Jenn and Danielle talk. Jenn said she wouldn't go after Shane.

Meanwhile Frank joined Ian on the hammock. Ian told Frank his best shot of staying just got pulled down.

Jenn and Shane talk. Jenn noted her trepidation about Joe. Shane said Joe had tried making multiple final 3 and final 4 deals.

Jenn finds Dan and said, "We've got to get Joe out!" and Dan agreed with her.

1:00 PM
After a stint of Joe giving advice about weddings and children to Danielle and Shane, he leaves them and they do some plotting.

Danielle does not want a tie vote. She wants no doubt that Frank will be voted out. They are also not happy with Joe lying about who he would nominate. Shane suggests Danielle reconcile with Dan so he would take her to final 2 in case Shane is not around.
Danielle comes clean to Shane that she isn't a kindergarten teacher, but is really a nurse with three degrees.

Joe reports to Ian that Shane and Danielle are 1000% on board to keep him. He isn't even going to talk to Dan and they need to get rid of him next week.

They have received a flag for Labor Day and try to figure out how to properly hang it without a flag pole.

Dan retrieves a block of ice containing Danielle's panties from the freezer and presents it to her as retaliation for messing up a pool game earlier.

2:30 PM
Frank tells Jenn “it might be a 4-0 vote for me to stay.” Frank believes he and Jenn have Final 4 deals with Shane and Danielle and also with Dan and Danielle.

Dan finally has the flag on pool stick and is looking for somewhere to put it that doesn’t block any camera angles. He moves outside showing concern not to let it touch the ground but fails (triggering a frenzy on the discussion board). He also manages to break one of the ceramic plant vases (triggering an inside lockdown). Not Dan’s finest hour.

4:00 PM
Ian apologizes to Joe about the rough day and they have a very long chat out back. Ian tells him, "Britney gave me very specific instructions before she left. Solidify with Shane and Danielle and pull in Joe and get rid of Frank.” They think Jenn should go sooner rather than later. Jenn bashing ensues.
Ian tells Joe he has his jury vote. Joe says he made a pact with himself that he will never ever put up Ian or cast a vote against him even though it would be really hard to beat Ian in the end.
There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors about what they would do, but seem to agree to wait until final four to break up Shane and Danielle.

5:30 PM
Dan has told Danielle they need to convince Jenn to get rid of Frank. Dan also said they can't beat Shane in the Final three endurance comp, so he needs to go soon. They are playing cards and Dan keeps giving her a hard time to the point she gets very annoyed with Dan. She also says, “I'm the only girl here now."

7:00 PM
Jenn (a girl) talks with Frank. Frank explains things are going to plan. They both want Ian out soon too.

7:30 PM
While Joe is cooking dinner he takes time to have a long talk to us. Tough week, he’s going to campaign hard. He’ll cook and kiss ass. He will make sure Shane and Danielle are a happy, happy couple in love because that means 2 votes for him. Needs to work Jenn or Dan. “Right now they're telling me what I want to hear.” Misses his family. He’s tired.
He’s doing the best he can with the food Jessie Claus left them. He watched his mom cook as a kid and saw it made people happy, so that's why he got into cooking.

Dinner time. Danielle mentions, "You're making everything spicy today huh?" Joe replies, "I'm in a spicy mood. Someone named Ian threw me up on the block." Ian says, "Sorry Joe."

Frank gives another talk to the feeders out back, "Tough in the streets. On the block again.” He is hoping things are still going his way.

9:00 PM
Shane tells Frank that Joe has been all over the place making deals with everyone. Frank wants Ian out after Joe.

Dan questions Shane and Danielle why they haven’t been more affectionate with each other. He says a romance would dispel any thoughts of villainy in the eyes of America (One of Danielle’s fears).
Danielle says she wants to be kissed but when Shane recounts kissing Danielle on the back the neck, he got nothing in return. This explains everything to Dan on why Shane would be hesitant. This leads to Danielle saying she wants him to make a move over and over again.
If she knew he was making a move then, she would have grabbed him and kissed him. Shane says it would have been good under covers.

As if by magic, Joe appears with four beers and a bottle of wine. (While I imagine all available cameras are now being set up in the bedroom for what might happen later tonight.)

Hot tubbing and drinking ensue. Danielle and Shane are getting the lion’s share of the booze. Dan even adds a beer from his private stock. Dan, Jenn and Joe are encouraging the mood asking in great detail what it would be like if Shane were to visit Danielle after the show.

10:00 PM
To cover his involvement, Dan tells Frank he screwed up by bringing Shane and Danielle closer together. He can fix it though. Frank knows Shane would pick Danielle over him, despite deals they have made. Frank reminds Dan the last time he was on the block against Joe; Dan and Daniele told him he was safe, but they were going to get rid of him. He's nervous. He asks Dan straight out if he's serious about going to the end with him and Dan says “yes”.

11:00 PM
Everyone is playing games out back and Danielle appears to be very drunk. She even fell down and stayed there eating a lollipop. Shane and Dan tell her the live feeds are off tonight for maintenance (Wonder why they would do that?!).

Joe and Ian are back to strategizing again. Joe tells him about his slip up last night… He went to bed after talking game with Dan. When he thought Shane came in to go to bed he started telling him about the conversation he just had with Dan. Turned out though, it wasn’t Shane coming to bed, but Dan instead. Joe says it was horrid. Ian tells Joe to lay low and he is golden. Ian has the perfect name for the Ian/Danielle/Shane/Joe Final four: Quality Picture. Joe suggests Quality People.

Later, Shane tells Ian and Joe he is voting Frank out but will tell Frank whatever he wants to hear before the vote. When Danielle comes over to them they ask her to name their alliance. She picked ‘The Quad’.

1:00 AM
Dan gets Danielle alone to see if she's really drunk and she says no. She's faking. Dan says he just slipped in front of Frank, asking "Who do you think Joe would put up if he wins HOH" and Frank was like "What?!”
Ian pops in on them to make sure they are still voting out Frank.

Dan and Shane have a chat to share their mistrust of Joe. Shane takes the opportunity to make it clear that even though he is close with Danielle, it doesn’t mean he would take her (to the end) over Dan.

Joe chats with Frank, says there is no reset to save them this time. Frank thinks he has 1 vote for sure and Joe says he doesn't have any votes yet. He’ll work on Dan tomorrow because he knows Dan doesn’t like Frank and they both laugh.

Danielle gets into bed with Shane and the cameras take notice. Dan is already in bed in the same room. They get all snuggly, but that’s all the further it will go tonight.

2:00 AM
Frank and Jenn compare notes. Jenn thinks they are good on Frank staying.
Frank mentions the slip Dan made earlier when Dan was wondering who Joe would put up if he won HOH. Frank caught that remark and was wondering about it.

3:00 AM
Everyone is in bed until we see that Joe and Shane have met up. They confirm that Frank is going to be so surprised on Thursday when he goes. Shane thinks it might be a Fast Forward week. They think it would be great if Dan were to go out the door right behind Frank.
They quiz each other for upcoming competitions and Shane demonstrates he knows his stuff. Joe just says, “I don't know!"

And with that, the house goes quiet at 4:00 AM.

Will Frank continue thinking he’s safe? What would happen if he starts thinking otherwise? And how many more alliances can possibly be formed before the week is out?!

Thanks to the Labor Day Updaters for taking time out to keep us up to date!